Spiritual Meaning Of A Double Egg Yolk

Double Egg yolk meaning

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

Have you just cracked open an egg and found a double yolk? Cracking open eggs that have double yolks is a great feeling! You are normally left with the question of why? What is the significance? There are many superstitions surrounding double yolks. In ancient folklore it was believed that double egg yolks were connected to the following:

  • Possible birth of twins: In ancient folklore, the double eggs are likely to be connected to the birth of twins in pregnancy or possible new ideas.
  • Good luck: It is thought that double yolks provide great luck and happiness. The odds of cracking open a double yolk is 1/1000.
  • An event will happen two-fold: In some instances, the double yolk is connected to an event that will happen in the future.

How are double egg yolks formed?

They are more common at the start and end of a chickens egg laying life. Double yolk eggs are created in the hen's reproductive system. The ovary of a chicken often contains the eggs and the total number of eggs that a hen will lay in life. But there are massive spiritual reasons why you have cracked open a double egg yolk. I honestly believe that it is extremely lucky to crack open double yolk eggs.

How common are double egg yolks?

According to the British Egg Information Service 1 in 1000 eggs is a double yolk. The probability of finding a double yolk is therefore rather rare. Additionally, double egg yolks can come in clusters and normally from young hens which are around 20 weeks old. If you are finding one double egg yolk then consider yourself lucky!

You may also find another within the same egg box. They are rarely seen because the double yolks are normally removed from the production line egg-laying plants. Additionally, they are removed because double egg yolks don’t always hatch.

It is much more common to find a double yolk in organic bread chickens. My sister once had a chicken that layed (exclusively) double yolk eggs. When she took the chicken to the vet he said there was no scientific reason why that chicken would lay double eggs. And, she was very lucky! I am now going to move onto the symbol of egg yolks.

Are double egg yolks a symbol of good luck?

The answer is yes, because of how rare they are. In traditional English folklore eggs can mean many things spiritually. Notably, the dream can indicate something good will happen to you in life! Did you know as well, there are stores now selling double yolk eggs! And they identify the double yolks through what is known as candling. As the eggs with double yolks are from chickens that have two ovulations, farms are specifically segregating these chickens to farm double yolks.

Superstitions around double egg yolks: Here are some popular superstitions around double egg yolks.

  • If your hen lays an egg with double yolk it is a sign of death in the family.
  • You should never remove eggs in the dark.
  • Double egg yolks should be cooked in cakes so you become even more lucky.
  • If a hen lays a soft egg, don’t keep it throw it over your shoulder so you remove bad luck.

What is the spiritual meaning of the egg symbol?

I’m sure that you’ve noticed that eggs take an important role in Christianity. However, have you ever wondered the spiritual meaning of this symbol? Most cultures associate eggs with new beginnings, birth, revival, and origins. That’s why Easter eggs are popular in Christianity. In Christianity, eggs symbolize a new beginning. However, they also stand for regeneration, transformation, and resurrection. And not just in Christianity who believes eggs are powerful. Eggs represent a significant symbol all around the world.

Apparently, the eggs were extremely important in pagan spiritual rituals before they gained value in Christianity. And the people who performed these rituals found the egg as the symbol of a new start and new life. Eggs were used to celebrate the awakening of nature after the long winter sleep. As you can see, eggs have a strong and positive interpretation, according to ancient cultures. Also, back in time, egg yolks were also considered magical ingredients.

And with the appearance of Christianity, the symbolism of eggs didn’t disappear. On the contrary, the egg symbol gained more power. The symbolism of eggs associated with renewal, the awakening, and a fresh beginning, evolved into a rebirth of people.

The practice of coloring and decorating the eggs in different colors originated from England. According to historical data, one household painted 4,500 eggs for Easter. An amazing number which proves the importance of eggs back in time. They were painted and gifted to people on Easter. Most would paint their eggs red. And red color has an important symbolism in Christianity as well, according to the legends.

For example, one says that people of Jerusalem laughed at Jesus Christ, claiming it is impossible that he could come back from the dead. However, he did. And one year after his resurrection, hens laid red eggs on the same exact day that he came back from the dead. This is one of the stories that explain why people started painting their eggs red.

According to the Slavic Orthodox Easter tradition, eggs have a very powerful meaning. They’re associated with great health, angel protection, and excellent family well-being.

As you can notice, eggs remind Christians of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. Today, eggs aren’t painted in red color only. People started painting eggs in different colors and decorate their egg basket with various decorations symbolizing Christianity.

Eggs also symbolize the origin of everything, the origin of life. However, not because of Christ only but because of the ideal biological system of development that provides nourishment and protection for what’s inside of eggs. The yolk has high-energy and contains important substances.

They feed the embryo until it’s grown enough to break the shell and grab a place in the nest. Also, the constant heat of their mother plays an important part in the growth and development of the embryo. Humans use eggs as food because they contain and provide high-energy, important proteins. As you can see, we don’t only paint eggs for Easter but also use them as a source of nutrition.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2019