Spider Spiritual Meaning

Spider Spiritual Meaning

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I am going to address this because I cannot find much information on the meaning of seeing a spider.

For some strange reason in the 40 years, I have been on this earth spiders have often represented people that are not to be trusted. For example, I wrote a letter to someone once (back in the day) and when I opened the draw to get an envelope a large spider (the size of my hand) appeared on the envelope. This letter was to a relative and some contents of that letter contents were later shared which caused family conflict. I employed someone once for a small business that I was running in my 30s and low and behold after answering an e-mail to this potential worker a small spider scattered across the floor. Yes, they turned out to be untrustworthy! What am I trying to say?

Spiders in my view are not what all the other websites denote such as energy, creativity, animal totems and so on. For me, they represent people that should not be trusted. I believe they are a spiritual sign of deceit and one should be careful when a spider is seen following contact with someone in life. I will not babble on but you get my drift. It is interesting now that I will address some questions about spiders. They do have an association with Saturn and in the occult, the spider is known as taking our energy from an astral sense.

Why would some people be scared of spiders and not others?

This is a question I have pondered on and I believe it comes back to being exposed to the astral plane. The astral plane will include a large array of creatures, and the spider eats away at our aura. Therefore, if you have visited this plane in a past life, you might be automatically frightened of the spider due to your spiritual development. 

An old wives tale into spiders can reveal that if you see one in the morning: it will be a busy day. To see one at noon then luck will be with you and finally to see one in the evening denotes that you will find love. We have a fear of spiders and they are associated with female energy and possibly someone who is patient in awaiting their prey. As I said, this could be someone who will deceive you. The spider in pagan terms is connected to our web of life and our power, as the spider is nocturnal we often associate this with darkness and hidden evil. 

What is the spiritual meaning of a white spider?

The spider represents a symbol of mystery, mystic power, and spiritual growth. You might not pay much attention of these creatures in waking life, but they’re a lot similar to us, the great humans. As the spiders weave their webs, we weave our lives. They’re trying to survive by finding a spot in a corner where they can start building their web. So are we. Everyone’s trying to survive in this world. Everyone fights a battle you know nothing about. That’s why we shouldn’t be judgmental.

The spider symbol in animal totem lore specifically reminds us how our choices construct our lives. Spiders are ancient symbols of infinity as well. According to ancient people, they can teach you how to manipulate your thinking in order to build a better life for yourself, and the people around you. They teach awareness, and survival intuition. Humans often ignore their intuition and inner instincts. The spider's web represents an amazing, flawless construction. It’s supposed to teach us that we’re capable of creating the perfect life for ourselves. But only if we follow our survival instincts and gut.

However, there’s a difference between a white spider and black spider. The white one has a different meaning than the black one. The white spider represents purity, absolute happiness, and rebirth. They say – never kill a white spider if you see one because it’s the omen of luck and happiness. Seeing a white spider in your home denotes the good health of all family members. However, to see a white spider in a dream symbolizes your imagination, positive energy that you need to invest at the right place to get positive results, and your artistic nature, and many talents. The white spider appears to remind you of your potential and to help you realize your strength.

What is the spiritual meaning of a black widow?

Aside from the dangers of the black, this spider also represents feminine energy and creativity. These spiders are known for their killed weaving of intricate webs, and patience when hunting their prey. The black widow as a spiritual entity is focused on qualities of high receptivity and power. Seeing the black widow in a dream or the spider as a totem or power animal can help you get control over your life, and win over destiny as well. The black widow also represents the dark aspects of a person’s life or character. The spiritual meaning has both, dark and light side. And it connects with humans’ lives in many ways. For example, creativity. Both spiders and humans are very creative when it comes to shaping our destiny. Just like the black widow builds its web, we build our lives.

To dream of the black widow represents danger. It also indicates a warning of the same danger.As I said before the danger could be someone you know. Those who react on time, using the right way to stop evil, will manage to avoid that danger. The dream also symbolizes female domination over males. You are either a female who dominates. Or a male who’s intimidated by female’s domination. The black widow is known for killing its mate after intercourse, meaning you might feel trapped or intoxicated by a relationship you like to end.

How is a spider web created?

As you might have heard, or not, spider webs are created out of silk. The silk is produced from the spinnerets at the end of the abdomen of the spider. Most spider species have three pairs of spinners for milk supply. An interesting information about their ability to produce silk is that they can produce up to six different types of it. When building their webs, spiders rely on their strong sense of touch to guide them through the process. They don’t learn how to weave their perfect webs during a lifetime. It's all built inside them. In simpler words, they do it by instinct. Interesting is that different webs are build by a different type of spiders. However, they all keep up with the hunting style. A spider web spiritually means entrapment.

What is the spiritual meaning of a spiders web?

Like we mentioned before, the spider web has a spiritual meaning that’s associated with human lives. The way the spider creates the perfect web represents an example of how we should create our life. In simpler words, spiders show us that everyone’s capable of creating a better life for themselves, only if they decide to follow their instincts or intuition and not their rational mind.

The spider web in a dream symbolizes the way you look at life. You’re feeling trapped, like smaller insects getting trapped in a spider web. Try to imagine the world as a spider web, and if you are feeling unable to keep up with the pressure of the modern lifestyle. Do you feel like the bigger fish will eat you? If so, remember that you’re stronger than you believe and smarter than you think. Use your survival instincts to get out of the web. Find a way to release your mind again. You’re not born to worry. You’re here to enjoy all the pleasures that come along with life. You’re born to live.

What is the spiritual meaning of daddy long legs spider?

This insect is known as the crane fly or a more scientific name is “Tipulidae” but what does it mean? The legs of the crane fly break off easily and we sometimes see them still flying with broken legs. The legs are spared and even eaten by predators. The life of these flies are brief and normally buzz around our lights late at night. They only last a few days and interestingly do not feed at all. So why am I saying all this! Because seeing a daddy long legs spider indicates temporarily sexual pleasures due to the short time-frame that they are here on the earth. Seeing one in the home flying about can indicate that you need to take the bull by the horns and take the opportunities that are represented to you. For some people, the crane fly is often feared. I always think oh my…it might invade my hair.

There is only one way to achieve success when this is seen in the house. And, that is to keep being positive. The daddy long legs is not really a spider, as it flies. It does, however, look like a spider with wings! The word daddy long legs are known as an opaline arachnid or a harvestman and yes the venom is harmful to us but they cannot hurt us because they don’t have fangs. But, if you eat them you will die. The crane fly exists only to mate. In old English folklore seeing a daddy longlegs is connected to someone who is going to hurt you in life. The difference between the crane fly and the spider is that the crane fly has wings.

What do spiders mean in the bible?

According to Proverbs chapter 30 and verse 28 which says; “ The spider takes hold of her hands, and is in kings’ palaces”. In the verse, the poor tiny spider whose is only known for being best at weaving her threads of silk lives in palaces. Put your imagination into gear and imagine that, a new palace has just been constructed with no spider inside. Now a spider stands outside surveying the walls above and start envisioning itself in the wonderful living quarters that it knows exists over the wall.

Imagine yourself being the spider looking at the tall walls that surround the palace, will you be hoping to crawl over them into the palace? I am sure it will seem impossible but unlike you, the spider doesn’t despair at all but this spider is connected to finding ways in which you can focus on life. The spider indicates that you need to find ways of jumping over the walls and landing right into the palace. I know this sounds strange but from occult terms, the spider can represent “jumping” into something.

Well, this represents biblically seeing a spider that you don’t believe in shortcuts, but it is a starting point. Day after day, we see the spider building a web inch by inch without hurry. Patiently watching itself an inch closer to its main goal – to arrive in the palace safely.

After a long time, the spider reaches the top of the wall and then drops into the king’s court below accomplish an otherwise tough task that seemed impossible at the beginning. The spider in the Bible teaches us that, as we prove to be faithful in doing small things in our life, God will definitely trust us with bigger things in life. There is a spiritual message here. Whatever it is that God entrusts you to do in life and places it before you, whatever he has called you to undertake, you should do it willingly and without seeking shortcuts until it is accomplished. Be like the spider. It may be slow but sure and at the end, you will succeed. Maybe you have been feeling you cannot accomplish your goals in life.

The Bible promises that you will get divine strength and aid as you take one day at a time. There are verses in the bible where the spider is associated with negativity. According to Job chapter 8 and verse 14, the trust of the hypocrite is compared to the spider’s house or web. In Isaiah chapter 59 and verse 5, the games of the wicked are compared to a spider weaving its web. Their designs and works are likened to the spider web, useless and vain

What does it mean to see a house spider in your dream?

Seeing a spider in your dream and you are keeping him as a pet denotes that, you are in a position to face many of your fears in your life. You are ready for new adventures and new beginnings in your life. A house spider is associated with how you are feeling uncomfortable in life.

What does it mean to kill a spider in your house?

If you dream that you were killing a spider in your house, it is not to be taken lightly as it is not a good sign at all. The dream is an indication that you can overcome a temptation of a female friend, this is the old superstition folklore.

By Florance Saul
Feb 11, 2018