Ace of hearts

Ace of hearts

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

To see the ace of hearts within your teacup is a suggestion that happiness and contentment will be coming your way.

In life, hearts are connected to romance, passion, and union. To see a heart symbol in your teacup indicates that you are going to encounter a breakthrough in your understanding of relationships. This may mean meeting somebody or moving on to another level with a current partner.

This symbol also means that new beginnings are coming your way and with these new beginnings you are going to find a new lease of life force.

It might be worthwhile reviewing the interpretation of the ace of cups, to gain more insight into the symbols. This is a positive symbol which represents true optimism in love affairs and those connected with the heart. When this appears in your teacup it indicates that you are going to have love and passion into your life.

This can also indicate platonic friendship whether or not you are interested in a relationship. There is a focus on being aware that everybody in life, needs to feel will be loved.

The heart is like an emotional clock, reflecting not only how you currently feel that how you may feel in the future or at a certain point in time. It is worthwhile to understand the placement of the heart is highly significant in its interpretation. Most heart's are either red or pink in color.

This represents the life energy and force of birth between two people. The blossoming of a relationship is definitely on the agenda!

Detailed meaning of seeing an Ace of Heart's symbol in your teacup

In your teacup you may have:

  • Heart's appeared in your teacup.
  • That you can see the heart which was broken (Please see the meaning of broken heart).
  • Could see the outline of an Ace of Heart's symbol.
  • A small Ace of Heart's symbol within your teacup.
  • A large Ace of Heart's featured in your teacup.

Meaning of tea leave placements of an Ace of Hearts

Top of teacup: to see an Ace of Heart featured at the top of your teacup is a symbol of love. Have you been feeling a loss of love recently? This sign is especially favourable if you are in a current relationship. This symbol appears when we feel love and we are about to move forward in future relationships. As the position is at the top of the teacup this indicates that love will shower you in the near or immediate future.

Surrounded by smaller hearts: you can be grateful for a loving relationship. This relationship may not be sexual and can be platonic.

Lines are broken: if the Ace of Heart's is broken within your teacup it indicates that spiritually you need to find a way of unburdening yourself.

Bottom of teacup: for an Ace of Heart's to appear in the position at the bottom of your teacup indicates that a journey of the heart is standing in your way. To some people the story of our life is powerful ones. Not only does relationships affect our daily life but also can have implications of a practical nature. As this symbol has appeared at the bottom of your teacup it shows that relationships are progressing but you have found difficulties in connection with a lover. You feel it is sometimes difficult to make your true feelings known. Have you found that you have been unable to progress a relationship due to distance? This distance can be physical or mental. The relationship may only be a platonic one! This symbol is a wake-up call that you need to be honest about your emotions in order for you to be happy in the months to come. You must decide whether you are going to progress with this relationship to move on.

Side of teacup: an Ace of Heart's to be featured at the side of the teacup indicates that you may face some ups and downs within your love life. Any display of emotion is a positive thing. And with the passage of time and the changes in our emotions you will find new ways to communicate and make sure there is no unfinished business between you and others.

Near handle: the good news is that for the hearts to be near handle you will have success in love but it may take many weeks to come along.

Small Ace of Heart's: if the ace of hearts is a small symbol it can suggest the loss of love. For this symbol to be in your teacup at all indicates there was another that you did love that also loved you but now things have become quite boring would change ears blocked this love.

Large Ace of Heart's: a large Ace of Heart's is a positive sign that relationships are tranquil and that you may face a crucial test in the near future. This test will be related to your inner emotions. It is important that you have some sustainability and order within your life, hopefully this test will open loving energy between two people. The larger the heart the more love that has been between two people. Each of us is only half a person and only through the love of another can we feel a sense of togetherness and ultimately happiness.

Detail of the Ace of Heart's: If the Ace of Heart's appears to be cloudy, or you can only just make out the symbol this indicates that your partner could be controlling, and you may face an argument with a loved one.

Clear heart: For this heart to appear clearly represents that you are likely to be united with a lover soon.

If hearts, domestic and social affairs will bring a development of some magnitude ; and a birth or marriage is not unlikely.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012