Upper Lip Twitching Superstition

Upper lip twitching Superstition

Upper Lip Twitching Superstition

I’m here to help you understand what it means when your upper lip keeps twitching there are many superstitions, mainly from English lore around the actual meaning of experiencing such twitching.

In olden times they believed a twitching upper lip at nighttime meant that others were dreaming about you. We know these days that we hold a certain amount of cynicism when it comes to superstitions. In ancient societies, life was ruled by diverse gods and forces. superstitions were tools to help humankind deal with wealth, health, and keeping each other safe. Omens such as the upper lip twitching could suggest that you will avoid a deadly situation according to Greek culture. 

In olden times, the upper lip was considered a source of understanding and communication. It was called the key to understanding the psyche. The upper top lip was supposed to proceed all wisdom of a person, a superstition that Shakespear was fond of mentioning.  An itching or twitching part of your body holds many signs and I have had many of you contact me about itches in various parts of the body.

The upper lip twitching can indicate that there is something that you wish to say to someone but you cannot get out your words. There was an ancient opinion that when an itch or twitch has continued many months it cannot be cured. Yes, we all know that it can be particularly frustrating when we have a feeling of twitching, such annoyance cannot be measured or divided. There are such sensations that hover between annoying and pain of the highly exalted state of our nerve-peripheries.

Spasm of muscle on the upper lip frequently can indicate that we are facing a defensive strategy. In most cases, such spasms can be due to stress such as traumas of life - divorce, breakup, loss, death or renewal, and no doubt, our communications.  Very quickly, we learn in life what works for us and how to avoid it. When our upper lip is twitching we need to encounter life and learn that any trauma does not need to define us. Consequently, we all learn, adapt, and adjust in life in the wake of disappointing situations.

Often, however when we feel our top lip twitching this can signify, from a superstition perspective that we need the time to substitute that this has taken place - a trauma. Also, watch out for overreactions if this lasts more than a few hours. It could mean that you are caught up in a masquerade of our own making but the point that we no longer know what we need to do in life. 

Upper lip twitching and jerking can be visible and holds many meanings depending on the volume of twitch. Violent actions of the muscles in the left side of the upper lip can indicate that you are feeling slightly in disbelief over a situation. Tremors normally appear in company with a state of numbness in the solitary muscles, maybe due to anxiety. If the twitching is keeping you up at night, you may be suffering from skin inflammation on the site. I am now briefly going to go over the medical reasons why your upper lip may twitch.

Here is a number of remedies for the reduction of upper lip twitching

  • Eat potassium or take supplements: avocado, broccoli, or spinach.
  • Apply a hot cloth to the upper lip
  • Reduce caffeine and alcohol
  • If you still find that your upper lip is twitching after 24 hours then it is important to consider any medical problems that might be the reasons, and sort to find out the main course.

If you are healthy, then the main cause of small lip twitches might be due to what is known in medical terms as a “benign fasciculation.” Fasciculation refers to an involuntary, small firing that happens to a nerve cell. It can be caused by fatigue, stress, or overconsumption of caffeine.

Many people are allergic to gluten, therefore, gluten sensitivity has also been known to cause lip twitching together with other muscle twitching that happens involuntarily. So how do we stop this? Simply by looking at one's diet, the food that we eat can sometimes lead to twitching.  It is also possible for fasciculation to be caused by what is known as electrolyte imbalances. There is always a need for potassium to conduct as well as transmit to the muscles, the nerve impulses.

If you have a deficiency of potassium in the blood, then the lip muscles and elsewhere in your body can start twitching. Some of the foods which are rich in potassium include seaweed, dried figs, salmon, nuts, beef, and green vegetables, so try to avoid these.

If your body has overuse of potassium this can be dangerous and thus, not the best idea to overload with it and just eat in moderation. Certain medications, exposure to corticosteroids, and pollutants that have heavy metals might also lead to twitching of the lips because of fasciculation, so watch out for that tinned tuna!
Another trigger of lip twitching is what is known as sleep apnea and if you can have it diagnosed and then treated, then the twitching could stop.

Superstitions about the upper lip twitching

The following are some of the myths regarding lip twitching that don’t have any backing scientifically but you will get them on the internet:

  • Something bad is likely to happen if you find your bottom lip twitching.
  • You are likely to fight with a close relative or lose a friend if you have twitching in your left-upper lip.
  • You are soon going to receive a lot of money if there is twitching in your right upper lip.
  • You are going to lose money in case there is lip twitching in your right lower lip.
  • You will soon be meeting a stranger if there is twitching on both lips.
  • Conclusion 

Twitching of the lip that is uncontrollable might make you feel quite irritated and it could appear to be quite abnormal but in most instances, it is harmless and will only last a short while.  The condition is most commonly triggered by common dietary or lifestyle factors which you can easily address via self-control, however, there are many superstitions around the upper lip twitching.

It is possible for instance, for you to ensure that your daily fatigue and stress are managed while reducing your gluten and caffeine intake, which are all causes or triggers of lip twitching. In old times the upper twitching of a lip can indicate: communication, a lover will return, focus on what you want in life and your goals, advise to know that you should not gossip. 

But in case the twitching becomes persistent, severe, or prolonged for you to be distressed, then it is necessary that you go in search of medical attention so that you rule out any underlying issue. I hope this is helpful to you.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2021