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To see a wild zebra means that spiritually you are safe from harm.

It is believed in Africa that if a zebra licks your hands it is a sign that you are supposed to let go of fear. In addition, that someone close is holding onto bad memories in life. There are three types of zebras called mountain zebras, plain zebras and gravy’s zebras.The stripes that run across their bodies make the unique appearance. The black and white of the zebra portrays the good and bad in life. If one happens to dream of a zebra, (according to African tradition) it is a sign that one is facing situations that are difficult to control.

In old rituals a zebra was often followed in Africa to find water. It was also common to meditate on the zebra to try to discover food sources.To see a zebra that has more stripes on the front legs than those on the back is a omen of a new baby, possibly twin boys!

It is believed that in Africa if one woke up in the morning and found two Zebra's in their compound, it is a clear sign of illness and perhaps a span of two harvest seasons. As a result to prevent this from happening the Zebras would be chased away using burning fire sticks.To see one solitary zebra is a sign of good luck and blessings. If the zebra is running it means an ample harvest's during that season. So if you go on safari in Africa and you see a wild Zebra, keep these superstitions in mind!

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012