Spiritual Meaning Of Dreadlocks

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreadlocks

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A long time ago when I was a teenager I decided one morning that I was no longer going to cut my hair. The year was 1995, dreadlocks were in fashion! I decided that I was going to grow dreadlocks. I read about it in a magazine called “smash hits” and it was clear that all I had to do was “wash my hair” but not comb or brush it.

Easy right! At this point, I was actually looking for an excuse not to cut my hair. That is when I learned about the Rastas and all the history around dreadlocks. In particular, the spiritual significance which I wish to share with you here. If your thinking of getting dreadlocks or know someone who has them it is useful to understand the spiritual and biblical meaning. So read on!

The origin of dreadlocks still remains a mystery but it has such a strong spiritual meaning. Dreadlocks are connected to “twisting locks of hair” and also spiritual spirals of development. When one has dreadlocks they are connected to “letting things go.”

Dreadlocks date back to Minoan civilization (who lived in Crete) there are many drawings and paintings that show ancient people with matted hair. Of course, at some point someone must have invented dreadlocks. This was about 3600 years ago, perhaps someone saw that the matted hair-triggered the feeling of trusting in spiritual guidance.

Spiritually dreadlocks are connected to wisdom

Dreadlocks are essentially connected to wisdom over knowledge. Where is knowledge is associated with a deeper internal challenge? Dreadlocks themselves are a distinctive style, spiritually this is associated with letting your hair grow.

In modern society and culture, there is a hidden need set around making sure that we cut our hair. This is for all sorts of reasons but mainly ascetic desire. If we think about men,they have prominent facial hair and the cutting or shaving beards have grown in modern times.

History of dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are rich in history. The first historical mention of dreadlocks is found in ancient India and this is where “God stored the power of the river in his hair.” As we know dreadlocks generally form when the hair is washed but not combed or brushed. Turning to both the Bronze and Iron Age, it was thought that the ancient Egyptians regularly braided their hair. In addition, Egyptian remains have resulted in the mummified state with matted hair. No one really knows where the word “dreadlocks” originates from. However, some people believe that it came from when the British were fighting tribes maybe the Kenya Mau Mau rebellion. Did they wear dreadlocks? They probably did. Dreadlocks hold an important aspect of faith and Rastafarianism traditions.

Biblical references in regards to dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are referred to in Leviticus 19:27, 21:5 and numbers 6:5. The name “dreadlocks” is a symbol that unholy people fear of the power of the holy. Christians believe that when a man destroys his hair, he also destroys himself and his energy. And, the western world does see dreadlocks as negative energy around the soul of the person. Spiritually, dreadlocks ask have been referred to “high tension wires” which communicate divine energy. In the culture of the Rastafarians “growing dreadlocks” is connected to someone’s faith. It is also thought that carrying the “high tension wires” upon one’s head provides the key to unlock all the reels of life through the knowledge of Rastafari.

Are dreadlocks bad?

I would say that dreadlocks are not bad, contrary to some information that I read online in order to fully research this article. There is an acceptance that dreadlocks are unacceptable due to the lack of movement within the hair and the fact that one cannot remove negative energies in Western culture.

By Florance Saul
Jan 31, 2020