Ace of diamonds

Ace of Diamonds

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The Ace of Diamonds is often connected with wealth and finance it is an important symbol as its symbolizes there is a spiritual thought of acquiring prosperity.

Diamonds indicate money and material well-being. This symbol is awfully positive. If a diamond is present at the bottom of the teacup then this suggests that it will take time for the wealth to come your way - but it will come later in life.

This symbol also suggests there is an indication of inheritance or you may benefit from a business venture with a friend. This symbol is also trying communicate caution, it is important not to become too greedy or the wealth will not be what you anticipated.

To see the ace of diamonds anywhere else in your teacup that is not mentioned in the detailed meaning below is associated with you having some good knowledge. There is a higher power that is directing you through life.

Throughout the stages of our development we believe there are areas of life which are sometimes mapped out. This symbol will help you to understand the various aspects of this.

This symbol is positive and is connected with monetary advancement.

Detailed meaning of seeing an Ace of Diamond in your teacup

In your teacup you may have:

  • Recognized an Ace of Diamonds symbol.
  • Seen an Ace of Diamonds symbol that is broken.
  • Could see the outline of an Ace of Diamond's symbol.
  • There was a broken outline of an Ace of Diamond's.
  • Smallish Ace of Diamond's symbol within your teacup.
  • A large Ace of Diamond's in your teacup.

Meaning of tea leaves placements of an Ace of Diamonds

Top of teacup: to see an Ace of Diamond's at the top of your teacup indicates there will be action and a period of calm that needs to take place, before the storm. There is a road leading back to a financial gold mine. This symbol implies that you are going to be wealthy in the distant future. The symbol also expresses hope and a sense of healing and wholeness in connection with relationships. The higher the symbol on the teacup the more significant the wealth is likely to be.

Lines are broken: If the Ace of Diamond's lines are broken then this is a positive omen but it often means that you will encounter material success in limited quantities.

Bottom of teacup: for an Ace of Diamond's to appear in the bottom position of your teacup indicates there is a link between spiritual fulfilment and the outer world of materialism. This can symbolize that you push yourself too hard. When this happens your channels are closed and that this is accompanied by feeling oppressed and tired. For this moment, this is a symbol to hopefully make you feel better about your financial situation in the future as there is a indication that because this symbol has appeared in your teacup you will have financial security that you desire. The message is that money may take some time to come along.

Side of teacup: an Ace of Diamond's to be featured at the side of the teacup suggests that you are going to encounter good lasting health and some success in business endeavours. Additionally, optimism is found in the victory. False optimism is often found in illusions. The position of a diamond at the side of the teacup shows how you will be dealing with problems and that great strength and material prosperity will help you in the path of life.

Near handle: often, certainty is required in life and sometimes we also need belief in ourselves. We need to find out who we are and what we are bound to accomplish along with what we desire in life. The positive news is that for the diamonds to be near handle you will have success but it may take many months to materialize - but it will come with time!

Small Ace of Diamond's: if the ace of diamonds is small then this indicates that you are deeply grounded. The drinker is more than likely to have had financial worries in the past and this symbol indicates that these worries will soon pass. It doesn't necessarily denote complete financial freedom but what it does indicate is that you have learned the lessons of difficult financial times, and more importantly, how to act in such situations.

Large Ace of Diamond's: a large Ace of Diamond's indicates that you can look forward to prosperous times and you will be wealthy. There is no need to have the fear of not being able to afford the basic's in life as this symbol often refers to money given to you at some point of your life. You will also work hard in career matters. An Ace of Diamond's image is a prosperous omen to find in your teacup. The bigger it is the more money you will have!

Detail of the Ace of Diamond's: If the Ace of Diamond's is clear and surrounded by small dot's this is not such an encouraging symbol. It indicates you may need to trim your expenses for the time being to fit your income.

Diamonds show financial affairs that require care­ful attention at once.

The ace of any suit of cards has significance of striking events about to happen. Rapid and important decisions will have to be made. Events will be of the nature indicated by the ace.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012