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yellow butterfly meaning

What does a yellow butterfly mean?

Maybe you keep seeing yellow butterflies and are wondering what it means? The insights into the yellow butterfly from a spiritual perspective: wealth, birth, attention and love. I will take you through the folklore and meaning.

I have seen many yellow butterflies last summer which lead me on the path to understanding the spiritual implications. The great news is that yellow is connected to riches. In ancient folklore, the yellow butterfly indicates that prosperity will be yours. The butterfly is transformational and somewhat complex. If the butterfly lands on you it is overall a positive omen.

What is a yellow butterfly meaning?

According to studies, yellow is a representation of increased spiritual energy, happiness, increased mental capacity, joy and finally cheerfulness. I always like to think of "yellow" as a color that helps encourage communication. Additionally, yellow in spiritual terms helps to activate the memory, vision, psychic abilities, stimulates the nervous system, and because yellow is the color of the sun represents success and confidence. Remember that gold is yellow therefore butterflies, in my view, represent material growth, wealth and riches. The yellow butterfly can also be symbolic of a new life, a rebirth, or transformation. So good for you!

What does a black and yellow butterfly mean?

When we see the black and yellow butterfly we are often referring to the species: tiger swallowtail. These are wonderful butterflies that include around 500 variations. Normally they are rare to see. If you are here because you have seen a yellow and black butterfly then spiritually they indicate that you are going to find happiness but you need to be discreet. The male has spots in the middle of its wings, seeing the male indicates that something important is likely to happen over the coming days.

Butterfly Meaning

What is the symbolism of the yellow butterfly?

I will also say that bright yellow color is an attention seeking color and when you combine it with the color black, it gives out one of the brightest colors which you can read from afar. In my research, I found that taxis, school buses, and traffic signs show the yellow color because it is focused on “attention” grabbing. So, yellow is essentially focused on getting attention.

I always think of yellow as an unstable and spontaneous color but as I already outlined it is attention-grabbing. The butterfly you saw could be trying to gain your attention. If we think about advertisements for children, they are generally yellow in color. stuff use it for marketing. Men normally perceive yellow as a childish color and thus, it should never be used when advertising products aimed at attracting men.

Too much yellow causes loss of focus and that is why babies are supposed to cry in rooms painted yellow. in the 1980s an interior designer from the Wagner Institute for Color research in California said that a nursery painted yellow means that babies cry more. Yellow can be overstimulating because of the intense color giving a reflection of being too bright. In nurseries, tranquil colors are needed. I am hoping you can learn something from this in that the purpose of the butterfly could be stimulating you, into making choices and decisions. Too much yellow in some scientific studies have resulted in people becoming more demanding and critical. Too little of yellow colors can cause feelings of fear and isolation, low self-esteem, and insecurity. Lack of the bright sunny yellow can make one become defensive, rigid, possessive, and cunning.

Depending on cultural differences, the yellow butterfly can have a different meaning which I will try to explain. To some tribes which form the native American tribes believe the yellow butterfly is symbolic of guidance and also a sign of hope whenever it is spotted. In Scottish folklore, seeing a flying yellow butterfly denotes a bright and sunny summer ahead. It is also believed that a yellow butterfly symbolizes creativity and joy. And any time you see it, it is just reminding you that, it is high time you gave yourself some fun. When a yellow butterfly flies around you, it means that you are going to have prosperity and happiness in your life and thus, time for worries is over and now welcome the new celebration time.

Seeing a yellow butterfly is a sign that, something exciting and fun is around the corner. In the Persian tradition, yellow butterflies are a representation of new life. When sailors encountered yellow butterfly, it use to mean that they won’t return home alive as they will be sure to hit death on the voyage. I know that is quite profound! But it must have come from somewhere! Alternatively, as this is quite extreme - it serves as a warning for them to be extra careful during the trip.

In the Greek culture, yellow butterflies implied a new start – even a rebirth and thus, seeing multiple yellow butterflies represented souls of those who died young. To others, the yellow butterflies represented mothers who died during childbirth. According to the Irish, seeing yellow butterflies was a sign that, the souls of loved ones were resting in peace in the afterlife. But for the Chinese, a yellow butterfly was a symbol of love. It was a representation of the passion felt in the hearts of two lovers. To some, it was a representation of good health and long lifespan, prosperity, honest and fortune.

Seeing a yellow butterfly as the first one at the beginning of the year, then it means that, the entire family is going to be sick throughout that year. You will need to take precaution to avoid it from happening. There is a myth I read that said if the first butterfly you see in the spring is yellow, then you are going to have a fever which made me chuckle. It further said that seeing a yellow butterfly as the first thing at the beginning of spring, then sickness is in store for you and your entire household.

In Ireland and Wales, a yellow butterfly is considered to be something very important. it carries the meaning of eternal happiness. If the yellow butterfly lands on you it denotes that, you should expect a life-changing decision in your life in the near future. Encountering a butterfly in your life path could imply that, you are going to transform your moods, and you will become a happy person in the future. This dream can also mean that you hold positive energy which is shared by all those around you.

A yellow butterfly in general means that, you are going to encounter transformation or change in your life. If a yellow butterfly flies into your face, it means that there will be a wealth in the coming ten days according to 1930 folklore. Early Christianity used the yellow butterfly to represent the soul.

What are the various species of a yellow butterfly?

The cabbage butterfly is sometimes yellow and known as Colias Crocea. They are common in Europe. Turning to Greek mythology the meaning of “butterfly” is essentially psyche which means soul. This indicates that there is an aura and focus on the life that is needed. In Persian tradition, the word butterfly indicates flee, which is from the verb that means to fly.

Swallowtail and Parnassians:

They include:

  • Eastern tiger swallowtails.
  • Western tiger swallowtails.
  • Anise swallowtails.
  • Giant swallowtails.
  • Colias Crocea.

White and sulfurs:

They include:

  • Orange-barred sulfur.
  • Orange Sulfur.
  • Clouded sulfur.
  • Sleepy orange.

What is the Spiritual meaning of yellow butterfly?

Spiritually, a yellow butterfly can have different meanings depending on numerous cultures. From the Irish to the Greeks to the Korean, the Africans, the Americans, and the Russians, yellow butterflies have a great spiritual meaning behind them. True to its own yellow color, it is believed that, according to the native Americans, when you see a yellow butterfly, it is symbolic of a bright and sunny summer. It is said it resembles the cloudy yellow color of buttermilk or butter and that is why it was named butterfly.

What does dreams of a yellow butterfly mean?

In dreams, seeing a yellow butterfly indicates a period of calm. This is the time you are supposed to make merry as prosperity and happiness are all yours or are about to happen in your life. But on the negative, a dream where you see a yellow butterfly could denote that, you are facing various hurdles in your life at the moment. You are desperate to achieve your goals, but it seems you are not getting a breakthrough. It also indicates treachery and maladies.

What does seeing a butterfly mean in cultures?

In many cultures, yellow is a representation of new life. It is derived from the fact that, the yellow butterfly undergoes transformation and metamorphosis for sustenance and survival. So, according to the people of old, when a sailor came in touch with a yellow butterfly, it meant that he will die during his voyage. Alternatively, some cultures saw the yellow butterfly as a representation of rebirth of children who died when they were still very young. Or of souls of mothers who died while giving birth to their children. For the Irish, they believed that the yellow butterflies implied that, the souls of the departed loved ones were resting in peace. The most interesting thing I found is that seeing a yellow butterfly land on a flower in ancient Spanish tradition is associated with a new love coming into your life. This “omen” can also imply an everlasting relationship. It shows the vast sexual energy which can be created from two lovers. Alternatively, as I have mentioned before it stands for fortune, wealth, and long life. I know it’s a lot to take in but I hope you get my drift.

What does means when the yellow butterfly lands on you?

I have had many people contact me about this. A yellow butterfly landing on your body or flying over your head is an indicator of important news, an increasingly favorable financial status, meet new people, prosperity, meeting your goals, so overall really positive changes in your life.

On the negative side (which I have already mentioned) the yellow butterfly is that it could denote “death” is about to happen in your family or this omen is all about transformation. I always think a death is connected to change. In some countries, a yellow butterfly landing on you means that someone who has passed on is showing you they are still with you. In my opinion, even though I have mentioned the negative folklore around the yellow butterfly try not to worry about it.

What is the spiritual meaning of color yellow?

I have already covered this in some detail. But, I wanted to provide you with a further a overview. Spiritually, the color yellow is a joyful, bright, and happy color which always reminds us of a beautiful carefree sunny summer day. Personally, I love yellow and think it is It is the color of joy. The yellow is a reflective color and the light normally affects the colors around it, depending on the shade of the butterfly. Ultimately, it does signify happiness. It is also the color of the third or solar plexus chakra. If you want to boost confidence and courage, my advice is to meditate using yellow. There is a variation of yellow colors that can be seen on the butterfly which include:

  • Citrine.
  • Lemon.
  • Goldenrod.
  • Daffodil.
  • Maize.
  • Sunflower.

Yellow is associated with the changing of seasons where the leaves begin to turn yellow and red. It also symbolizes attention-grabbing, a sign of caution. Generally, yellow is a color associated with happiness, hope, and sunshine but at the same time, has some conflicting associations too. On the right side, yellow stands for joy, freshness, loyalty, happiness, honor, positivity, intellect, clarity, remembrance, energy, enlightenment, and optimism. But on the negative side, yellow is a color which represents deceit, and cowardice. If you see a dull yellow on the butterfly, it might be a representation of jealousy, caution, and sickness. Yellow is a primary color which you cannot get by mixing any other color but you can mix it with others to get a variation of colors.

What is the biblical meaning of yellow?

There are a few references in the bible. For example, In 1 Peter chapter 1 and verse 7 talks about the yellow or otherwise gold color. In the book of Peter, God talks about purging and trials where he says: “The trials of faith will be more than gold tried with fire. “In this verse, yellow/gold is associated with fire which is normally associated with purification process.

In summary, thank you for visiting my website and I hope this has given you some idea and clue to the importance of seeing the lovely yellow butterfly. Drop me a note if you want more help in the specific meaning or there is something I have missed. Blessings, Flo

By Florance Saul
Apr 10, 2018