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Snakes are creatures that have been associated with charms, magic, death and even bad luck.

If one happened to be beaten by a snake on a hillside but survived, it was believed that person could never die from an accident but will die from old age. At the same time it was a sign that the person would never be a leader since it was believed the snake was a sign of evil spirits entering one’s life. If one happened to be bitten by a snake while bathing in a river, it was believed that their children will be impotent or infertile unless a ritual was done to cleanse them. If one happened to dream about snakes, it was believed that that person was soon to face situations that could bring down their success.

If one found themselves surrounded by snakes without being bitten, this was an indication that prosperity was coming their way. To see a white snake is a sign of happiness. If a person jumps over a snake it means a negative is coming. Nevertheless, there was the belief that a man was never allowed to run away on seeing a snake. He was expected to stay still, if a man ran away it was believed that he would never reach home safely. There are a range of traditions around the actual snakes skin. The most common is that this can be used to remove a headache, if it was sewn into the lining of someone's hat. If a snake is seen at the doorstep then it represents a possible death in the family.

This is from 1930's dream dictionary on snakes

  • If you have a snake around your body, this can show some type of entrapment and ongoing problems in a relationship. This can signify marital difficulties and divorce. Even though it may be a negative situation and cause problems, the feeling of happiness will return eventually.
  • If you see a snake on top of a dead body, this represents the sexual act of intercourse, but can also show control over your libido.
  • If you see in your dream a dead body and a snake or worm inside the corpse, according to Freud this is directly associated with passion that has not been recognized in the waking life.
  • If the snake is on the floor performing, or on a carpet, this shows the bitterness and emptiness that you are currently feeling will soon pass.
  • Dreaming of a snake in the grass means that you are going to hear news that will upset you, and which involve frustration, regret and depression.
  • If you are swallowed by a snake, then this means you need to consider your reasons of thinking negatively, and you need to return to the real world and be content and happy.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012