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White Butterfly Spirituall Meaning

The white butterfly is a wonderful insect. You know when you see one it is time to "grow" and be "transformed."

Maybe your here because you keep on seeing white butterflies? Or that you are wondering what the "white" butterfly actually means spiritually? I like to fully research my articles in order to understand the symbols so you might find lots of small facts here. Firstly, I will say this: seeing a white butterfly is a positive omen. The white butterfly consists of four main species as follows: the large white, the small white, the green-veined, and finally the white and orange tip. The meaning of each butterfly varies from one culture to the other and from one region to the next. The white butterfly could also have black or white spots to be big or large. Whichever one you saw in your dream or real-life indicates that you will overcome barriers.

The official name of the white butterfly is "piers rapae" and this is known in Europe as the small white or the cabbage white butterfly in the USA. In New Zeland it is known as just the white butterfly. The reason for it's name, is that it is a pest to crops including kale, cabbage, wok chop and broccoli. The upside is cream white and the females often have black spots in the middle of its wings. 

What does a white butterfly mean?

The white butterfly is unique because it is connected to purity, peace, richness in life, and spiritual connections. My own personal interpretation of the white butterfly is however somewhat different. In all my readings the white butterfly indicates the moon, in that the goddess of the moon will visit you, especially if the butterfly landed on you as I have said - transformation, peace, and being richer in your communications spiritually I will now provide you with the official meaning from my book research. 

In Japanese art, the white butterfly can indicate joy and transient also womanhood. Paired white butterflies can mean martial concord according to Tresidder 22. A white butterfly is often a sign of a dead spirit and a sign of immortality. In ancient times the white butterfly was thought to be spirits of the dead and the living. The butterfly is fragile and often the whiteness is inspired as being a healing sign. In classical art, the white butterfly is the sign of the psyche and the Greek name for "soul" butterfly. The psyche's is represented by the white butterfly which is known as Apuleius Metamorphoses this is a story where a goddess ordered her son beams Eros to kill a girl, instead, he fell in love with her. Psyche dropped oil from her lamp and flew away like a butterfly searching for her lover called Eros. Thus, the white butterfly can mean someone is wanting to love you, to be near you, and care for you! In Christian art, the caterpillar and butterfly is a symbol of life's transformations.

White butterfly in your house

If the white butterfly comes into your home this is a positive omen. It is a symbol of light and love and a real connection to spirit. A green-veined white butterfly can indicate that you are grounded and a small white butterfly can indicate that something is facing you. To see a cabbage white butterfly (often found in the UK) indicates that other people will provide you with love and light. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a white butterfly?

Spiritually, seeing a white butterfly is a spiritual sign. As I have already mentioned the white butterfly is believed (in the spiritual world) as a sign of the soul of someone who passed. Seeing a white butterfly is a clear indication that, the spiritual world has a message for you, and thus, you need to pay great attention to the same so that you can receive the message and utilize it accordingly. The spirituality of the white butterfly depends on where it is seen and the culture of those people.

  • Gives you amazing dreams: According to the Blackfoot who is a native American tribe, butterflies are believed to carry our own dreams. It is believed that, when you sleep, the white butterfly brings to your dreams. Spiritually it means that the white butterflies can travel between the physical and spiritual world, bringing messages.
  • Messengers of bad or good weather: When white butterflies appear, in ancient folklore, they are linked to a certain type of weather. Seeing the first butterfly of the summer weather (if white) means that, it will be rainy. They symbolize the coming of summer or in general, you are going to experience hot weather.
  • Travel of souls: Ireland and China believe that the souls of the departed loved ones are carried by white butterflies.
  • Good luck omens: Various religions of the world over believe that white butterflies bring people fortune luck. They are believed to be messengers of great news, and thus, when you see them, you should know that you are going to have a content and happy life.
  • Change in life: Spiritually, when you see a white butterfly, it denotes that, you should prepare for a spiritual change. Alternatively, they denote that there are spiritual growth and wisdom. If for some reason you recently started a spiritual practice, then the white butterfly could be a sign that, you are on the right path.
  • Messages from angels and spirit world: According to the spiritual world, seeing a white butterfly means that you are getting a message from the angelic world. The angels what you to be aware of their presence and know that you are well protected and they are watching over you. in case you are in any difficult situation, seeing a white butterfly is a reassurance that, the angels are going to guide you to get through your problems and gain a solution.
  • Death: I am sorry I must include this! There are some cultures that spiritually believe that seeing a white butterfly is an omen of death. Cultures like of those people living in Maryland in the USA, they believe that, if you see a white butterfly in your house, then someone has to die in that homestead. Seeing a white butterfly at the beginning of the year is also an omen to them.

What does it mean if a white butterfly landed on you?

This is a great omen indicates that you will encounter a period of peace, happiness, joy and tranquillity in life. White butterflies are connected to our own soul and are associated with peaceful relationships.

What do two white butterflies mean?

Seeing two white butterflies seen fluttering in the sky indicates that two people who are close to you are being watched and cared for. Also harmony. Think about how you felt when you saw the two butterflies. Not too long ago I opened the front room window and two white butterflies entered my house. I was wondering what these white butterflies were trying to say to me. In the research around the white butterfly symbolically (yes I read allot) this can mean that there will be a purification in life. The white butterflies both represent a spirit or Guardian Angel’s are protecting you if two were in succession.

What does a black and white butterfly mean spiritually?

The black and white butterfly has many different symbolic meanings. Interestingly, black-and-white is opposite. Just like yin-yang, it can indicate that you will find that opposites attract. A black butterfly with white spots can indicate a new fresh start in life.

Does the white butterfly mean love?

Sometimes, white butterfly signifies love. In Scottish superstitions, the white butterfly can represent love and contentment. Additionally, the white butterfly is a reflection of your own soul.

What does it mean when you keep seeing a white butterfly?

To repetitively see a white butterfly illustrates that there is a message from spirit. I will say that around two years ago I kept seeing white butterflies. This was before I had a life changing experience which involved releasing my own fears. Sometimes, we get so bogged down in our own modern world we fail to see what is outside “life” itself. The white butterfly symbolically can indicate you may be trying to connect with your own inner wisdom. If you keep seeing the white butterflies it can also signify that change can sometimes be worrying but you must embrace the challenge.

What does the white butterfly mean a new relationship?

The white butterfly does teach us that we need to move on sometimes and think about how we blossom in life, especially in our relationships. I will say that white butterfly in some ancient texts do say the new relationship is on the cards. The Christian religion and in the bible indicates that the white butterfly represents the angelic forces that we hold in our heart. Believing, in general, that butterflies are connected to our own internal peace and tranquillity.

What are the ancient superstitions around the white butterfly?

This brings me to my question of what the white butterfly means spiritually? There are so many superstitions about seeing the white butterfly. In Maryland in the United States of America, a white butterfly that appears from nowhere in your home or alternatively flutters above you signifies that transformation will occur. Some people, have gone as far as saying that the white butterfly could signify possible death or the death of someone close to you. I know!! Gloomy. If you have ever seen a white butterfly pass you (maybe that is why you are here) there are some ingrained superstitions that have just stuck around. For example, according to the people of Louisiana (United States of America), a white butterfly appearing in the home will bring with it great luck.

For the white butterfly to land on you means luck will be yours in the day to come. So, these two superstitions are polar opposites! Many Native American tribes believed that if you watch a white butterfly for a long period of time, its graceful and silent motion can induce sleep. The white butterfly is an important figure in this culture. I remember not so long ago I noticed a white butterfly fluttering around my window. Ironically, the native Americans further believed that the white butterfly will provide dreams that are pleasant and somewhat hypnotic in nature. The white butterfly has also been associated with beauty, and also our own human souls. In shamanism, the white butterfly signifies the sole capture. Butterflies have also been important in Mexico where even though they are not in Maya art is associated with being fruitful in life.

It is also believed by the native Americans that, if the first butterflies of the summer are white, then the summer will be rainy. It is also believed that a white butterfly crossing your path is symbolic of good luck and a sign that you will have a good life. If the white butterfly you see in the year is white, then you will have much news of deaths throughout the year. Seeing a white butterfly signals that, summer is around the corner and if it flies from the southwest, then it is going to be rainy. For the Zuni Indians, who are the Native Americans found in the southwest, a white butterfly seen denotes that, summer is around the corner or if not summer, the weather is going to change and become somehow hot. Alternatively, they also believe that seeing a white butterfly flying from the southwest, then rain should be expected.

The Blackfoot tribe who are native Americans, believe that, if you sleep and then your dream, those dreams are brought to you courtesy of white butterflies. They also believe that, if a white butterfly enters your house and then flies around you, you are likely going to die. In the mythology of the Chinese people, it is believed that the soul of the departed loved one is reincarnated through a white butterfly. Alternatively, to them, the white butterfly represents angels watching over you and that you are protected against all types of evils.

According to folklore from the Philipines, if you see a white butterfly, then you should expect a message. In Ireland, up until the 1600s, there was a common law against killing a white butterfly because it was believed that, dead children’s souls were carried by this type of butterflies. In the same tradition, it was believed that, if you saw a white butterfly as the first thing in the new year, then you were to have a year full of good luck. According to the Japanese people, they have a story about the white butterfly which has been told for many centuries; from generation to generation.

What are the species of white butterfly?

I will quickly provide an overview of possible white butterfly species. As I have said before they are native to Asia and Europen countries. In time, the white butterfly has spread throughout the world through worldwide transportation and food crop usage. During the adverse climatic conditions, they normally enter a diapause phase, which is the pupae of the butterfly, when there is a suspension of growth. During the pupae stage, the little egg can easily be transported and survive for many months on vegetables which are on transit in refrigerated ships. As I have already mentioned in the opening paragraph there are four common species of white butterflies which are commonly seen in gardens and other habitats. I have quickly provided a quick meaning from the folklore of what these mean:

  • Orange tip butterfly = good luck will be with you.
  • Large white butterfly = something is hidden like the moon.
  • Green-veined white butterfly = earth and grounding.
  • Small white butterfly = Good luck all day long.

Identifying of these butterflies is not easy because it is not a straightforward process I am afraid. The orange tip is the male species, making it easily recognizable due to its elegant bright orange tips. The other white butterflies are what I feel are confusing because all of them have bright white colors, could have poker dots with dark gray or black wingtips and are decorated with larger spots on their wings. All of them have creamy white undersides of the wings or could have blotches or streaks of green-gray.

Things to note when trying to identify the different species of white butterflies

Maybe you are here because you wanted to try to identify a white butterfly? When working on identifying the different species of the butterflies, it is not good too:

  • Use the size as it is not a good characteristic. Just like human beings, the white butterfly comes in various sizes. Although it is a given that the small white butterflies are smaller in size as compared to large white butterflies. The gray and black spots are not helpful at times because they normally vary between male and female species.
  • In order to be sure about the identification, you can have a look at the underside of the hindwing. In order to see this, you will need to have a closer look at the butterfly and it is not possible to make a conclusion by just seeing the butterfly pass by. Just seeing a butterfly flying will not be possible for you to identify it as a white species unless you get hold of it.

Apart from the aforementioned species which are the most common white butterflies are:

  • Wood white.
  • Black-veined white.
  • Bath white.
  • Cryptic wood white.

What does it mean when the white butterfly flys around you?

When a white butterfly flys in front of you this means that you need to think about your inner goals and how you are focused on life going forward. As I have already said, butterflies represent one's connection with our spiritual side. In ancient folklore, the butterfly carries our loved one’s souls so seeing it land on your body if a white butterfly lands on you this denotes that, a loved one has visited you.

A white butterfly is always transforming; metamorphosizing to become beautiful, free-spirited member of earth, thus if it is fluttering near your body, it means that you are going to experience great change. Remember that, if you don’t change, then you will become still and lethargic so it is best to embrace the change that is about to happen in your life. The message here is to not fear the butterfly rather, embrace it and you will find yourself becoming joyful.

The biblical meaning of white butterfly

The white color in the Bible signifies the presence of peace and harmony. After all, white is one of the key colors in the visible spectrum. If the white color enters the eye via light this stimulates the cone cells which God created in our eye. In society and in the Bible, the white color is associated with things which are positive. This omen biblically indicates purity, cleanliness, honesty, and innocence. In the Bible, the word “White” appears a whopping seventy-five times. The new testament mentions the color twenty-nine times and the old testament forty-six times. I was surprised to learn that in the entire Bible, “white” it is the most mentioned color. It is the third most referenced color in the old testament behind red at 47 and blue at 57. In the scriptures in the Bible, the word white refers to something righteous like the way it is referenced in Luke chapter 9 and verse 29; Matthew chapter 17 and verse 2; and Daniel chapter 7 and verse 9.

How does white butterfly form?

White butterflies fly between February until mid-November. They are the last thing you see in fall and the first thing you see in spring. You will find them in parks, field, roadsides, and gardens all over the world. By the time they are only 2 and 3 days old they begin mating which is via tail to tail copulation that takes a few minutes. The male then passes his sperm to the female. The female then chooses where to lay its eggs and mostly, it is on the back side of the plant. The cream-colored eggs are laid on plants such as broccoli, cabbage, nasturtiums, cauliflower, horseradish, and radishes. The eggs will then hatch depending on the available temperature. If the temperature is at a certain point, the eggs hatch after four to eight days after the eggs are deposited on the plants. The eggs are the larvae stage of the white butterfly which is in the form of worms that are green in color with five yellow stripes and covered with short fine hairs. They will then feed on the underneath of the host plant. The top side of the leaf is fed during the second week. They grow up to an inch long and then molt five times before going into their pupal stage.

The pupal chooses a dry place on the leaf on where to molt. A silk cover is spined using its jaws from the silk gland and attaching itself to the plant. Its exoskeleton splits open, allowing the larvae to crawl out. The pupal can hibernate during winter when still attached to the plant. It only takes 35 to 45 days after the eggs hatch to reach pupa. It then changes from a caterpillar to a butterfly during the same period. Its chrysalis splits and opens to let out the butterfly, pumping up with wings and then rests while it dries up before flying off.

I hope this has given you some thought about what the white butterfly means. I know all these superstitions I mentioned in this article are conflicting in nature I know. But I wanted to include everything. I hope you enjoyed reading about the white butterfly. If you have seen one remember that it is connected to spirit and a transformation in life. Blessings, Flo

By Florance Saul
Apr 8, 2018