Spiritual Meaning Of Your Front Door Color

Feng Shui Front Door Colors

Spiritual Meaning Of Door Colors

Do you think your door color has an influence on your life? Well, in my view there are certain colors that provide us with certain aspects of energy. The front door is known as “the mouth of chi” it is intended to be the “heart” of the house and provide energy to the house. The front door should be according to feng shui rules which are as follows:

  1. The door should be larger than other doors in the home.
  2. If you have a porch then this door should be on hinges next to the main door. There will be the energy between the two doors. The best porch door is normally a retractable sliding door.
  3. The door should open and close really easily and not catch on a doormat.
  4. The door should open inward, therefore allowing the Chi to come inside the home.
  5. There should be no cobwebs in the porch.
  6. A double front door only for extremely large homes or negative energy will enter.

Colors in spiritual terms can be used for healing, personal growth, mood enhancement, and communication, in feng shui the door color connects with our energy in life. They influence us in many ways. People even use colors to express positive intentions in their homes. If we look at Feng Shui the technique is based on the manipulation of one's physical environment so that positive energy can be produced. Colors can be used to enhance our house and they boost our energy of positive or negative thoughts. Recently I decided to repaint my front door in a different color, it was blue now it is red. This has resulted makes major changes in my mood and behavior.

What color is your front door?

Did you know we can Everyone knows something about the meaning of colors because we all hold a strong intuition and feel for colors intuitively? For example, when wearing a red scarf, we tend to feel more passionate. The blue sky and admiring the white puffy clouds will calm us down. There is no doubt that colors have an important meaning in our lives. If you are thinking of selling your house or you are wondering what colors mean in order to use them to the best ability - then I hope this article will help you.

What is the spiritual meaning of the red door?

The red color symbolizes luck and welcomeness. Apparently, the early North Americans painted their doors red as a sign of good neighborhood and friendliness. Folklore suggests that a traveler should stop at a house with a red door and have a good meal and a good sleep. Catholic churches tend to paint their doors red to honor Christ’s sacrifice – a fundamental love statement, while in Feng Shui, the red door symbolizes the opening of energy and is encouraging.

The meaning of the orange door in feng shui

The orange color is linked to Mercury, the fastest-spinning of all planets. Mercury symbolizes reception, commerce, intelligence, communication, perception, flexibility, and movement in Roman culture. Thus, painting your business door orange is probably a good idea. Mercury – Hermes in Greek would honor such a move because he’s the alleged god of business trade and merchants.

The meaning of the yellow door in feng shui

If you’re looking for a way out of depression and want to improve your mood, paint your door yellow. Think about painting your inside doors yellow because the color is known for its way of lighting people from the inside out. The yellow symbolizes creativity, intellect, and clarity and brings positive changes in people’s lives. Also, yellow is considered as unifying color because it somehow connects heaven and earth.

The meaning of the green door in feng shui

The green color door indicates spring, therefore, it’s the symbol of growth, renewal, transformation, and rejuvenation. The green color is also associated with the earth and provides grounding energies. It’s used in holistic healing strategies because it’s believed that green can improve your physical well-being just like compassion can. Ancient people preferred to wear green clothing because they actually believed that the green color represents nature spirits and can encourage protective forces.

What is the spiritual meaning of a blue door?

If you’re an artist, then you might consider painting your studio door blue because it's believed that this color will appeal to your inner muse. The blue color is the representation of sensitivity, freedom, imagination, calmness, and imagination. The color is aligned with Jupiter, explaining why this color makes you feel magical when surrounded by something blue. Blue is also the color of water and heaven, therefore, it’s fluid and deep. The blue color also symbolizes purity and cleaning.

What is the spiritual meaning of a purple door?

If you’re looking for something that represents wisdom, meditation, spirituality, love, and compassion, and will produce peaceful energy around your home, you better paint your door violet because this color supports all these qualities.

The violet color can be noticed in Catholicism on advent and Easter because they see the color as a representation of awareness, spiritual union with Christ, and mindfulness. You will make a smart move if you paint your meditation areas in violet because the color will contribute to your prayers, calmness, and spiritual growth.

What is the spiritual meaning of a white door?

White doors are associated with the moon, the white door in your home can serve as a gateway with symbolic associations of time, cycles, clarity, feminine power, and transition. Also, the white color produces the energy of purity and cleanliness, thus, if you paint doors white, you might find their aura consuming you. Your mind will become much clearer.

What is the spiritual meaning of a brown door?

Brown is often used for painting doors. You probably wonder why. Well, it’s because the color is associated with deep rich soil – the symbol of stability, structure, warmth, and grounding – ‘down to earth’ energy. Brown represents the foundation of our home and if you prefer brown for your doors, you should use the color to partner the foundation with the home interior.

What is the spiritual meaning of a black door?

Black doors as I have said are associated with feng shui - painting this color is perfect for people who want to stay mysterious and keep their lives private. If you like black doors, you’re probably the type of person who knows how to keep secrets like stones keep silent. All the magic happens behind black doors. An interesting fact about this color is that in Spain, it’s used by the court system and symbolizes dignity, consciousness, and formality, while in the East, black is the yin principle and is a symbol of feminine energy. Here comes the end of my explanation. I hope you enjoyed our article and this has given you some thought on what color to paint your front door.

When to paint your door in feng shui

You might consider painting your doors white if you survived a recent breakup. Or if you had to kick someone out of your home. White implies your preparedness to move on, make some positive change and be happy about the fresh start ahead.

What is the spiritual meaning of door colors?

The key aspect of a front door is the fact that it faces outside and is often used for privacy. It is recommended that the door contains clear glass so that energy can come in and leave. In this case, sheer curtains are needed. The front door in any house is the most important part of feng shui. The bigger the door the best tech energy will appear. The most important part of the dual is the energy that flows between the inside and outside. It is important that there is nothing that is near the door. For example, recycling bins, smelly old parts, or anything out sick prevents the flow of natural energy. Make sure that the area of the door is fresh and thriving. The front door as well should open wide and be somewhat inviting. If your front door faces certain directions then you need to find an appropriate color.

This leads to the final question – can doors influent our mood when painted in a specific color? I do think so!

By Florance Saul
May 10, 2018