Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

This plant is found to grow in the southern part of Europe and flowers once in a year.

There is many superstitions surrounding this plant. Let's first provide an overview of the plant. The plant grows tall to a height ranging between one and two feet tall. The flowers of this plant can be either white or pink depending on the prevailing weather and soil conditions. The plant has a downfall, it dries up quickly and the plant normally ends up with all the flowers dried. This is quite good because the flowers of this plant can be used for dying.

In terms of the superstitions surrounding this plant to give someone this flower denotes everlasting love. It is believed that whoever planted this in their garden it is a clear sign that they are going to stay in that home. If the plant dries up then tradition is that this plant is communicating with the owners of the house. It means that many changes will shower the owner in the forthcoming year. It is believed that if someone colors their clothes with the plant’s flowers, then attend a ceremony such as a wedding or any other social gathering it is a sign of luck. This person would be a successful leader or spiritual mentor.

A Greek superstition is that if perfume is made out Xeranthemum - especially the pink flowers then this can be used as a love potion. If man for instance wanted to attract a lady, and he had encountered rejection in the past then the advice is for him to wrap his hands with the raw pink flowers from the Xeranthemum plant, and shake the women's hand.This women would then fall in love with him. A German superstition is that if a man put the flower at the back of his tongue and then tried to talk to the woman he loved she would eventually marry him. The flower was believed to posses the powers that would bring back home a lover who had ran away.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012