The Serpent

serpent traditions

Unlock the hidden secrets of the serpent

In primeval days the Serpent deeply appealed to man’s imagination, and owing to its length of life was used as the emblem of wisdom and eternity.

It was a household god in ancient Rome, and sacred to their god of medicine. The Romans believed that the Serpent renewed its youth by casting its skin, and it became their symbol for long life and vitality. In India the Serpent symbolizes the infinite duration of time and wisdom. Serpent rings were worn to ensure health, strength, and long life.The rings were also believed to possess great protective and enduring virtues. The Serpent was a mark of royalty in Egypt, and work as a headdress or UREAUS.If a serpent comes to one's door then there is death that is on it’s way.

Serpent skin has magical qualities and is used in many spells. A serpent is another name for a snake, this is a reptile and has many mythological meanings. The most popular is that the serpent (snake) was tempting Adam and Eve. This is the first account of the strong association with this snake. A sea serpent is a sea monster, not thought to actually exist. A serpent historically has always been a rather interesting symbolic animal. In particular serpents have been associated with good luck but also with magic. The serpent has been connected to the healing of people, especially if we go back to Egyptian and Palestine traditions.

Many witch doctors used the skin, specifically wrapping this around magical sticks. Additionally, if we look at the Spanish traditions children often wished to touch a serpent’s skin that was hung on the wands of witch doctor. Taken from Exodus. This was when god to moses in the bible put the serpent on a pole in order to heal people.

A serpent is often found on charms and necklaces. When a member of the Punjab tribes dies the bury the snake then put coins on top of the mouth to protect finances and also avoid any evil to the community. A serpent's system is amazing. The serpent smells by using its tongue and can only hear through it’s skin. The eye does not have a lid, which is protected by a transparent scale and this acts as a zoom. It sheds the skin and breaks it’s tail. With all this mystery it is not hard to understand why the serpent is a fantastic creature that has inspired magicians and create mystic and awe around it. There have been stories of erection and that snakes are worshiped by some communities. The serpent is mentioned in the bible many times. It is added to many emblems. The snake is quintessentially mentioned in many rare texts, from cave men times. In terms of superstitions there is many arcane or negative meanings. The snake has some universal power and acts as a powerful symbolism.

Let’s for now look at the superstitions that surround the serpent. It might be hard to understand some of these viewpoints or customs in our modern world. The superstitions are as a result of understanding change, but these suppositions cannot be truly removed from society. There are two specific serpent drawings that have been expressions of the serpent, like they did so 20,000 years ago. The "Urboros" which is an image of a snake in a circle biting it’s tail. This image is suppose to depict eternity. The second image is known as the "Serpentine line." S have taken from the concept of eternity. Anyway, let's move onto some specific, ancient superstitions:

  • Do not kill a snake that has already killed a cow.
  • Do not pick up snake skin during the month of April as this will cause many problems.
  • To see a snake cross a street means good luck will be upon you.
  • After killing a snake place four coins around the body for good luck.
  • If one kills the snake first they will have victory.
  • For a snake to be found in the home means that one will gain bad luck.
  • Serpents heal illnesses, especially leg injuries.
  • Seeing a snake in a dream means bad luck.
  • If a women is present and they see a snake then the women should take some snake skin and place this under the pillow when giving birth for good luck.
  • A rattlesnake sound is the sound of death.
  • Ensure that you wear an emerald stone to prevent being bitten by a snake.
  • A serpent can spit venom, sting with their tail or tongue so be careful if you see one!
  • Many people feel fear when they see a snake, this goes back to ancient times when they were associated with death.
  • Before killing its prey serpents using hypnotise their prey.
  • Black snakes are especially bad luck - especially when one sees them in a forest.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012