White Feather

White Feather Spiritual Meaning

What does a white feather mean? White Feather Spiritual Meaning

Have you ever come across a feather along the street and wondered what it means?

I'm sure at one stage or another you noticed a feather on the floor and wondered what it means. How did that get there? After my grandad died I would find a number of feathers in strange places. The feather definitely put a smile on my face and made me feel extremely comfortable. I remember seeing the first white feather after two weeks of my grandad's funeral, a white feather fell in the middle of the living room directly in front of my feet. Everybody turned around and was obviously shocked. I believe that at this point the white feather was a sign of hope everything will be fine. Ever since then I’ve always taken notice whenever I see a feather. After seeing this feather - I didn’t cry as much as I did before. I felt my grandad's spirit live on, and the feather appeared by my feet in order to give me strength.

White Feather Meaning

This has fulled me into fully researching white feathers and what they mean. There has been much folklore in the spiritual sense of what the white feather actually means. In dreams, a white feather represents a new start. A feather near your skin obviously tickles and gives you joy. In Christian terms, a feather symbolizes that you are going to have hope, faith, peace, and charity. One would say that “feathers are messages from heaven” I will share with you that seeing a white feather has a real meaning spiritually. This draws back to biblical times. People from various parts of the world such as Native Americans, Aborigines, And the Egyptians believed that white feathers and bird feathers carry mystical meaning, stories, and magic within them.

What is the spiritual meaning of a white feather?

If you look at ancient pictures or drawings, you will notice that many people wore headgear that depicted feathers in different forms because “feathers” were perceived to be sacred and connected them to the creator, God, and the Divine. When you observe a feather in detail, you will find out that, it has a white shaft that runs in the center like a stalk. It is hollowed and the Native American Indians believed that, through the hallow, their prayers were able to reach the creator and the blessings were sent back to them down through the same shaft, thus, acting as a channel. Additionally, white is the colour of angels, and thus if you see a white feather, it is the angel feather, a sign of protection and faith. Seeing a white feather could be a direct communication from the angel to pass a message from your deceased loved ones that, they are well and safe in heaven.

Feathers connect to wings of birds and it has been known to represent a metaphor; a celestial connection to heaven as well as a representation of rebirth, love, new beginnings, protection, and truth. So when for no apparent reason a feather falls at your feet, it is believed that your wishes and prayers have been answered from up above. I have seen a number of times feathers by my feet, while just walking along. In particular, when my close friend passed on I would often see feathers just falling from the sky for no reason, they were either “white” or soft baby grey. If you suddenly, notice a feather that just appears = in a mystical way, it means that the spirit is trying to communicate to you and is trying to provide guidance and support. It is important to note that various colors of feathers give it a deeper meaning and it is important that you learn about what each one means. I have here focused on white but I have also covered other colors which I will outline below.

Does receiving feather mean that you are receiving a spiritual hello?

Exactly. When you receive a feather it means that you are having a magical moment in life. It is a trace or mark from the heavens above to you in a physical way that you are connected to your higher being and co-creating with the universal mind of the spirit. Through awareness and energy, the feather is drawn to you and you alone out of everyone on this planet. I like to think that the “feather” is given to you because it energetically manifested.

What does a white floating white feather mean?

A white floating feather from the sky can indicate that you will find peace. I remember seeing the white feather floating from the sky and landing on my hand. I did have a question at the time about if I should go for a job or not. This was the answer I should. Whatever question you might have been asking, the feather is a validation and comfort and clues to progress with your life path. As I have mentioned the Indians believed that spirit is carried in the white feather and that it answers our own internal anxieties that we are doing the right things in life. Whatever has been in your mind recently, the presence of the white feather can indicate that the spirit will help you as the “energy” of the spirit interweaves through the feather found on your path. Where did you find the feather? Try to embrace the fact that you are in alignment with yourself and pay attention to all the details around you when you find the feather. In some older folklore books when one finds a white feather it means you in a position to tap into the higher consciousness and you can develop your own spiritual skills by asking the spirit, it will answer any pending questions you might have that require answers.

What is in a feather that you find on your path?

When from nowhere, you come across a feather, it should be a magical moment for you. A feather is one way the spirit uses to communicate with you during your day-to-day activities. The spirit finds a way to connect with you by bringing forth a feather to attract your attention.

Does the appearance of feathers along your life path mean that the angels are near?

Feathers possess ethereal qualities whenever they come into your path. I like to think they denote that you're receiving a sacred gift from above. If you are witnessing feathers along with your path the divine will connect with you in a higher awareness and bring joy, and comfort you. The spirit is trying to show you that, you are following in the right footsteps and your celestial origins and deep connection to your heavenly home beyond your current “earth’s plane.”

Apart from guides and angels sending you feathers as a sign of conditional love and to assure you that they are close to you to protect and guide, they represent those deceased loved ones. A white feather can be a representation of your deceased loved one in the form of a spirit, at peace and watching over you. That is the only way they find it possible to communicate with you without scaring you in any way. They are sending you a heavenly message.

Coming across feathers or dragonflies, butterflies, and birds are used by God to communicate with you. Feathers connect easily to wings and bird and wings are a symbol of freedom or flight. In the spirit world, it is a representation of a spiritual quest or journey and interdimensional travel. Drawings of angels normally portray them as having white wings, symbolizing their celestial movement and ability to carry the will of the Divine promptly. As the feather is connected to angels and birds, it can bring a message of soaring “love” above. I do feel that you will need to look at things from a higher perspective and evaluate the power so you can too go beyond the physical boundaries and limitations in life.

As long as a feather is your way, it comes as a sign of something. When you find it in a place where you least expected it, then it even means that that is indeed a sign. A sign from a feather happens when from nowhere, a feather just pops up in front of you. It might glow, stick out, or somehow just catch your attention and attract you to gaze at it. So if you have a feeling that the feather that has appeared before you is a sign, then have faith in that.

How do you interpret the meaning of the feather sign?

When you can across a feather on your life path, you might be wondering what sign it is bringing into your life. The first question to ask yourself is what you have been thinking about lately, or what you have been yearning for or going through. The white feather might just be the answer to it or validation to whatever you have been having doubts about yourself or connecting with other people lately.

When spirits communicate, they do it in a unique way and in most cases, through your subconscious mind. You might not understand the meaning at the moment but the best thing to do is accept it and the meaning might reveal itself later on. There is a possibility that you are working on a subconscious level and the true meaning will identify itself sooner than later.

Try not to stress yourself out regarding the feather and the reasons it has crossed your path. Just hold it for a while as you absorb the meaning. Enjoy the ecstatic state and joy of connection. Whenever you find the white feather - expand your awareness and take time just to observe it. You shouldn’t be in a hurry to unveil the mystery by forcing yourself to put meaning to it.

What should you note down whenever you come across a feather along your path?

  • What could the feather be communicating to you?
  • What were you thinking before you came across the feather?
  • When you came across the feather, what were your first feelings, thoughts, or impressions?
  • What is it that is going through your life in the recent past - at the time you came across the feather
  • How did you feel when you came across the feather?

Don’t stress yourself out if you keep finding feathers all over the place. Try to have belief, stay aware, and let go of your worries. Most of the time these “spirit” signs come your way just to remind you to relax and be at peace with nature and flow of life.

Now that you have picked the feather on your path, what next?

If you come across a feather or see a feather sign like a bird or a butterfly and it emits in you a special, sacred and interesting feeling, you can place it in a special place. You can keep it in your dresser, or mantle, and display it in your sacred place, by your bedside, or at your spiritual altar. Alternatively, you can decide to release the feather back to where it came from. Before you do that, make sure you say a small prayer of gratitude. You can as well give it back to the earth with the intent of positive healing. Personally, I like to throw the feather back in the wind so it can continue its journey to the next person.

What is the relationship between the bird and the feather?

A white feather could come from doves, magpies, thrushes, tits, owls, gulls, dunnocks, house sparrows, crows, various finches and skylarks. Remember animals, birds included, act as guides, protective guardians, totems, or spiritual messengers. Each animal has a spiritual meaning attached to it and you can attach the meaning to your situation and life. For example, if you see a feather from seagulls, it could represent releasing fear, freedom, and seeing things from a higher perspective. If it is from an owl, it represents a higher wisdom.

What does the color of the feather mean to you?

Feathers come in a different colors. In Native America, each color has its own spiritual understanding and meaning. So whenever they came across a feather, they would take great care of it as a powerful talisman in battle or a sacred gift. You will find feathers incorporated in their ceremonial attire and headgear symbolizing communication with the gods.

Before you give a meaning to a feather, it is important to get the meaning of its color. Its meaning can come through asking yourself some questions and thinking about the chakra to which the color relates to and the qualities of each individual color. The following questions will need answers:

  • Is the feather acting as an answered question or an acknowledgement in your life?
  • Do you associate with the color in any way?
  • What is the universal meaning of the color which you know about?
  • Does the color make you feel, think or remember anything?

You will need to go with whatever first impression the color of the feather makes into your mind. Note it down and keep a record of any other signs. With time, you might find out that, the color is bringing out different feelings, meanings, and signs to your life. It could make you feel relaxed in life and just enjoy it as it is.

What does a white feather mean?

  • A white feather represents the crown chakra.
  • It represents wisdom and blessing which are connected with the moon.
  • It represents the celestial realm, angels, heaven, and higher dimensions.
  • It denotes protection, peace, hope, faith, trust, innocence, purity, cleansing, and purification.
  • It means opening up to the white ray, white divine light.
  • It could be a moment or a glimpse of awakening.

What does a blue feather mean?

The blue feather represents the throat chakra. It is a sign of spiritual protection, speaking your truth, communication, psychic awareness, reminds you to listen, connection with spirits, acceptance, knowledge, mental ability, calm, inspiration, and peace.

What does a green feather mean?

Green represents the heart chakra. Finding a green feather denotes success, fertile opportunity, relationships, emotions, love, money, growth, prosperity, fertility, abundance, unity, harmony, animal spirits, nature, plant spirits, nature spirits, environment, forgiveness, compassion, vibrant well being, healing, and health.

What does a pink feather mean?

Pink means inspiration, unconditional love, honour, romance, faithfulness, twin flame relationships, soul mate, faithfulness, friendship, service, physical creation, harmony, feelings, gentleness, kindness, empathy, compassion, and caring.

What does brown feather mean?

Brown colour denotes respect, earth, friendships, grounding, home life, the grounded balance between the spiritual and physical world, endurance and stability.

What does a black feather mean?

Black colour is a representation of protection, standing strong and setting boundaries that will be strong while remaining aware, warning, spiritual wisdom, negative energy being repelled, magic, a sign that you are going through spiritual growth and initiation, death as in terms of end of something or a closed chapter, and increased wisdom that is mystical. If it is iridescent and shiny, then it denotes high mystical insight.

What does a red feather mean?

It represents a root chakra. It means courage, emotions, strength, passion, life force, physical vitality, good fortune, and energy. It is a sign of stability, career, security, possessions, and money.

What does a yellow feather mean?

The yellow color represents the solar plexus chakra. It is a sign of vision, psychic ability, and gut intuition, staying in the present and focused, mental alertness, cheerfulness, joy and happiness, intelligence, playfulness, energy, wisdom, and blessings connected with the powerful sun.

What does an orange feather mean?

The orange color represents the sacral chakra. It implies independence, sex, physical love, physical relationship, intimacy, new ideas, creativity, appetite, attraction, willpower, energy, success, ambition, change, keeping positive, and optimism.

What does a purple feather mean?

The color purple represents crown chakra. Symbolically, the purple color means transmutation of negative energy, universal consciousness, deep spirituality, spiritual connection, opening up of the psychic senses, heightened spiritual experiences and growth, and higher thought.

What does a gray feather mean?

Gray color on a feather represents flexibility, neutrality and peace, authenticity, finding peace within yourself, a nudge that you are on the right track, the neutral aspect, wisdom and the attainment of mastery.

By Florance Saul
May 6, 2018