Spiritual Meaning Of Colors

Spiritual Color Meanings

Spiritual Meaning Of Colors

Color is very significant to all the consciousness of human beings or for any kind of spiritual process to take place, the color must be present.

Spiritual Meaning Of Colors

Why is it significant? Because the color you reflect will automatically add to the energy which you carry inside you. If you are on the right spiritual path, there are many reasons for choosing certain colors. Maybe you are thinking about painting your room or what color to wear at an interview? You are better off keeping what you have without having to take anything more. All you need to do is to work on what you currently have because, if you decide to add something new, it might just complicate your life.

You would rather walk naked than put on a color that might complicate your life.If those around you find your nakedness an abomination, then put on loincloth knowing very well that what you have is substantial in terms of color.It is important before you know what each color represents spiritually, to know the meaning of color. Any substance gain color not because of what it is but due to what it rejects reflects away or gives away. Something that is blue is not blue because it contains blue, but because of holding back everything that light holds except blue. So when you see something with color blue, it doesn’t mean the thing is blue. What you give away in life is what you become.

Spiritual Meaning Of White

Spiritually, the color white is defined as color number eight. All we know is that there are seven colors, thus white represent a dimension of life that is beyond. In essence, white is not a color because it is only present when there is no color at all. Alternatively, it can be referred to as all-inclusive because light being white it represents all the seven colors put together.

From a spiritual perspective, when you live in a tropical country, white will have an impact on you and thus, the best color to wear. A person who wears white walks the spiritual path while the one who wears orange cuts themselves from the family. If you are on a path where you do not want to gather anything, then you should put on the white color because your sadhana is mild so that you don’t get contaminated with what surrounds you. You want to participate in what goes on around you, but at the same time, no contact with it.

Spiritual Meaning Of Black

Seeing black is positive - when you are in a place which is powerfully energized and yet you want to imbibe. It is a color which though it gives out anything, it absorbs everything around it. So if you are wearing black and you in a place where there are good spirits, you will absorb it but if the place has bad spirits, you will still absorb it. Meaning, avoid putting on black when you are out fighting dark forces. Spiritually, not everyone should put on black because, if you continue putting on black clothing, you might absorb bad energies and your energy will always be fluctuating, sucking out emotions from you while leaving your mind volatile and in an imbalanced state. You become a silent sufferer without an expression of your suffering. But in case you are in a situation which is positive and vibrant and you wearing black, then good for you. So only put on black when you are sure of the quality of space to wherever you are headed to. I know I have gone on about wearing black, but you can use this to understand what this color means in your dream.

Spiritual Meaning Of Purple

Purple is associated with the Crown Chakra medium which the spirit uses to communicate. During ancient times, the color was reserved for leaders and loyalty due to the fact that it is a rare color. It remained a symbol of affluence and wealth even as time progressed and the color became common. Spiritually, purple is associated with the great mysteries of all creation and magic. Through it, you will have a link to your spirituality, your sacred self, and the hidden recesses of the mind. In spell work and meditation, you can use purple to improve your psychic abilities; a greater understanding of God’s will, and astral projection. Healers use purple when treating nervous disorders and fears of a phobia which are irrational.

Purple is considered a feminine color with a few masculine traits meets with it. It is a color that will help you to deal with passions and anger which otherwise, could get away from you. It is a color which creates a balance while going through the storm of life. When purple is your color, you become an open person in your day to day dealings. Your zodiac sign will likely be Sagittarius.

Spiritual Meaning Of Red

Red is connected with passion and happiness. When you are walking in the forest, you will see that most things are blue but you won’t miss seeing dots of color red here and there. It is what will draw your attention because according to your perception, red is one of the vibrant colors available while the rest of the colors are nice and pretty.

Spiritual Meaning Of Yellow

In the Buddhist tradition, yellow was won by monks who graduated to arhats while those who graduated on the initial stage of Buddhist monk wore yellow robes. During the initial stage, they didn’t stay in any town for long as they were always on the move. Yellow was a color of Muladhara chakra, which is the basic chakra present in the body and causes stability. When charting towards a spiritual path, it is an important chakra to possess. If you are at a stage of stabilization in life and not realization, yellow is a color that is connected to happiness.

Spiritual Meaning Of Orange

It is a color that people who are walking in the spiritual path choose as it is suggests everything to them. The color of Agna is orange; naturally and organically. If you are into some meditation, you will seriously see that Agna is saffron or orange. It is the chakra of enlightenment or knowledge and in the spiritual world, it is known as the third eye. At this point, it is important to note that, there are 114 chakras in your body with two not ascribing to any color as they are not physical in nature. The remaining 112 chakras are of a certain color. Anything in the physical reflects a color of your perception. And if you are on a path where you aspire to open up the dimension of perception referred to as the third eye, and enlightenment, you will be able to see orange as it is what you want to radiate to.

Spiritual Meaning Of Blue

The color blue represents all-inclusiveness. Blue in your general life is a representation of your emotions. I believe blue is quite emotional as a color. We know that blue is a perception of the sky or ocean. All-inclusiveness being represented by blue, how you operate in life and your emotions can connect to being “blue.” Now your question of why most Indian gods are blue is answered here. Check out the Shiva. In addition Krishna. Both these gods have blue skin and the same applies to Rama. It doesn’t mean that they are blue, but that their aura is blue.

Another spiritual point of view on this could be that this color connects with our emotions within. Now, if we look at blue as a color there are various hues that an aura can be. When someone in the spiritual world attains their highest point - but still chooses to meditate in this world, the aura will automatically become an electric blue tone. If you are dynamic, then you are blue. When you have such an aura, you will be able to focus and operate in the world in a unique way making others to consider you as supernatural.

By Florance Saul
Feb 11, 2018