The Tau, or St. Anthony’s Cross

What is the tau?

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This charm was worn by the ancients to protect the wearer against disease and snake bites.

The Jews used it as an amulet for epilepsy and erysipelas. It is still used in Ireland as a talisman against sickness. The Tau is one of the most ancient crosses and the forerunner of the Latin Cross. Moses used the Tau Cross with the brazen serpent attached, to save the Children of Israel in the wilderness from the attacks of the fiery serpents. The metal normally used for this emblem is silver, copy or gold. Star signs: Scorpio and Pisces normally gain luck by wearing this scared talisman. The Cross has always been the symbol of life eternal. It was this mark, the Tau Cross, that was placed upon the foreheads of those exempted from Divine wrath in Jerusalem.

The Tau is the final letter of the Herbrew alphabet. The Tau cross is associated with the Egyptian hermit which was associated with curing Erysipelas, this cross is connected to happiness. The tau cross was also associated to a device used by the Egyptians or known as the egyptian cross. The other name for this cross is known as the St Anthony cross and it has also been connected to present the hammer of Thor, which is the god of Nordic. The cross is very interesting, there are many different books on the origin of the Tau cross. After researching many different sources it is clear that the cross itself is an Egyptian hieroglyphic, which basically has two meanings. The cross represents the female vagina and is connected to rebirth and happiness in life. Secondly, if we look at the old Testament the Tau cross was used to form a pattern on certain male foreheads. Basically it was used to mark those people who did not have to be judged by others. In fact, many authorities in olden times used the across to identify the followers and those in charge. Strangely, there is no specific identification of this actually occurring it is simply legend.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012