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Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

This  indicates the  balancing of accounts and some adjustment of your affairs in financial matters. 

To some people it will be the signal for a swift journey attended by some risk. To all beholders it denotes a rise in life due to enterprise and personal effort and the right use of opportunities. An airplane shows that the success attending will be due to your association with some other person, either in partnership or marriage.

The airplane / areoplane seen in a teacup is associated with new beginnings. Make sure you are positive about your life. Positive energy is coming your way - it is like an awakening there's an exciting new challenge coming your way. Seeing the airplane in your teacup means that you are already for new challenges. You have what it takes to succeed for those who like to change careers or for those who like to start a new business or anything that has to do with passion then things will go better for you in life.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen the airplane fly.
  • Seen airplane crash into something.
  • Notice the airplane in two parts - good luck will be yours!
  • The airplane is scattered.

Top of teacup: For the airplane to appear at the top of your teacup, things will be happier in life. People are worried about you but there is no need to be.

More than one airplane: A wise person is divinely guiding you.

Bottom of the teacup: You must recognise there is a reward that will be coming year, maybe a new job. Travel is also on the cards.

Crashed airplane: Now is the time for a new start. If you were ever passionate about something (a hobby) then go for it. How are you feeling in life? It may be time to call your angels ask them to help and make life more comfortable. You have the energy now to go forward.

Side of teacup:  Appearing at the side of the cup, you will appreciate the small things in life. As you do things will get better.

Large airplane: A large symbol means you can expect travel in the future.

By Florance Saul
Mar 28, 2013