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The name Serpico originates from the republic of Thai.

The image of Serpico in most instances was seen at the mud flaps of truck drivers in Thailand. Though some thought the face looked like a Bee Gee it was the actual representation of Serpico who was become popular in Thai republic in the 1970s due to the role he played in the movie the cult and played the role of Al Pacino. The question that emanated from many truck drivers and other citizens is, why would majority of truck drivers use his image on their lorries? The roles that Serpico played in that movie led to the belief that he had supernatural powers, and to a greater extent belonged to the cult that is today known as” Iluminata”.

The other question that a person would ask is, "Why did the truck drivers choose to put the portrait on the mad flaps and not other places like the body or even the dashboard?" The initial intention and purpose was that by doing so is was meant to stop the police from pulling over the truck. They believed that Serpico's image would help in acting as a anti-graft strategy and campaign against police corruption and manhandling of the truck drivers.

On the other hand, it is said that the truck drivers used the image as a way to protect themselves from harm and theft. This was because in some parts of that country there were places which were commonly known for accidents and brutal robberies. As a result they believed that the Serpico’s image would offer them protection and assurance to safety. The use of Serpico images on the mud flaps of lorries was so common in Thailand to the point that it would be visible on other modes of transport: Boats, cars, and other transit vessels. His picture is still believed to be a significant sign offering protection.Thus, due to the high use of his image it became rather common among truck drivers to say Serpico was, “to serve and protect.”

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012