Solomon’s Seal

Solomon’s Seal

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This is an ancient charm, it dates back to the commencement of our present civilization, and was in use to the Jewish pensation.

The symbol has been used in almost every religion, and was considered all-powerful, efficient, and the perfect sign of the absolute. The triangle with the apex upwards symbolized all that was evil, and the two combined in the device portrays the triumph of good over evil. The seven discs represent the seven then known planets. This charm was worn to protect the wearer from every description of mischief and danger, and as a preserver from all evil. This seal is important in occult work. Another meaning of "solomon's seal" is the flower. The flower is also important to consider. The seal is Arabic, it is from a pentagram shape. sometimes referred to as a star. it is most notably found on a ring. Lets look more at the legend. Arabic writers spent considerable amount of time writing about the seal of Solomon.

Solomons Seal

Seal itself is associated with not only the king but also God. The seals given by God in order to protect against evil spirits. In one story there was a demon named Asmodeus. This demon took possession of the ring. He was supposed to have ruled for 40 days. The ring was then thrown into the sea where a fish swallowed it, then it was caught by fishermen given back to King Solomon. There is no specific date on where the seal of Solomon was first known. It is associated with magical ring and that if worn can invoke good spirits as well as bad.

Even though this meaning is supposed to go to the section is good to mention Solomon’s seal here due to the fact that it is a protector as well as a herbal plant that has many great magical properties. Solomon’s seal as a plant is known as: odoratum, multiform, biflorum and polygonatum - this is a medical herb which was a remedy for minor injuries such as bruising, sore joints or repairs to inflammation. It is also effective for dry coughs and menstrual cramps. This plant has and interesting history. Many herbalists believed that the plant not only your medical conditions but also spiritual as well. It is named after King Solomon. This king devised the seal above to help him in his magical occult work. The seal was associated with protecting himself from evil demons. Many people in ancient times went to see medicine workers in order to get better. This herb was often given in order to cure many conditions.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012