Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

Shamans have used the weasel as a spirit guide. Some of the blood of the weasel was used in medicine in order to heal cuts and grazes.

The weasel has also been used in medicine cards in order to tell the future. In ancient times, there was a superstition in regard to killing weasel's. If one happened to kill one, it was believed that the weasel had seven hearts which was a sign of a perfect soul, hence the person would acquire some of the good attributes that were associated with the weasel such as keenness and even the ability to detect trouble. On the other hand it was believed that if one used the blood from the weasel then the person would acquire some positive attributes like patience.

To understand what the weasel is trying to communicate in a dream or even a premonition we need to learn a little more about the weasel. Weasels are quick animals that dwell in the ground and are generally known their fast eating techniques they mostly roam at night and are believed to kill more than they are able to eat. They feed mostly on chicken's, mice and rats. They are mostly found in cold regions. Weasels are attributed with strong muscles, fierceness, agility and a playful mind as well as a strong willed heart for hunting. The animal portrays attributes that are inherent and helpful in relation to human traits. The weasel has the capability and even ability of escaping tricky scenarios when cornered. The weasel is endowed with a great sense of smell.

The weasel’s ability to see deep and far beyond ordinary beings and its powerful intelligence is believed to be the main reason why it is sometimes used as an animal spirit guide as he will help one negotiate through difficult situations with ease. By having a steady instinct, the weasel serves as a tool to learn about one's sense of awareness and instinct. Shaman's meditated on the weasel to help solve their problems and even avoid trouble. The weasel has great ability to hunt by killing more than it can be able to feed on. There was the belief that if weasels resided within ones home then it was a sign of security to those that lived there.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012