Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

A wolverine is a stocky animal that is cross between a skunk and a bear.

There are many superstitions that have been attached to this animal due to the characteristics that it has and these include being fast and highly cunning. The Wolverine has for a long time been considered a messenger operating in between our world and the world of spirits. This is a burrowing animal that makes wily and smart moves in between the world below and the world above with very little strain represents many aspects in the life of an individual and some these include strong, ferocious, and cunning.

The Wolverines give birth to young ones which are blind and weight below one pound. The small ones then develop fast and this makes them so keen till they can detect their enemies from very far, they also develop the sense of food at very early age. Despite their blindness, the young Wolverines are very sensitive to touch, their intuitive senses as well as intelligence increase fast.

The Wolverine is very common in the totem spirit guide and this guide has all the teachings to challenge response. However, the wolverine has some unkind ways and these include a high level of persistence as well as tenacity.

Once this animal gets a hold to anything, it normally uses its sharp claws to dig into it and then bite it strongly never to let it off. This tenacity is what will offer you some guidance when you seek to get a deeper understanding of the personal spirit in you.

The medicine that one can get from the wolverine is powerful to an extent there are times it will be too much for the real situation. With it you will get the idea of how you can balance between your troublesome relationships so as to keep a uniform hand, which will be neither too hot nor too soft. The Wolverine will help you realize the right way that you can make use of your power just to make the right balance that will be suitable for you and others.

Since the wolverine is generally an animal that is highly cunning, focused, and with a high degree of tenacity then it can align its energies in a given direction. This alignment then offers them the idea which is the best moment that they may take away action or make a retreat. The Wolverine is highly reliable as it has the idea when and how to make a response.

This is a unique animal that is normally alone the entire year and that travels long distances of more than thirty miles daily when after their prey. This offers us the encouragement not to tire before we get what we want.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012