Ace of spades


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Learn what the ace of spades means in your tea cup reading, read on for a full break down.

A season of good luck is predicted. Ancient tea leaf reading dictionaries indicate that to observe the ace of spades represents a possible change of residence or you may visit an overseas location in the future. The ace of spades positioned at the base of the teacup is connected to positive change.

The drinker may fear moving. It also indicates there may be a restriction through indecision.

The ace of spades is a symbol that suggests the drinker will need increased focus and insight into current situations around them. To find the best course of action for the future the inner child needs to be consulted.

There is a tendency of a mixed meaning when the Ace of Spades appear. There is a sense of multiple paths that the drinker can take. From the over exaggeration of extravagance through to displaying fiercely passionate emotions. The meaning of the Ace of Spades is a positive omen and the drinker should feel contentment in the future.

Learning a new trade or hobby may be appropriate to let out your strong emotions. To fulfil all of your future desires is important to you. Lessons and new ways of approaching problems need to be realized. Refusal to take the time to learn yields problems soon.

Detailed meaning of observing the Ace of Spade's symbol in your teacup

In your teacup you may have

  • The Ace of Spade's spade symbol appeared in your teacup.
  • The Ace of Spade symbol was broken.
  • Could see the outline of an Ace of Spade's symbol.
  • A small Ace of Spade's symbol is seen.
  • A large Ace of Spade's featured in your teacup.

Meaning of tea leaves placements of an Ace of Spade in the cup

Top of teacup: to see an Ace of Spade's featured at the top of your teacup is a symbol that you are likely to have prosperity in the next few weeks.

Surrounded by dots: for the spades to be surrounded by dots indicates that this financial advantage will be linked to a career.

Lines are broken: if the Ace of Spade's is broken within your teacup it indicates that you need to be a more relaxed about social engagements.

Bottom of teacup: for an Ace of Spade's to appear in the position at the bottom of your teacup suggests that you need caution against a turbulent time. A feeling of deceit is often possible in the long-term future.

Side of teacup: if the Ace of Spades is featured at the side of the teacup then it is a good indication that you are about to embark on a journey by water. You need to make sure you have enough energy and finances when making your travel arrangements.

Near handle: if the position of the ace of spades appears near the handle of the teacup then there may be some disappointments in a plan.

Small Ace of Spade's: if the Ace of Spades is a small symbol within your teacup it can denote minor misfortunes and a relationship with somebody close to you may break down - but only temporarily. It will take an apology to reconnect and make a relationship successful.

Large Ace of Spade's: a large Ace of Spade's indicates that you are going to feel a fiery passion and emotion towards a loved one. There is great encouragement to be given to the development of your own potential, as there is a tendency to sometimes be bossy with others. Loyalty and faithfulness are important traits that you possess. Your enjoyment of luxury and quality is paramount - sometimes you take this to too far.

Detail of the Ace of Spade's: If the Ace of Spade's appears to be cloudy, or you can only just make out the symbol this indicates that it is rare that partners are not controlling, and you may face an argument in the near future with a loved one.

Clear Ace of Spades: For the spades to appear clearly, (without dots around the symbol) represents that you have a desire to earn lots of money and you need to add to the a sly person, who cannot be trusted of life. However, the sense of financial freedom encourages you to work hard.

If spades, expect sorrow and many hindrances and obstacles, and in extreme cases this symbol may indicate death.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012