Succubus And Incubus

Succubus And Incubus

Succubus And Incubus Meaning

It is thought that an succubus or incubus come to visit us in dreams to have sex dreams represent delayed intensity in love and can be a favorable sign of receptive communication. The energy of the demon is balanced with taking things easy, emotions maybe up in the air for a while once you have had this dream. If you are here to understand what these demons mean, how to summon them and stories about them then read on!

What is the definition of a succubus?

A succubus is a female sexual demon or paranormal entity with a history that dates back thousands of years. This demon usually appears in dreams and has a female form in order to seduce men, mostly through sexual activity. According to some religious traditions that hold information about people who had sex with a succubus, the activity may result in deterioration of your mental state, health or even death.

In modern representations, a succubus is described as a female form that appears not only in dreams but also in reality. Unlike her past appearance where she was described as frightening and demonic, today the succubus is often portrayed as highly attractive enchantress or seductress. Although the intercourse with the succubus can be deadly, there are positive experiences reported by men who say they’ve enjoyed her presence. However, all men report that in the pleasure there was something evil involved. There are true stories about real-life experiences with succubus back in time. Today, men are still seduced by the thought of experiencing an unexpected visit from an evil but stunning sex demon. She’s practically every man’s dream come true. Men look for ways to summon this demon and often research her history online. Over the years, people believed that a religious life which included prayer and religious devotion would protect them from evil spirits, including succubus. But their ways never actually worked, especially with succubus – she’s attracted to the devout and religious.

Back in 19th century, the French author J.K. Huysmans had such experience. He was an alleged victim of the sex demon during his stay in a monastery. He devoted many years of his life to exploring the paranormal and his pilgrimage was supposed to return the Christian faith he once had as a child. But things didn’t turn as he expected. Perhaps his intentions were honest but subconsciously, he probably attracted the wrong type of spiritual attention.

One night, as he was sleeping in the monastic cell, he awoke in the middle of an orgasm and noticed a succubus as she was disappearing. He was convinced that she was real because the bed he slept showed the presence of another female form lying beside him that night. Most people believed that such incidents occurred when succubus sought semen from men and then changed into incubus – a male sexual demon who used it to impregnate women.

What is the definition of incubus?

As I have previously mentioned, the incubus is a male sexual demon who lies upon women in their sleep in order to have sex with them. This sexual demon is the counterpart of a succubus. In ancient times, women weren’t the only victims of sexual demons but men too. Incubus stories have been told over and over for centuries and the sexual activity with the male demon has the same consequences as with the female (succubus) there seems to be a relationship between – deterioration of health, or even death.

Are there any ancient true stories written about experiences with these entities? Yes, there are many allegedly true stories written about people who’ve engaged in sexual activity with these demons. Would you like to hear some? If yes, continue with the reading.

The story of Ethan, the devoted student, and succubus

There was a man named Ethan – a student who spent his days studying and listening to lectures at school. One evening in December 2012, he arrived home late, exhausted from school and collapsed into bed.As he was asleep, in his dream he worried about someone breaking into his home and entering his bedroom. Then Ethan awoke, a demon had entered his bedroom and woke him up. The demon was then seen by him as a flying entity approaching the wall behind his bed and holding his limbs down tight. He felt his ears vibrate, even to the point of pain. He cried out for help and cursed the sexual demon. However, she didn’t mind. In fact, she laughed at Ethan in a scary voice. After a while, she screamed “soon” and vanished as he turned on the lights. There wasn’t a sign of her. Only his dogs could notice that something unusual and dangerous was happening to their owner, as they wouldn’t stop barking and scratching his bedroom door. Ethan went to the bathroom and saw his eyes completely red and bloodshot. He described the experience as terrible.

The story of Patrick and his imaginary friend where demons came to him in his sleep

Another case of demonic sexual attack was reported back in 2012 by Patrick who was an alleged victim of succubus who took the form of his imaginary childhood friend. He called her Lucy and she would come to play with him when he was alone or felt lonely. Allegedly, Lucy watched Patrick grow, and told him that in the future, when he reached puberty, she would teach him some new and exciting stuff – things that he never imagined are possible now. His parents were concerned about his mental health and contacted many psychologists in order to learn why he’s become so obsessed with his imaginary friend. But nothing helped. When he turned 16, he claimed that Lucy was encouraging him to date an actual woman.

But Lucy never left his side, even when he had girlfriends. She would stay nearby to teach him how to enjoy sex and make his partners sexually satisfied. And so began his sexual relationship with Lucy. She stayed near Patrick for years until he fell in love with someone. After he got married, she was gone but not for too long. After a few years of being married, Patrick experienced the first problems that come along with marriage. And that’s when he felt Lucy coming back to him. However, he never revealed further info on their relationship.

The story of a former stripper and her continuous attacks by a succubus

This story is unusual because it involves a female victim being attacked by a succubus. Allegedly, the former stripper whose last name was Adams claims that a succubus was trying to convert her into a lesbian. This is how she explains the several attacks on her. According to her story, she was also attacked by sexual demons when she started her stripping career. Aside from being attacked, she claimed that after having sex with this demon, she could forget about finding pleasure with mortal people in the future.

The story of the man who sold his soul to a succubus

Well, he didn’t actually sell his soul but at least it was a cool title. What he did was enjoy having sex with a succubus and experienced extasies like he never did before. Not even in his imagination. After intercourse, she asked him if he knew what succubus does to her victims and laughed hysterically. And before he could answer, she turned into a demon and told him that succubus takes the soul of her victims. He was convinced that he had a few days to live. Apparently, he stayed alive long enough to post his experience online.

What are the succubus names?

In old literature, a succubus was Adam’s first wife in heaven? Allegedly, she left Adam and converted into a succubus. She refused to go back to the Garden of Eden after she engaged in sexual contact with Archangel Samuel. Apparently, there were four demons that had sex with the Archangel Samuel named: Lilith, Agrat Bat Mahlat, Eisheth, and Naamah. As I have previously mentioned, a succubus can look like a beautiful young female but as she comes closer, you can see the deformities of her body. She might resemble bird-like claws or long tail. Folklore describes the sexual attack of a succubus on men as something similar to entering a cavern of ice. There are also reports of the demons forcing their victims to perform oral sex on their vagina.

How do you summon a succubus?

There are many ways to summon a succubus, however, I would not recommend this. It is important to stay safe, steady, reliable, and effective but I will provide an overview if you are curious. The first method is known as the “letter method – summary”. First, you meditate, and after, you write a letter to a succubus, asking her to visit you soon. Once you do that, you burn the letter with a drop of blood on the top, lay on the bed, close your eyes, visualize her next to you and wait for the results. The second method is also associated with visualization. One meditates and during the process visualize a succubus for 5 minutes every night. This way you will gain a connection and establish a physical contact. In ancient books, these two seemed like the only methods that work.

What is the biblical meaning of an Incubus or succubus?

I have mentioned before, a succubus is a sexual demon that takes a female form in order to have sex with men in their dreams. The name “succubus” comes from an old Latin word meaning “to lie under”. There’s a similar demon in Islamic culture known as Karina.

In ancient Middle Eastern culture, a succubus is known by the name Lilith. No matter the name, the main characteristics of a succubus are the same: it tempts men during the night and sexually assaults them in their dreams, although some claim they’ve had a live experience with the demon.Two biblical passages refer directly to the succubus. In the “Dead Sea Scrolls (4Q184),” the demon is referred as “the seductress”. She’s described as a beautiful female with horns and wings. She’s the queen of sins that tempt men and ultimately pulls them into the Pit.

This passage seems very much alike with Proverbs 2:18-19 in which the demon is described as dangerous and called “the strange woman”. In the description of the outcome of God’s judgment on Edom, it’s said that the owl will rest there, and find peace for herself, Isaiah 34:14 (KJV). According to the American Standard Version, the sex night demon or monster is translated as “Lilith”. Some commentators have claimed that primitive cultures heard the cry of nocturnal animals and associated them with demons because they didn’t know these animals even existed. This leads me to my next question. Is a succubus real?

Well, if you turn to the beliefs of the ancient cultures, the answer is yes. But if you search for an answer in the biblical scriptures, it’s hard to tell. Just to make it clear, the name “Lilith” has been associated with demonic presence for over thousand years. And it fits the Holy Bible context. It’s also clear that the Holy Bible presents demons as very real and powerful beings that have visited humans in many ways. I will now try to explain.

Second Peter 2:4 states demons are like fallen angles that have sinned and were kicked out of heaven to be punished. Jude 6 (KJV) speaks of demons as angles that didn’t keep their first estate and were waiting for their last judgment. Jesus expelled demons out of people’s bodies. And whether or not, you accept the idea of sexual demons, there’s no doubt that demons are real. I will now talk a little more about the male sex demon — incubus. The name “Incubus” came from a Latin word meaning nightmare. Allegedly, this demon lies next to sleeping women in order to lead her to have sex with him. If the woman he slept with got pregnant, the child was called “cambion”.

Merlin, the wizard from the King Arthur legends was allegedly conceived by an incubus explaining how he got his superpowers. Both succubus and Incubus were the products of medieval myths in order to explain the nightmares, sleep paralysis, sex dreams, and terrors people experienced during night time. They were also used to explain rapes and other assaults on both women and men. Of course, it’s easier to believe that demon carried this out - instead of someone you once trusted. And again, I come to the question: are sex demons real?

Christian people are being warned against worshiping demons in Leviticus 17:7. The Bible says that even their names should not be mentioned but forgotten in Zechariah 13:2. There are people who study demons in order to gain spiritual warfare. This is mentioned in the Bible, 1 John 4:3, NKJV. The message is that instead of learning more about demons and other evil spirits, you need to focus on the kingdom of God and find the forgiveness, Colossians 1:13-14, NKJV. It’s said that when you hide God’s word in your heart, it keeps you from sinning, Psalm 119:11. It also gives you the power to fight any demon or Satan itself, Ephesians 6:17.

By Florance Saul
May 7, 2018