Tiger superstitions

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

A number of beliefs in ancient Africa surround the tiger. The tigers claws are treated with respect and are hung in the home to bring luck.

This custom has been widespread. Tiger's heads and claws are often found in royal palaces because they are normally hidden omens of great luck. Kings used tiger's claws in performing rituals for the sole purpose of preparing for war. In this case, the tiger’s claws would be dipped in blood and then presented to the commander of chariots and warlord. It was believed that by carrying out this ritual, victory would be granted.

Tiger skin was used by magicians in Africa in the 1900's for performing rituals that were for the purpose of restoring health to those that were ill. It was believed that if a sick person sat on a tiger’s skin and then cited prays, it was believes that the person would soon get well. A tiger’s tooth was also believed to have mystical powers. The teeth were used to help someone gather courage and even cause fear among those around them. There was the believe in Africa that if one traveled with a tigers teeth In their pocket then they will be lucky in their journey. The whiskers of a tiger indicate poison. If one talks about a tiger in Japan then it is suppose to be unlucky.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012