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This is a positive symbol. It represents a journey or an unexpected visitor.

If the aircraft is flying in the air within your teacup then this provides the drinker with the characteristics required to succeed in his or her endeavors. If the aircraft is stationary in the teacup then this dream, according to ancient tea leaf dictionaries is of great significance, it denotes that success in life will not emerge quickly but will come in time.

It can seem quite worrying to see an aircraft that has crashed within your tea leaf reading but it is important to understand that death and destruction are part of our daily life.

Old tea leaf dictionaries, from the late 190's denote that if you see an aircraft that has crashed in your tea leaf reading is a symbol of regeneration and that you going to have to balance a relationship of two people. It is also important to understand that you must relieve yourself of old habits and try to think clearly about your objectives of the future.

If the aircraft is near the top of your teacup then you are likely to encounter the saying "get it done sooner rather than later". If the aircraft is passing over water then this indicates the drinker does not have favourable business affairs initially but trade will get better.

To see the aircraft incomplete (only one wing) indicates partnerships are likely to be positive in the near future. It is also important to recognize that you have some unsuspected talents in running a business and a symbol of an aircraft over water means that you have unlimited potential. Adjacent to a heart, an aeroplane is associated with a long-distance love affair.

Detailed meaning of seeing an Airplane symbol featured in your teacup

In your teacup you may have

  • Observed the airplane symbol in the tea leaves.
  • The airplane is flying in your teacup.
  • The outline of an airplane symbol.
  • A crashed airplane appears in the tea leaves.
  • Propellers of an aircraft appear in the teacup
  • Cloud symbols surround the airplane.

Meaning of tea leaves placements of an airplane

Top of teacup: to see an airplane positioned at the top of the teacup usually suggests there is a powerful feeling that you are likely to reach new heights. The general symbol can mean career advancement and the closer the symbol is to the top of the teacup the quicker it will happen.

By the handle: An aeroplane flying towards the handle indicates that you’ll receive some news in a hurry or it heralds the arrival of someone from far away. Flying away from the handle, it suggests that a journey is on the cards for you or someone you hold dear. 

Lines are broken: if the aircraft is broken within your teacup it indicates that you need to be a more forgiving in family gatherings. It also suggests that you will have good fortune that this fortune will be limited. There is an indication that you need to burn up abundant energy during the day's work.

Bottom of teacup: for an airplane be featured near the bottom of the teacup is an indication that you need to pay special attention to improving your fortune. Money is important to all of us. However, if the aeroplane is featured near the top then you must be more interested in having a good standard of living. What this symbol is trying to tell you is the world is your oyster. The potential is there. Something is holding you back. So life is not just a boring routine of work, sleep and shopping it is important to have outside interests. As you work through what interests you the most, it will become easier to recognize how to make money.

Side of teacup: if the airplane features at the side of the teacup then you have the tendency to slave away at tasks rather than to enjoy them.

Near handle: if the position of the airplane appears near the handle of the teacup there is good fortune around the corner.

Small airplane: if the airplane is a small symbol within your teacup it can suggest that you can be just as creative if you are a cook, ballet dancer, or even a hairdresser and stop focusing on the negative and look towards the positive.

Large airplane: the larger the aeroplane featured in your teacup the more prominent interpretation will be to your current life. Note the position where they are playing appears and review the interpretations outlined above.

Crashed Airplane: if you can see an airplane which has crashed down anywhere in your teacup then you need a period of withdrawal. Time to think. Time to be yourself in life. In many cultures throughout the world women sometimes withdraw from society during pregnancy or even when they have their menstruation cycle. This allows the women to focus on the important elements of life. So what does this have to do with an airplane crashing in your tea leaf teacup? It is time to withdraw from ordinary life and take the time to understand the things are troubling you. Many people will know the images of the four elements from astrology fire, water, air and earth. By linking these four elements we have a basic methodology to interpret the world around us. Water is connected to feelings and emotions. Air is connected to how we think about things. Earth is associated with our inner sensations and finally fire indicates the inner intuition. As a brief summary, a crashed airplane indicates that your emotions have been out of control. It is important to take the time to understand what you need in life and how you can achieve what you want. The advice is to meditate upon the four elements as previously described fire, water, earth and air.

Cloud and dot symbols: If the airplane is surrounded by cloud's this is a positive omen and is associated with reaching new heights of possibility. If the tea leaves are featuring many dot's then the message is that you need to experience hope and you need to have a more passionate approach to life.

Should the leaves form the picture of an aeroplane in full flight in the clear, this would portend elevation, a rise in position. Near the home, new projects.

At the bottom of the cup, unsuccessful project. If the aeroplane should appear to be broken, disaster is foretold.

In the thick, encompassed by clouds, danger of losing a position, and many obstacles. If a favourable symbol is near—i.e. an anchor or a horseshoe—

By Flo Saul
Oct 20, 2012