The Seven Greek Vowels

Seven greek vowels

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People use to wear a necklace (tailsman) in olden times which had the 7 vowels of the Greek alphabet.

What are the seven vowels of the Greek alphabet?

This talisman was a great favorite in olden times, and was composed of the Seven Vowels of the Greek alphabet. The desired favours were supposed to be granted upon the correct utterance of the forty-nine different sounds of the Seven Vowels, each vowel having seven distinct methods of expression.

Among the many benefits supposed to be conferred were Good health, happiness, wisdom, fortune, foresight, success in all undertakings, complete protection from moral, as well as physical ills, and control over the powers of darkness. The ancients thought that there was an affinity between the seven vowels and the seven planets which they believed kept this earth in existence.

During the Hellenistic period one of the most famous doctrines is that of the seven vowels. The number seven has a number of meanings, we can also found this number in the planetary archetypes. Now, each of the Greek vowels go with a corresponding planet.

The Greek alphabet is 24 letters and has the following vowels: a,e,n,i,o,w and u which is different from our English based vowels. The vowels are pronounced similar as Spanish vowels. The seven vowels are associated with seven heavens and when worn is associated with harmony in the Universe. Each vowel is expressed differently, it is suppose to bring power and success to business and give complete control over negativity.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012