Smelling Smoke When There Is None

Smelling Smoke When There Is None

Smelling Smoke When There Is None

Smell is one of the most important areas of our senses, you are probably here because you have smelt random smells and you want to learn what this means from a spiritual perspective. The ability to smell an odor where there is no real reason for this to be there can sometimes be related to your spirit guides - who is sending across a message. 

If you are experiencing bad or good smells, especially tobacco in your house that comes and goes then in spiritual terms this is known as clairalience. Clairalience means "clear smelling" and this is a psychic gift where you smell odors that is not happening in real-time in this plane. So, if you smell smoke you might and there is no physical explainable reason why you can smell this then this could be your spiritual team connecting on a vibrational level. 

Shamans describe our existence that we are in a spiritual hierarchy and it is true in yoga that we exist against other worlds or spiritual realms. There are hierarchies or different spiritual planes. Mahayana Buddhist classification is that there are three types of realms being. 1) the highest, the intermediary realm of subtle spirits and it is here we have different polarities of this reality. 2) In the second tier we can often smell odors of spirits or soul fragments that resemble ghosts. 3) Finally, there is the earth plane at the bottom which is more of our own material reality. It is my belief that we exist in different dimensions and have a slightly different life. Therefore, when we smell odor it could be that we cross over into that particular spiritual plane. 

We often cross over to different planes and not even realize. Clairalience is sometimes linked to clairgustance which means clear tasting, as both smell and taste are interlinked. Smells are also connected to how we process things in life, smell is a highly variable sensation and an individual encounter. Although it may be plausible that we might have a medical problem features of odors such as smoke, eggs, garlic or milk could confront us when there is no reason for the smell to appear.

There is a belief by the shamans that our soul is present in many different dimensions at any given time. The dimension that we are consciously on at the moment is where our attention is focused but this can also stimulate our different senses including random smells. As human beings are physical bodies are unable to change frequencies or vibrational planes. That is why we see people in the physical form in this dimension. 

However, there is a belief that our energy transports through a number of dimensions at any given time. The reason why I'm mentioning different spiritual dimensions of reality is that this could be the reason why you are smelling various smells. There is a lot of confusion over the different types of dimensions, they are generally split into two “dimensional” areas. 

Firstly what we know as a higher dimension is where we store a vast amount of knowledge and internal intelligence. The lower dimensions are more focused on our physical experiences and material possessions. When we meditate for example our mind is transported to a higher density dimension. This is often considered being a dimension that is in the fifth dimension or higher. Therefore, the smell that you experience that has no physical meaning on this dimension might be because you are smelling that person or object in another dimension. 

Smelling cigarette smoke randomly

What does it mean when you randomly smell cigarette smoke? Randomly smelling cigarette smoke and tobacco is common. Heavenly messages can be confusing, especially if you keep smelling tobacco. Often communication is bathed in love and happiness but the smoke smell could be referring to a warning to make sure you put yourself first. It's granted that there is a medical reason to have such smells, especially since Covid-19 which has distorted our tastes and smells, roughly 20 people who have had cover-19 end up with parosmia even months later. 

Traditionally smelling tobacco randomly could be due to olfactory hallucinations but a common cause could be a spirit guide trying to connect to you. This smell will disappear in time but could take anywhere between three months to two years. The sinus passages can be treated with saline nose drops but if you randomly smell smoke for a few seconds, but if you have zero medical problems then I am going to address this by way of your spirits trying to communicate with you. You may find these smells from spirit are direct and last a few minutes. It could be that you are being visited by a deceased loved one and they use to smoke. 

The science behind smelling random smoke

From a scientific perspective, you have some olfactory receptors that make you detect smells that are not there. If for example, you smell someone that is not there if they smoked, then the phantom smell when they are not around could be due to the olfactory hallucinations. The term is known as dysnomia, and this normally happens after illness or allergies. If you have no illness then I will urge you to turn to the spirit as it could be a way of your guides communicating. 

Some of the reasons for the random smell of tobacco smoke could be connected to a spiritual reason. A user contacted me a few days ago to ask what it means for a house to smell rotten eggs. In spiritual terms we all have psychic senses, despite not being an active clairvoyant we can often smell spiritual messages. The spiritual meaning of smelling smoke for instance may be a sign, and there is normally remarkable importance to someone who used to be in this world who smoked. Familiar smells, such as the smell of your old Father who smoked can also be meaningful.

To smell a cigar could be connected with spirit, especially if you knew someone who has passed that use to smoke. If you smoke yourself then it could be that you are smelling a previous cigarette and that the meaning has no spiritual significance. Smells are often communicated through our spirit guides and angels and if you keep smelling smoke then it could indicate the term “there is no smoke without fire!”

Does smoke mean a ghost is in my house?

If we imagine that the air is made of a liquid, spiritual beings are often connected to warmth. Many folklore and movies associate ghosts with smoke. Spiritual beings are enchanted in the air, therefore if air itself is transferred into a liquid state then the warmth will intensify into a gas and this would then become quite smoky. 

What I am trying to convey is that spiritual beings may be in your presence if you smell cigarette smoke. Everything is fire and turns into smoke. Spiritual beings are enchanted and are often made of smoke this is what we see in our current physical plane. To smell cigarette smoke or to even see smoke in the house can represent the coexistence of a spiritual being. 

During our earthly life, we can cross over to different dimensions. After having passed through life in the spiritual world we generally return to the gate of birth in a former incarnation, this is when our physical existence exists on the lower plane, the smoke itself at this point is when the fire is released. If we think about when we burn incense we are burning smoke in order to connect to our spiritual guides, again smoke is used in many different religions as a way to communicate with gods. 

Summary of smelling cigarette smoke spiritually

We've all heard the terrible things about cigarettes, cancer, and also the tobacco industry. However, people still smoke and these include people who are spiritual. Often smoke was connected to shamans, it involved prayer and also some type of purification. The smoke itself has been known to be a spiritual tool for many centuries and native Indians used tobacco to connect to different worldly dimensions. The tobacco plant was scared and is used today for smudging or protection spaces and auras. 

Smells in daily life can trigger random smells later on in the day, but this is rare. The smell is one of the most important senses and to smell strong tobacco could indicate that you are connecting with spirit. Our senses remain open all the time but a phantom smell will puzzle us for a long time. As I have already outlined it could be spirit connecting with you or a medical problem.

When you connect to a high dimension through meditation you may smell a fragrance, sometimes this could be smoke. It is powerful and is evocative of someone being associated with how we communicate via sent messages. It could be that your spirit guides are sending you the smell to remember a loved one, maybe your angel is around you for healing purposes and they want you to know that they are there. 

I’m going to finish by also recognizing some other smells that can happen randomly and what these mean:

Rotten egg smell in house

Spiritually the rotten egg smell is a signal that you need to focus on yourself, and it is likely there is someone toxic in your life. The smell of eggs sometimes happens due to an electrical problem in the home, or a plumbing problem. If you have explored all these areas of the house and are still smelling rotten eggs then I am excited to share with you the spiritual meaning.

Randomly smelling boyfriend or husband meaning

Perhaps you can smell your boyfriend's aftershave when he is not around. Do you randomly smell your boyfriend or girlfriend when they are not around? What does this mean spiritually? The nose can provide us with complete pleasure being close to someone. Touch, taste, and smell can elicit powerful emotions and evoke memories. When we meet our twin flame or soulmate we can often smell them when they are not around. Some doors may cause nausea but if we are smelling our partner then it is normally a positive omen - I hope to report. The sense of smell will vary from person to person. You will learn that a particular smell will predict the likelihood of an experience, and if you keep smelling him it means he is around you energetically. Maybe he is thinking of you, wants to be with you, and yearning for you. 

Randomly smelling girlfriend or wife meaning

If you are randomly smelling your girlfriend's perfume even when she is not around can indicate your vibrational pull. We all yield a distinctive smell and randomly smelling your girlfriend spiritually can mean you are connected to her on a high plane. Often I speak about the concept of intuition, we all have that feeling of visceral tug of emotion when we think about our lover. Throughout our relationship experience we might have a fundamental spiritual connection with our partner and smelling your partner when they are not around can suggest that the relationship is the right thing, right now for you. Your girlfriend is currently probably thinking about you

Randomly smelling blood meaning

To randomly smell blood could be due to a medical issue. It could be that your nose is sensitive to clots of blood, therefore, when you inhale it can indicate that you have rubbed or picked your nose to some degree. I urge you to go to the doctor, especially if you have epistaxis (nosebleeds) as it could signal an infection. Ruling out any medical conditions, and that you are not stressed out smelling blood randomly for a few seconds could be connected to the spirit world could be a warning about your health so I urge you again to seek medical assistance.

Randomly smelling toast

To randomly smell toast spiritually, can indicate a new fresh start. Bread in the bible Bread itself is a gift from God, the bread is a powerful spiritual symbolism that is sacred. The incredible aroma of burnt toast is often like grace itself. 

By Florance Saul
May 20, 2021