Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

The wolf is a wild animal that has been featured in many superstitions.

It was thought that the wolf carries magical powers. The Wolf is intelligent, friendly and shows strength in the face of opposition. According to western superstitions, the Wolf is perceived to be a vicious intruder.

The wolf is believed to be shy yet to a greater extent the perfect epitome when it comes to socialization. In ancient times the wolf's liver was used in painkillers for childbirth. The wolf has the general attribute of making warm relationships with their young ones even up to the time when they are old.

Superstitions and spiritual meaning of wolfs

It was believed that a wolf’s skin had the supernatural powers of creating a good rapport if one wears this in public. This originated in the West African countries. In Africa a communal drum was made out of wolfs skins, this was because it was thought that the wolf will inspire the gods who would in effect grant them wishes and requests if one played the drum.

If we examine the wolf, in most cases, wolves are believed to walk and even work as a group - due to their social nature. However, it was believed in Africa in the 1930's that if a wolf was found walking alone it had a lot of significance.

It was believed that if it was spotted alone it implied that there was money coming. In addition to this, it was considered peculiar to hear a wolf howl. If the wolf did howl, it was believed that enemies were preparing to attack. Many African's then went to great lengths to protect and safeguard their homes.

Is also featured in many fairytale as being the villain. In terms of superstitions is considered a supernatural animal. The wolf at times was considered to be a sign of respect. There existed a common belief that this animal was greatly revered and respected in the community. On the other hand if a person saw a male and female wolf mating then this was a sign that they may loose money.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012