Tea Leaf Reading Meaning

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

In a tea leaf reading, we sometimes see a symbol of an old woman or an old man.

Perhaps we also see a figure which looks like a person holding a cane. This is associated with how we feel about our own age in life.

Symbol of an old man or woman indicates a breakdown in your affairs and declining fortunes. All your efforts will be required to steady your for­tunes and to make progress at all.

To get this symbol within a tea leaf reading is also associated with how we feel about our own age as well as our communications with other people. Old age hits all of us at some point it is important to understand the new possibilities are on the horizon if this is featured within the teacup.

The meaning of this symbol is that of old age that is coming on us, in time. Old age represents a degree of worry and difficulty, this can be due to the person who is old has a lack of empathy with others. This teacup reading is giving you advice that you shouldn't push anybody else away in life. To see an old person who is scattered in the teacup means that you will have contentment in life.  A cane featured in the cup is directly associated with new beginnings and changes to rekindle previous love affairs.

In your teacup you may have

  • Seen an old women.
  • Seen an old man.
  • A person with a cane.

Top of teacup: if appearing at the top of your teacup, the old person represents someone wise in your life.

Two old people appearing in your teacup: If the old person is united with another person within your tea leaf teacup then this indicates that you have the freedom in life to make a choice.  This is especially true if there are more than two older people appearing in the cup.

Bottom of the teacup: if the elderly person is placed at the bottom of the teacup then this means that someone is worried about you.  Generally an older person.

Side of teacup /  Elderly person is pointing down:  this is quite an interesting position for the team reading. Indicates other people are likely to give you freedom. Perhaps a boss will be more lenient at work?

Large old person: A large old person is associated with eventually realizing what goals will make you happy.

By Florance Saul
Mar 28, 2013