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Tea Leaf Reading

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Tea leaf divination is an ancient art.

It reaches people in many cultures all over the world. In total there are over 4000 different types of tea including Earl Grey, black tea, green tea, Rosemary, nettle, calamine, the list goes on. We have heard in recent modern times that herbal tea is favorable to our health. Interestingly any tea which is compressed or flavored in any way is not necessarily suitable for tea leaf reading tea leaves. Certain types of tea should not be used for fortune-telling endeavors, because of the complexity of the tea making process. In short, when it comes to fortune-telling it is recommended to use proper tea leaves rather than tea bags.

Additionally, loose tea provides a much richer and deeper taste than the conventional tea bag. If you don't possess loose tea then I would suggest that you open a tea bag and use the loose tea inside. The technical term to read tea leaves is called tasseomancy  and this is an ancient Chinese fortune-telling method. Tea leaf tea leaf reading is often associated with divination that is easily, straightforward and accurate.

The positive attributes of tea leaf reading tea leaves is that most people possess the equipment required, simply a teacup, loose tea or a tea bag. Tea leaf reading the tea leaves involves tea leaf reading the variety of shapes that you find in and around the teacup.   Everyone wants to know their future and tea leaf readings mean this is generally accessible. There is a focus on reading the future and this is uncomplicated and a great way to predict up and coming events. During the Victorian era tea leaf reading was extremely popular. When the tea bag came into play during 1908 the tea leaf reading become less popular. This is an old past-time and many people spent time predicting future events by learning the meaning of their symbols.

The tea leaf acts as a development process to help intuition in life. The icons in the teacup will focus the mind and help to explore new beginnings. You should expand awareness when reading the tea leaf. When I was a small girl (auntyflo) I enjoyed reading the tea leaf which was a psychic past-time, especially at the weekends. So how does the tea leaf readings work? There is a lot of wet leaves that lie int he dregs of the cup and the symbols are associated with superstition.  Make sure that you check out our extensive tea leaf symbol dictionary to find out what is in store for you!

By Florance Saul
Nov 18, 2012