Spiritual Meaning Of Bed Bugs

Can bed bugs be a spiritual attack?

Spiritual Meaning Of Bed Bugs

The craziness that bedbugs cause makes you wonder why it has happened ---- Infesting all your lovely private space. I'm here to help you in order to understand what this means to you on a spiritual plane I have to dig deep in folklore. Firstly, there is something I want to share with you. There will be people in this world that attack you spiritually, emotionally, and financially and I’m here to help you understand how to protect yourself. Always remember that you can overcome anything. Bed bugs have been attached to spiritual warfare since Roman times and spiritually represent that a fight is needed in life.

What is the spiritual meaning of bed bugs?

Spiritual speaking, bed bugs in your home can suggest spiritual empowerment. In general, bugs are thought to be messengers from the subconscious or spiritual realms and there are a number of powerful messages which I have outlined below. The first thing I want to say is that seeing bedbugs may also signal that one is being 'bugged' by someone or something, and that action is needed to remedy a situation. A bed bug may also reflect repressed anger inside someone around you. 
As I have already said there is a variety of folklore and superstitions surrounding bedbugs in different cultures. Of course, we all know that bed bugs are believed to be attracted to untidy or dirty people in some cultures. The presence of bed bugs in a home has been attributed to something bad happening by some. There is a focus here that there is negative energy in a house that contains kidnapping. On another note, the bed bug may also bring good luck if it is killed. You will like this, more positively according to Chinese belief, bed bugs are a sign of good luck, and it is thought they could bring positive energy to a home. So there are two conflicting opinions about what bed bugs mean. In my view, it is good luck killing a bed bug.

Bedbugs and other pests such as fleas can sometimes be seasonal. Of course, maybe you went on Amazon to buy some chemicals to solve this pest problem, since we all live on this planet together it is important to understand that pests such as bedbugs can often appear. If we think about dinosaurs they are on this earth for a very long time. Be aware of your feelings right now. When faced with bed bugs, it's okay to feel scared, anxious, or overwhelmed. It is important to recognize and accept these feelings and aside from this I want to get down to what the bed bugs mean and the message they are sending you. 

What does the bible say about bed bugs?

In my research bed bugs are not specifically mentioned. The does mention some insects that could be interpreted as bed bugs, however. Leviticus 11:29-30, it states that winged creatures with four legs are unclean and should not be eaten. It is possible that this is a bed bug since they have four legs and wings. As well, in Isaiah 30:6, it is mentioned that people will hide in caves because they will be so afraid of insects. Bed bugs are often found in dark, hidden places, so this could also be a reference to overcoming something dark in life.

For centuries the common bedbug which is formally known as "comix nectarous" was the most feared and hated pest. In fact, in the 1930s in England, there were over a million people who reported bed bugs. Infestations were extremely rampant. There was also a belief during the 1930s bedbugs were a result of spiritual attacks. 

A broad understanding of why you've encountered bedbugs may give you some spiritual comfort. Bedbugs are traced back to references in ancient Greece about 400 BC, which is almost 2500 years ago. The phrase "sleep tight don't let the bedbugs bite" normally relates to wooden bed frames which had matrix-like mattresses. The bedbug itself normally hides within the mattress and feeds while the host is sleeping. In the United States and other countries, bedbugs are widely spread. They are increasing at a rapid rate and some hotels reporting such an increase. You may have found bedbugs in a hotel room alternatively in your own bed. 

Is a bed bug infestation a result of a spiritual attack?

Spiritual attack is a subject whereby I honestly believe that you will have a wide range of elements where you feel under attack. Bedbugs are well-known as an ancient form of witchcraft attack, bedbugs were present in Rome during the Roman times and they found these creatures in different beds in great abundance. During this time they were at a loss of what to do and therefore, the only solution was to cover the bedbugs in liquid concoctions in order to kill them, but there were accounts that the bedbugs were a result of spiritual attack. The reason why mention this is that even though the Romans are quite resourceful bedbugs have been around for millions of years and they often believed that war was coming when there was an infestation of bed bugs.

We take sleeping in our bed for granted and with this, fleas and lice and bedbugs make themselves at home and it is all part of our lives. Today, if you are experiencing bedbugs in your bed then you're probably aware that they have become resistant to various forms of chemicals but are often treated with pyrethroids. For this article, I will be addressing whether bedbugs are a form of spiritual attack on you.

Why do people attack you spiritually?

When faced with people that are not spiritual they have no idea of the impact on your light, for which they will try to destroy. As lightworkers (if you are medium or spiritual) you are more inclined to be personally attacked, luckily for us there is a rule of Karma whereby the attacker will end up finding strange negative aspects in life that will start to happen when attacking a lightworker.  The evil that people hold inside themselves can often ignite when faced with the light, and the bad characters of such personality can often appear. 

I am writing this post as last month I received many emails about what to do in the attack and general advice on the bedbug attack. The first thing is to decide if any action is needed spiritually. Normally, it is not required because just their presence on attacking you will be enough for Karma to do its work, it might be a few years from now that Karma comes around. For example, I lost a few hundred pounds of money to a particular company about four years ago. Yesterday I read in the paper this company had £100k stolen from them. They took many people’s money so Karma did its work in restoring balance. You see what I am saying. If you are being spiritually attacked and this has manifested into bed bugs in your home then you can be reassured that Karma is with you.

What can I do about the spiritual attack?

What I am trying to say is it is often the best course of action to leave such things and do not bother carrying out any action, this foretells us that the life of the attacker will be much more painful by just doing nothing, and this is the road I have always taken. If however, you are being severely affected then there may be work that you need to do in order to protect yourself. 

To engage in spiritual warfare there are three principles when dealing with people. First, recognize who the person is through spiritual diagnosing. Secondly, look for signs and manifestations such as the bedbugs and finally deal with the attack which I have detailed below.

Bedbugs have around a very long time, when we encounter bedbugs were always looking for questions and guidance on the reason why this has happened and above all the prevention and removal of these pest bugs. The first thing is to make sure you remove the bed bugs and the negative energies in your life. I would say the best thing to do is to picture yourself in the greatest white light shining from your home and surround yourself with a protective bubble. Ask your guides to protect you from any spiritual problems. Bed bugs are negative energy and exist in the lower astral dimensions. There is an infestation of negative energy. It is important to clear this and your energy, which will help you.

Bed bugs are a great concern in hospitality properties. I'm sure you're all aware in order to prevent bedbugs then there are a few things you can do. Namely, vacuuming the bed, tidying all areas of the bedroom, and hoovering underneath, avoid spreading bedbugs through suitcases or close especially if you've visited a hotel that has an infestation. And finally removing clutter in your house and wash and wash bedding at a high temperature.

What does the bible say about the spiritual attack?

The Bible often speaks about spiritual warfare, if we look at the Scripture (John 10:10) it details that we have enemies in this world who seek to destroy us. If we think our fight is with those around us, and that they have a war with us we can then become divided. Often, we end up with bitterness and this predominantly affects our soul. Part of spiritual warfare and attack is to try to forgive those around us. Remember the gossiping is evil in itself, remember the most important part of your job is to recognize the psychic attacks, as detailed above.

Not only can psychic attacks be created through the way people think about us it could be considered an attempt to destroy conceive, hurt or harm this in some way. If somebody is particularly annoyed at you that energy of annoyance will automatically become negative energy. There are certain further areas where it is important to recognize when you are being attacked spiritually. You may sense that something is out of place, there was pressure on your mind and this is normally at night. 

What can I do about the spiritual attack?

The defense to spiritual attack is as follows:

  • to build a shield around yourself and your property through meditation
  • pray for the removal of the attachments of your attacker
  • To cord curt with the person that is bringing attack upon you. 
  • Remove dark energies that you perceive are around you at the moment

Conclusion of bed bugs as a spiritual attack

Sometimes the psychic attack could come from people you know or alternatively a group of people. This can cause immense psychic damage and interfere with the balance in your life. Bedbugs could be a representation of how this attack is harnessing you physically. 

I hope up this advice will help you shed yourself of a psychic attack, remember to focus on God's love when facing such an attack.

By Florance Saul
May 5, 2021