Taurus, The Bull

Taurus the bull

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Second sign of the Zodiac, April 21st to May 22nd. Ruling planet, Venus; correct metal, Copper.

Those born under Taurus were thought to be endowed with mental and physical strength, strong-minded, clever, fearless and emotional. The correct Taurus gem is the sapphire. The sapphire is of a deep blue colour, and the darker the blue the greater its value. The ancients wore sapphire charms for protection from poison, plague, fever, diseases of the skin, and to bring peace and happiness upon its wearer. The eyes were rubbed by a sapphire to preserve them from injury by smallpox. King Solomon’s seal is said to have been a sapphire.

The sign taurus are the most reliable of all the star signs. They enjoy being in a stable and secure relationship, in order to have emotional security is the most important factor to this star sign. They hold common sense but at times lack the flexibility that is required to progress in life. Taureans surround themselves with lovely material items to make them feel happy and comfortable. The biggest and most positive trait of the taurean is that the process patience. They can though, at times show signs of greed. Being rather possessive in relationships this can cause problems. When at work the mind tends to work methodologically and they are keen to make quick decisions which are normally sound. They try to avoid short cuts in life and would rather complete a job than leave it.

They have soft voices and come across as being kind. One of the most important factors is their charm and how they can manipulate others. They are great at counselling and listening to problems - but also finding solutions. They are the person someone turns to when they are looking for advice. In terms of romance they do not get too emotionally involved. The can be rather possessive and jealous of their partner. They do have sudden flares of temper tantrums or moods. Under circumstances that are stressful they cannot normally cope and would rather be loving and kind, but do not cope well under stress. This star sign is easy to please and the express their emotions and affection well.

They normally have a high sex drive and make great lovers. There is never a lack of sexual pleasure. The Taureans are devoted to others and are never boring. As a child this star sign is normally happy and always looking for ways to fix problems or solve things. They can be rather lazy when it comes to walking and crawling. They are usually a pleasure to have but sometimes the development may be somewhat slow. A Taurean baby is normally a wonderful sleeper.

Moving onto career the Taureans are rather ambition and enjoy setting up a career plan that will enable them to progress in life. This is the sign of the bull - that has horns. Thus, will fight to get on the career ladder and in life. The Taureans are highly practical and make great managers and bosses. They take unnecessary risks however that may cost them friends and relationships. This star sign enjoys setting up a secure home before they have children. Their plans will normally involve children.

The Taurus woman longs for legitimate love as well as safety. You need to spend time and effort into creating a true relationship and making this women feel safe. Conversely, once she is in a relationship she will want a family - one thing you can be sure of she will be devoted and caring. She'll support her partner because she is trustworthy. The actual Taurus lady possesses elegance along with a deep understanding on how other tick. If you wish to make this women desire you - or to manipulate her, you could take her to an expensive restaurant. This woman likes the good things in life, consequently they like the men to show off e.g. a wonderful car, home etc. Take into account the Taurus women isn't keen on rushing into a relationship. Enable her to have time to get use to the idea.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012