Scorpion Tattoo Meaning

Scorpio tattoo meaning

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I must say, I did consider a scorpion tattoo purely because my zodiac sign is Scorpio.

In my research, I found that the scorpion tattoo is mostly worn by men but some women have them too. I've seen quite a few Scorpio tats gone wrong, so I must warn you, please make sure you go to someone you know can do the business! Tattoos that are poorly planned or are not spaced correctly can provide to be a real challenge but spiritually the tattoos are a sign of a person, we are marking our bodies for a message until we pass this world. 

People have been getting tattooed for years with all sorts of moral ideologies, here I am going to focus on my sweetest Scorpio (which personally I like the look of)  to release the judgment of having such a tattoo.

What does a Scorpio tattoo mean?

Typically, if you wear a Scorpio tattoo you are confident, charismatic, and able to fight your corner. Just like any other animal tats, a scorpion is a representation of the attributes and traits of the scorpion. The spiritual message of the Scorpio tattoo is that they are clever, deadly and just no-one should mess with them. Additionally, we need to look at the zodiac sign of Scorpio which is a water sign to understand the further meaning. In regards to tattoo meaning here is a list of all the attributes connected to have this little beast on your body:

  • I am fierce sexuality and passionate person.
  • I do not fear intimidation.
  • I hold great strength and toughness.
  • Perseverance is my focus.
  • Endurance is mine.
  • I am protected from adversity.
  • I am loyal and can beat everything.

The scorpion meaning and symbolism 

Now, consider the scorpion’s upturned poisonous stinger. Yes, this little beast is always ready for an attack, is symbolic of fear, conflict, and danger. I love my statistics, and surprisingly, there are an estimated 1.2 million Scorpio stings which in total have lead to about 3250 deaths. That is pretty high considering for everyone who is killed by a snake, 10 people are killed by the scorpion. Unlike other arachnid species such as spiders, they are more likely to inflict pain that feels like a bee sting. The most venomous of all Scorpios live in Arizona, known as the bark Scorpio. These deadly creatures tend to be active when night falls. Scorpios hold deep deadly meaning when it comes to symbols. They are considered a “power” arachnid and are connected to dark desires.

Tribal designs of Scorpios have also become somewhat popular. The water zodiac sign of scorpion is quite powerful and those who were born under the sign are mysterious, secretive, resistant, domineering, assertive, intuitive, magnetic, charismatic, and strong-willed.  Most of the famous monuments and buildings have a symbol of a scorpion which you will find etched on their ceilings. 

For example, the Ambras Castle is known to have a symbol of a scorpion on the ceiling of the dining room. Also, the Metropolitan Museum Venetian of 16th-century artwork is known to be covered with an artwork that has two scorpions in the opposing direction 

They are symbolic of the dual representation of destruction and death. In the pottery of Renaissance Center which is near Florence, artwork that has a shield shows a woman who has a scorpion showing the figure of the philosophy, which is allegorically dressed like Artemis.

Orion was the hunter, who pursued the scorpion relentlessly but was completely unable to kill it. Because of that, the Artemis placed the scorpion into a constellation so that the Orion could pursue it for eternity.

In some parts across the world, jewelry is made from the scorpion and it is a representation of unfaltering morals and intellectual prowess. It means that the symbol of the scorpion has meanings that ambiguous and keeps changing as per the region where it is found. Tattoo art is coming along and the 3D Scorpio tattoo (the realistic ones) are becoming increasingly popular.

Scorpion tattoo meanings 

Scorpions have a bite that is one that is most feared throughout history. There are some cultures whereby the scorpion tattoo is often artfully and stylishly portrayed as an Aso-the-dog dragon. It is a spirit that is quite protective. That means that a scorpion tattoo that is styled as a dog-dragon shows the psychology dual in that; the person prefers to feel that they are protected from the potential fate that might be disastrous. In ancient cultures the scorpion is known to be associated with powerful sexuality and arousal and thus, having a scorpion tattoo is a sex symbol. 

When it comes to films, villains are normally depicted having scorpion tattoo to represent misogynist rejecting feminism and women equality.  Tough tattoos and bad boys tend to go hand in hand and this includes the motifs of the scorpion which you will find inked on their backs and arms. Having a large menacing tattoo of the scorpion that is inked on the side of the neck or the chest can be a representation of gangs. 

A scorpion is also symbolic of evil, unpleasantness, and poison, but at the same time, it can be on the converse, a powerful reminder of the power of the animal, resilience, strength, patience, and courage. You will need to ensure that you get it right by discussing your vision with a tattoo artist who is experienced before you select the design of the scorpion tattoo. 

When it comes to the astrological zodiac, the scorpion is known to be the only archetype that can easily kill, and thus, the Scorpio relates to rebirth and death, the mysterious life realms, and the occult.  It could also denote that you are on a path spiritually and thus, seeking divine and there are chances that you will be misled on the path by someone or something which have an appearance that is spiritual when the truth of the matters is that, it doesn’t have any spiritual integrity.

Other meanings of a scorpion tattoo include:

  • When the scorpions are mating, the male normally does a sexy dance that is seductive to impress the female. That means that the scorpion tattoo might be a representation of male arousal and sexuality.
  • The tribal tattoo for scorpions are  normally used in protecting against the evil spirits
  • A scorpion tattoo found on a woman might be symbolic ability and strength of taking anyone regardless of their status, size, or position. It is because even though the scorpion happens to be small, it is not afraid of fighting and defending itself. 
  • A rose along with a scorpion tattoo is a representation of two living things that cannot be judged by their covers. The scorpion happens to be very small, yet it is intimidating and the rose is beautiful but it has thorns that might hurt someone. Both the rose and the scorpion tattoo are to be admired from a distance. When you decide on a rose and scorpion tattoo it denotes that you are a person who cannot be judged and people need to be wary when they try getting close to you, either spiritually or physically. A scorpion with a rose tail could denote that you are a double-edged sword. You can sting but you are at the same time pleasant. 
  • In the gay community, a scorpion tattoo symbolizes that the person as being HIV positive.
  • A scorpion tattoo in Russia could denote several things which will depend on the way the scorpion is inked. If the claws of the scorpion happen to be open, the tattoo of the scorpion is a representation of a special force member who has witnessed combat. A scorpion might also mean that the wearer has been in prison for some time. The scorpion could also be symbolic of drug addiction. If the scorpion happens to be upright, it means that the person wearing it is still on drugs. The stingers being down denoted the wearer has quit smoking. 
  • Most people normally choose the scorpion tattoo because it happens to be their zodiac sign and several things are associated with Scorpio.
  • If a Mexican or Cuban gang member wears a Scorpio tattoo, it is an indication that the person wearing it is an enforcer or contract killer. It is thought that the number of squares that are on the scorpion’s tail is an indication of the number of people that the person has killed. 

The traits of a Scorpio

The positive traits include:

  • Dignified and loyal
  • Devoted
  • Sensitive
  • Sensual
  • Ambitious
  • Brave
  • Focused 

Negative traits of the Scorpio include:

  • Resentful
  • Jealous
  • Manipulative
  • Secretive

Colour of the Scorpio tattoo

The color and how the scorpion tattoo is depicted as well as the use of the colors is as important as choosing the symbol. This can alter the meaning of the tattoo. For example:

  • A Blue Scorpion tattoo meaning: A blue scorpion can signify drastic and radical measures because you can overcome everything.
  • A black scorpion tattoo meaning: A black colored scorpion is a dark omen. It means you will plan to move forward in your life.
  • Multicolored scorpion tattoo meaning: A tie-dye ot what is known as a psychedelic scorpion can suggest your mind needs to be open going forward. 
  • The tail of the tattoo meaning: The tail and way the Scorpio is drawn place different meanings. If the tail is upright this can suggest protection, strength, and also personal freedom.
  • Gold /yellow scorpion tattoo meaning: The gold or yellow scorpion is a positive omen, it suggests great earnings from risky or dangerous investments. If you enjoy gambling like poker or lottery then this color would be good for you.
  • Green scorpion tattoo meaning: A green scorpion is an omen and sign of a money money money coming into your life, so if your broke then this symbol can attract wealth. 
  • Pink scorpion tattoo meaning: Pink scorpion is what relates to some form of love that is forbidden. If you had an affair then choosing a pink tone would be in memory of your true love.
  • Red scorpion tattoo meaning: It relates to excitement and a lot of passion. But your strong opinions and passion might lead to dangerous actions or paths.
  • Grey scorpion tattoo meaning: Grey scorpion relates being able to overcome mistrust and betrayal
  • White scorpion tattoo meaning: Having a white scorpion tattoo means you are going through a period of reflection. You need to think about the aggressive action which you will have taken in the past.

Many people have contacted me to find out what certain tattoos mean (this is after they have been inked, so I have created the list below just to give you an idea of the spiritual meaning of the tattoo. If you have any tattoos you would like me to analyze then please contact me.

  • A running scorpion tattoo: To have a running scorpion on your body is a sign that you can remove destruction. It can mean that you are curious about motivations and the next actions of destructive individuals.
  • A scorpion chasing as well as trying to bite something: Having an image of the scorpion trying to bite is a forewarning that someone who is from your past might be coming back. It could be related to friends, an amazing ex-lover, often people have this image when they want something to come back in their life.
  • A scorpion with a flower: A scorpion tattoo picture with a flower is a sign that you will be able to control and sweet-talk someone. If you choose a rose this meaning is further down the page.
  • A tribal scorpion tattoo: This is positive and means you are going to fight with others with harsh and hurtful sarcasm in a power struggle.
  • Scorpion tattoo on your face: Inking your face with a scorpion is a suggestion that you hold no fear or anxiety. 

Scorpion tattoo symbolism and mythology

Most of the ancient cultures do believe in scorpion to be very symbolic. 

In the culture of the Mayans, scorpions relate to surgery because scorpions tend to number their victims before getting a kill.For Buddhism, the scorpion can be seen in most of their ancient amulets and weapons. As per most religions, the scorpion tends to be symbolic of evil and associated with bad omen.

Scorpions have been known to play a very important role in Egyptian mythology and history. It is Egypt where you will find the most dangerous of the scorpion species in the world. The goddess of Egyptian, Isis, used the big scorpions in protecting herself while searching for the body of her lover and thus, the scorpions can be symbolic of protection. Some people pray to goddess Serket, the Egyptian scorpion goddess so that she could ease pain during childbirth, thus the scorpion ended up being associated with maternal sacrifice. There are two great Egyptian kings which were named King Scorpion who were known to be very poisonous or dangerous.

In the mythology of the Greeks, the scorpions were symbolic of a fighter who had a fast speed, delivering deadly results. It is one of the most popular meanings of the scorpion tattoo. If you are a boxer, fighter, or in that category, then having a scorpion tattoo might be a representation of being fast. It can also be a representation of a fight for your life, like surviving cancer or an accident.  The association came from the Orion myth of being attacked by scorpions. The Orion was known to be a giant who happened to anger Artemis, so she called the scorpions to come and kill him. When she later found out that her anger was misguided, it was too late. In honor of Orion, she placed him to be among the stars. That is why there is the Orion constellation.  

As I have already mentioned the scorpion is known to be associated with the zodiac sign, Scorpio. It is the eighth sign in the western zodiac. If you are born between 23 October and 21 November, then you are a Scorpio. The Scorpio is the representation of resistance and struggles. It is also known to be a representation of victory that happens in life. 

Scorpion tattoo ideas 

  • When thinking about distinct designs, the scorpion is one of them. It is deadly and fierce-looking.
  • The stinger is known to be is normally the point of focus. Most people like concentrating on the stinger by adding a flame, a bomb, or a rose to it. 
  • You can easily ink a scorpion in black and then have its eyes red as contrast. Ive seen this on quite a few people and it looks so cool. 
  • There are other symbols that you can incorporate like dice if you happen to be a gambler or a car if you are a car enthusiast or a racer.
  • Get the word scorpion to be tattooed using the Chinese characters
  • You can let the artist draw the constellation in the scorpion shape. It is best if it is done in black or dark blue
  • Skeletal scorpions are quite popular to represent the scorpions with skulls
  • You can decide to include a banner that has writings on it.
  • Some people like including in the scorpion design some Roman numerals. The tattoo for scorpions are known to be small but they come in various sizes and shapes. They can be done in a variety of colors like brown, black, red, blue, and tan. But the best tattoo for scorpions are  known to be best when done with shading and detail in their design

You have to ensure that you take enough time viewing various designs before you decide which one is likely going to work well for you. Also, you can research the tattoo design and what it will represent to you. You are free to make your meaning out of the tattoo, but ensure that the meaning is conveyed in the art. 

Locations where to place the scorpion tattoo on the body

Designs for tattoos for scorpions are normally quite small but some designs tend to look better when enlarged. It will depend on the location of your body where you place them. Because of the curved tail of the creature, the scorpion’s image can be quite alluring if it is placed on a part that is curvy on your body. 

The most popular placement of the scorpion tattoos on the body includes:

  • Ankle: having the Scorpio tattoo on the ankle indicates you will kick fear.
  • Hand: The hand dictates that you will trust no-one
  • Back: A Scorpio tattoo on the back symbolizes others are not going to defeat you.
  • Neck: Watch what you say to the person with the Scorpio on the neck!
  • Chest: Scorpio tattoo on the chest means that you will overcome adversity.
  • Side: To have a scorpion tattoo on your side indicates you will always see the danger.
  • Shoulder blade: same meaning as shoulder
  • Shoulder: A snake tattoo on the shoulder can indicate you have had a fresh new start.

Facts you need to know about the scorpion

  • The scorpion is normally identified by its stinger and front claws. If you are looking out for an intimidating design, the scorpion might be the design/
  • There are various species of scorpions found around the world.
  • Part of the arachnid family and are closely related to the spiders, they are believed to be more than 400 million years old.
  • The scorpion happens to be a bad reputation and it has been like that for several years. In most instances, it is doesn’t harm humans and the stings are just like a bee sting. Some scorpions can kill people with a single sting, but not many of such exist. 

Scorpion power animal meaning and symbolism

The scorpion is known to be a spirit guide who comes in the form of an animal to help you through your life with the many transformation and challenges.  The scorpion is known to be an oracle that is intuitive which you can readily turn to for counsel and guidance on whatever matter you might be having. 

The scorpion as a powerful animal could easily appear to you in the earthly form or through your dreams, meditation, and visions. The scorpion medicine is in helping you to be always prepared for whatever circumstances that come your way.

It is one that is ever ready for challenges and the opportunities which come your way will be grabbed easily when the scorpion happens to be your power animal. Because it is used to very harsh conditions and withstands the test of time through being around for several years and thus, a good power animal to have.

When you have this lovely creature as your power animal, it becomes a blessing as there is a guide spiritually which has the wisdom of many years. You need to listen very closely to what the scorpion is telling you.  The venom of the scorpion can be able to heal and it has been utilized as medicine and antidote. That means that you can also use the power of this animal for healing to heal yourself as well as those who are around you. The message of the scorpion to you is that; it might be ancient but it is a fundamental part of you. It is your consciousness’ arachnidian.

Scorpion totem animal meaning

The scorpion as a totem is known to bring transformation and change. The medicine of the scorpion reminds you that at times, a change that happens in your life can sting and it can be painful and complex. 

But you need to trust the scorpion that at the end of the day, everything will be well and go on smoothly. Just like the scorpion is a strategist, you are good at ensuring that you understand human behavior. It helps you in understanding your opponents and you know how to plan and you can readily transform yourself with the scorpion being your guide.

The medicine of the scorpion is one that can help you in accepting change with calm and ease. The scorpion is known to represent a cycle of dark and light, death and life, and ending and rebirth. It is all about the way life is with its various ups and downs. The scorpion as a totem animal is strong and can assure you that the rebirth will come from death and that death does not mean the end.

It is a totem that will help you by ensuring you get messages from spiritual guides. Just like with other totem animals, the relationship which you have with the scorpion should be mutually protective and respectful.

There is a scorpion clan in Africa with a scorpion as their totem, claiming that the creature can easily run over their bodies without them being stung. That should be what needs to apply to you. In case you happen to have the scorpion as your totem animal, you don’t have to harm or kill it whenever it shows up, because it is unnecessary as it is harmless. 

If the scorpion is your spirit animal and it shows up, then you are a vigilant protector who has spiritual depth and guiding powers. Just like your spirit animal, you can withstand extreme cold and heat. 

Understand this: you can survive anything and are very resilient. You are known to be patient and willing to observe whatever is happening in your surrounding as you wait for an opportunity that is ripe to strike. Spiritually and symbolically, the scorpion is an evil symbol as well as of death.

But when it comes to you as your spirit guide, you need to realize that you are blessed. A scorpion will readily do anything while helping you, especially when you feel unprotected and vulnerable.  You need to call the scorpion whenever you need to be protected. If someone whom you love happens to be under threat, the scorpion can give you the courage and strength that you require in defending them as well as yourself. The scorpion as a spirit animal normally shows up whenever you are going through some form of transformation.

If you have a feeling of bitterness or angry about something, you need to call your spirit guide to be helped in keeping your anger and passion in check and enable you to go through a smooth transition. It is time for you to release whatever toxic habits that you might be having within yourself. The scorpion as a spirit will be able to help you going through a transition that is smooth after a loved one passes on.

Scorpion mythology and folklore

One of the scorpion mythologies that tend to be quite popular is the tale of Orion the hunter. Even today, if you look up to the sky you will see the constellation of Scorpio rising when Orion sets, seeming to be pursuing him to the skies. 

In India, in case a scorpion happens to bite you, all you have to do is call on Shiva, Lord Mahadeva to take out the poison and sting. In some of the tales by old-wives, having to bury a crab for three days in the dung of a horse, turns him to become a scorpion.

There are some countries where there is a belief that in case someone smells often of the basil herb, a scorpion might just form in their brain.  The following are some of the myth and the truth about scorpions:

  • Myth: All scorpions have the capability of killing people 
  • Fact: There are only around 25 species of scorpions that have venom that can kill humans
  • Myth: A young scorpion tends to sting more harmful than the sting of an adult scorpion
  • Fact: The adult scorpion tends to kill its prey faster than the young one.
  • Myth: Scorpions are in the class of insects
  • Fact: Scorpions are arachnids

Scorpions’ encounters and omens

There are some interesting omens about scorpions, for example,  if a scorpion is seen at the head of someone who is sick, the sickness leaves instantly. There is a link between Satan, the scorpion, and the snake according to the Bible. It leaves the scorpion spiritual meaning of the devil that transforms itself into a scorpion. 

The serpent is known also to be symbolic of Satan.  The devil, because the scorpion can readily sting people of God in case they fail to recognize God, came to Adam and EVE in the form of a snake to bite. 

In the countries with Christian Orthodox, people are known to take communion over the red scorpion. The red scorpion might have a meaning of spiritual awakening.  In a country like India, they tend to believe that the scorpion is dear to the elephant God – Lord Ganesh. So when they see a scorpion, if you decide to take in God’s name, you will be able to arrest the movement of the creature. In reality, making any noise will arrest a scorpion.

Dreams About Scorpios

A scorpion is known to be the mortal energy of humans. It is symbolic of demonic and anything that is health and life-threatening. To see a scorpion appearing in your dreams denotes that you are having secret enemies and there is a need for you to ensure that you have confronted them.

When a scorpion bites you, it denotes that an enemy is about to give you real trouble. In the tradition of Kabbalistic, the dream regarding a scorpion is a representation of potentially evil and unpleasant influences, and thus, such a dream has to be regarded as a warning. 

Dreams about scorpions denote that there is a stalling in your progress spiritually. Dreams about the scorpion are significant of revenge feelings and that you need to be aware of it so that you avoid the sting.  Scorpions are also a representation of sarcasm, aggression, bitterness in dreams. It is not uncommon to dream of scorpions if you decide to have a tattoo. Here are some dreams that users have e-mailed me after having a Scorpio tattoo.

Flying scorpion: The flying scorpion that has wings or is jumping is a suggestion that you have to remove the old problems in your life. You need to create room for something new. It is symbolic of rebirth and death. You need to put down your prejudices to enable you to attack them differently. You don’t have to hide your nature of narcissistic.

Killing scorpion: Killing scorpions is common after having a scoprio tattoo, it can indicate that you will be going through a healing process. You are removing some negative influences that are in your life. You don’t want to continue being under the influence of some sort of control freak. There is a need for you to overcome the challenges which are facing your life.

Eating scorpion: Often, we see ourselves eating scorpions after having a tattoo on our chest. This is purely symbolic. To eat scorpions in your dream is a sign that you are going to get yourself into trouble because of having a loose mouth. You will express or say a prejudiced or racist opinion and most people will end up holding you accountable for your words. 

Trapping a scorpion: Seeing yourself using a trap to catch a scorpion is suggestive of noticing the toxicity and negativity of those surrounding you. Because you tend to recognize their existence and their tricks, you will be able to get immune to their damn poisonous thoughts.

Scorpions in your bed: A very common dream after having more than one scorpion tattoo. Scorpions in your bed are forewarning you to ensure you are careful of your loved ones as well as your spouse. They might be holding dark secrets behind your back. They could betray you when you least expect it or when you need them most. 

Scorpions on your body or hand: Of course, it is easy to see a scorpion on your body or hand after being inked as it is in essence already there. Carrying a scorpion on your hand or having a scorpion on your body is suggestive of holding on to something dangerous. You need to ensure you are careful regarding the way you deal with difficult people. It can symbolically mean others might take you for granted and continue talking badly concerning you behind your back.

A scorpion in the house: Not uncommon to dream of a scorpion in your apartment or house after being inked, this relates to a stressful environment. Your household might be having moody problems. Some situations are interpersonal which might be hard to handle.

Scorpion which is under your skin: Again this relates to your tattoo if you dream of the scorpion under your skin. A scorpion seen under your skin is indicative of other people having to place seeds of hatred and doubt within you. There is a need to watch out if you feel any aggression towards a particular group of individuals in real life. 

Large giant scorpions: This is common following a tattoo that is large, it is a sign of the tattoo symbol moving into your conscious mind. Large giant scorpions are a sign that there is a dangerous wave or tide which is coming your way. You should be aware of death, danger, and malice which might be too much for you to handle. 

A small scorpion tattoo: seeing small scorpions after having a small tattoo is a representation of small energies that are negative. You will be in a position to suppress a small amount of anger, hate, and greed.

Dead scorpion: Seeing a dead scorpion is a sign that is quite positive. You will be able to defeat your perceived and real enemies and carry the troubles easily.

Pet scorpion: To see a pet scorpion after having a tattoo in the dream world is an indicator of the art of persuasion and deceit. You are soon going to convince someone in doing something which will be to your advantage. But what might be good for you is not necessarily going to be good for someone else. 

A bag of scorpions: A dream with a bag of scorpions is indicative of you having to round up negativity. You are soon going to rally some individuals to do your bidding. You will be able to show people particular knowledge or information to allow them to react. 

Scorpions that doesn’t have a stinger: Seeing a scorpion that does not have a stinger in a dream after being inked is a sign of empty threats that are said by people in your real life. Others are likely to say things that are hurtful to discourage and threaten you. You have to look past the threats and move on with your life. 

Scorpion African meaning and symbolism 

In the Iconography of the western, the scorpion is known to be the symbol of logic and Africa. For tattoos in Africa the Scorpio is symbolic of a conclusive argument. But when it comes to the African traditions, the scorpion’s sting is compared to the chiefly powers. The scorpion is also a symbol of the goddess Selket, an Egyptian goddess, who is the protector of the dead. There is also the leader of the south, King Scorpion whose name is normally written in a symbol of a small scorpion.

In artificial irrigation’s early representation, a scorpion that carries a hoe is what leads the opening of the ceremony of Dykes to allow the Nile water to go in. Known by astrologers as Scorpio, Scorpius is the constellation of the southern which is known in the zodiac. 

According to the Egyptians, the scorpion having a flashing heart in reading was regarded as the greatest symbol of death and life, and as there can be no life without having died, it was the scorpion that was able to show the way into the underworld.

In the mythology of Egyptian, the sun was Osiris or Horus. The scorpion was dispatched into killing the sun, which symbolized the sun’s journey through the constellation of the scorpion. It meant that the scorpion also became the symbol of death and darkness. 

In the tribes in African, a scorpion happens to be neither a symbol of beauty nor of pleasure. Instead, the black scorpion is symbolic which is linked to the racial prejudice that the Africans face and the exploitation. In the folklore of Africa, the scorpion is taken to be symbolic of death and evil because of the poison that it carries. 

The scorpion Celtic meaning and symbolism 

According to the Celts, the scorpion has mystical powers. It was regarded as a creature that was enigmatic, poisonous, and deadly. Celtic mythology has various tales regarding the scorpions. Because the scorpions live in crevices and cracks, just like snakes, it is normally associated with the chthonic powers. 

In the same way as the snake, the scorpion tends to strike when least expected and is believed to be symbolic of evil. The sorcerers of Celtic plus the witches also used the scorpions in witchcraft and potions. 

Although the scorpion is symbolic of evil, it was once thought to be a divine retribution instrument. A physician who was born in 130AD, Galen, believed that the scorpion could be killed by the human saliva. 

There were these beliefs that it was possible for the scorpion to self-sting, but the protective oil is what prevented the poison from having to spread in its body. The Welsh-Celtic mythology has a story which is quite famous regarding the scorpion eating a lot of food and growing too big, unable even to fit in the chalice.

The tales tend to have some religious connotation to them. In the Se-fer ha’maism Jewish tales, there are also stories regarding robbers that we're able to learn about a treasure only to find that they were pots full of scorpions. They were angry and threw the pots at someone’s house only for the scorpions to turn into gold. Most of the tales tend to utilize the stinginess of the scorpions symbolically in promoting charity and generosity.

Scorpion Christianity meaning and symbolism 

The scorpion that is described in the Bible is symbolic of evil. The tail’s sting is poisonous, causing a lot of agony to the person stung.  It is mostly mentioned in the bible in the context of;  the torment they received was a scorpion torment or chastising with the scorpions' power. They are such references that contribute to the scorpion to become symbolic of things that are unpleasant and hurtful.

The motifs of scorpions are normally found in Christianity too. The Charles cathedral in France has a column full of scorpions. According to medieval illustrators and writers, the scorpions were symbolic of creative forms and ways. 

In the manuscript of the 12th century which is found in the Museum in Britain, it shows scorpions having the face of a woman. There are some which are shown with the scorpion as a male person with a body that is impaled on a spear and with four legs. 

In the Ancren Riwle, which is a devotional book, the scorpion is depicted as a woman who puts on a pleasant countenance.  In Natural history, Pliny is seen putting forth a lot of ideas that are odd regarding the scorpion with one of the ideas being that, its poison can be utilized as its antidote. Spiritually speaking, the backbiter as called by the ancients is symbolic of deceit also. 

The scorpion in eastern meaning and symbolism

According to the eastern, the scorpion is symbolic of both a protective force as well as the embodiment of evil. Scorpions have been known to be around for quite a while, for many millions of years and thus, considered to be great survivors. It is possible to get their existing records in every continent apart from Antarctica. The history of the evolution of the scorpion can be traced back to over 430 million years in the era of the Silurian.

The earliest mention of a scorpion is as a zodiac sign and much in the eastern symbolism of the scorpion which tends to be related to that. In South Asia, the scorpion motifs have been utilized in artwork especially in the culture of Islam. In most parts of the continent, the emblem of the scorpion has used a protective charm against evil powers or negativity. In China, the symbol of a scorpion is used combined with the other four reptiles which are deadly – the viper, the spider, the centipede, and the toad. 

Most families who have one son do worship the five symbols to ensure that they are protected. The families go to an extent of having the motifs to be embroidered together with black silk thread onto a red cloth which is then worn by the child. The charm is believed to prevent any illnesses. The character wan in China, meaning 10000 is gotten from the symbol of the scorpion that shows the head, the claws, and the tail and is believed to be a common reptile. 

Scorpion Native American meaning and symbolism 

There is a noble and long pedigree on the scorpion and that is why it has become the object of spells, cults, and ancient rituals. The Native Americans utilize the poison of the scorpion as medicine and an antidote for the remedy of other very serious toxins. 

The old elders often utilized the symbolism of the animal and stories in explaining the morals and order things of the world to the children. As per that, they had to tell stories of a creature that took a ride on the back of the scorpion, while it swam against the flood. 

At first, the creature refused as it believed the scorpion will likely sting it. The scorpion had to assure it that it will not be possibles it also wants to cross the river. Halfway as they were crossing the river, the scorpion stung the creature. 

The scorpions drown as the creature dies. The story’s moral lesson is that you cannot escape the order of things which is natural especially when it comes to true nature. The natives happened to believe that the scorpion could be used as it had a high medicinal value and thus, the creature was honored to form the viewpoint of shamanic. The native shamans and medicine men took the poison of the scorpion because of its psychedelic properties. 

They had the belief that the toxins are what gave them a high, enabling them to move into a high consciousness state. They also had a feeling that the scorpion doesn’t sting because of malice but just danced with its victim as per the true natures. 


The symbolism of the scorpion is a representation mainly of death, evil, unpleasantness, and destruction. For some cultures, the symbol of the scorpion is utilized in representing sex and lust. A tattoo of the scorpion can represent rough or tough nature or even be able to portray an image of a bad boy. 

By Florance Saul
Feb 13, 2021