Same Tarot Card Keeps Coming Up

Tarot Cards Keep Coming Up

Repeated Cards In Tarot Readings

Have you found the same cards keep coming up in your tarot readings? I know that this happens to me a lot. So you are probably thinking why and what this means. If you draw the same tarot cards on numerous occasions (maybe in the same patterns) or if you draw the same cards two or more days in a row it really means something and I am here to share what this can mean. I have listed the cards below and the (repeated) meanings.

How rare is it to pull the same card out of a tarot deck?

I refer to this card as your "stalker card." The first thing that comes to mind is "How rare is it to pull the same card?" Statistically speaking, the chances of pulling the same tarot card in a deck in two separate shuffles is 1 in 6084, based on the fact you return the 78th card back into the deck. Also, check out my lovely tarot deck the moon dust link button above. Maths can again be used to calculate the odds of getting the same tarot card after reshuffling. This is done by multiplying the number of different possibilities each card could become (77 cards), with itself due to the chance of being dealt the exact same card twice. For example, if we assume a standard tarot deck with 78 cards (in this case there are no wildcards or jokers) then there will be 77 x 77 = 5929 different possible combinations resulting from reshuffling - meaning that in order for you to have an equal chance of picking any one particular combination, your odds would be 1 in 5929.

How rare is it to pull the same combination of cards out of a tarot deck?

Statistically speaking, if we were to look at all 78 possible outcomes from picking just one card at random, then it’s safe to assume that would have an incredibly complicated probability distribution – making it nearly impossible for anyone to draw exactly the same combination again -- and strangely this happens to me A LOT. I mean, I often draw the same combinations or the same cards in the same positions. Given that there are thousands (if not millions) of variations when we are pulling for a spread there is no guarantee either way what type of reading will be drawn next based solely upon statistical analysis. That is why I think it is spirit speaking through the combo of the cards.

Now when it comes to calculating the odds for getting the same combination in a 10-card spread, it is slightly more complicated as you must consider not only which card turns up where but also how they interact with each other and what type of ‘spread’ you are actually looking at. Generally speaking though, it is believed that if you factor all these variables into account then your chances become unbelievably slim - almost 1 in 880 billion.

As I am sure you will agree any kind of prediction relies heavily on luck and probability so no matter how well-studied we may think ourselves to be - ultimately it still depends on out spirit guides sending us the messages of the cards.

The Stalker Repeated Card And What It Means

In most of my readings, I normally select the same card more than once. Why? If the cards have been shuffled well then the probability of the same card appearing is very low. If a given card repeats in a reading this could represent a significant impact on future events. Drawing the same card in different tarot readings is slim. In my experience, a card that repeats itself successively is known as the “ruling card.”

Here is a list of all 78 tarot cards with their traditional meanings: 

Major Arcana: 

  • The Fool when repeated in reading: I have always found this to be a new job, beginnings, unawareness; if pulled frequently, suggests taking risks and trusting your intuition to guide you on new paths. 
  • The Magician when repeated in a reading: if pulled consistently could be indicative of needing to make more concrete plans to achieve your goals. 
  • The High Priestess when pulled in readings: intuition and inner wisdom; suggests tapping into one's own spiritual knowledge instead of relying too heavily on external sources for direction and guidance.
  • The Empress when pulled more than once: pregnancy, motherhood, creativity, fertility; pulling this card can represent having creative potential that is still unfulfilled or unexplored.
  • The Emperor when this keeps coming up in your readings: a male in your life, someone that is around you that is male that you need to be careful of, suggests creating certain boundaries in order to avoid being taken advantage of or manipulated by others who seek control of situations without taking responsibility for them.
  • The Hierophant appears over and over: conformity structures religious beliefs; and suggests reevaluating personal beliefs to see if they truly reflect one’s values instead of falling into copying norms from society without true understanding as to why they should matter
  • The Lovers when this keeps coming out in readings: it can mean that relationships of love and partnerships will improve, but can also mean choice in that decisions involving two options or influences outside feelings; imply making sure that decisions align with one's own values rather than just going along with what someone else wants out of convenience.
  • The Chariot keeps coming out: things are going towards victory and you can overcome obstacles; could also refer to needing better strategies when it comes to handling challenges. I also feel this keeps coming up when travel is involved in life.
  • Strength that keeps appearing in readings: this means you have to have courage personal strength using gentleness endurance capacity.
  • Justice repeated in readings: a legal problem normally when I see this keep appearing --- also fairness truth law cause-effect balance karmic implications understanding consequence delay rewards discipline; warns about getting too caught up feeling entitled immediate gratification as this may lead unbalanced actions with uncertain results.
  • Wheel Fortune in tarot readings -- this is about our own luck chance and destiny cycles turning points surprises unexpected opportunities caution risks giving up control of predicted outcomes.
  • Hanged Man appears all the time: I always see this as a delay when it appears over and over again, also accepting current circumstances patience surrendering letting go passive acceptance.
  • Death keeps coming up: (see below) but can mean you might encounter real death of someone close, also possible transformation cycle renewing endings transitions immortal spirit moving offers chances start fresh rebirth starting points
  • Temperance appears more than once: I feel this is balance and moderation fusing opposites combination of intuitive insight compromise seeking harmony reflection involving emotions soul alchemy trying get rid of hearts and minds.
  • Devil card keeps appearing over and over: sometimes power and materialism, also see this card appearing over and over for temptation enslavement addiction. Bad attachment guilt abuse fear bondage restricted freedom entrapment loss free will restraint inability rise above situation.
  • Tower is coming out: sudden destruction and sudden upheavals often happen after keep pulling this one.
  • Star keeps popping out in your readings: hope optimism wishes dreams renewal inspiration faith serenity healing possible brighter future symbolizes inner light source knowledge open yourself higher realms calmness peaceful state spiritual connection
  • Moon card appears: mystery imagination wild irrational thoughts illusions from unconscious deception fear anxiety confusion volatile emotion subtle energy hidden subconscious hidden agenda instinctive reaction unknown
  • Sun keeps popping up: I love this card it means glory joy success triumph enlightenment flourishing in life -- a great card to keep pulling out.
  • Judgment repeated: calling accountability awakenings decision making reassurances ability forgive redemption resurrection joy judgment call transitioning process second time around responsive active role proceedings
  • World­ when this keeps appearing: completion end cycle understanding satisfaction achievement fulfillment happiness travel accomplishment vista point unity reconnection accepting journey road progress closed circle made full circle

Other minor cards that keep coming out in a reading:

  • Ace Wands ­‑ this means new things money wise if it keeps coming up. I also feel this can suggest enterprising ambition actions moving forward ambition innovation ideas beginnings physical strength resourcefulness intent follow through thorough investigation risks 
  • Two Wands ­‑ things will get a little more calmer in life. It means balance partnership teams cooperation working together collective efforts.
  • Three Wands-- I always feel this is skill development and better communication growth 
  • Four Wands --  things will get harder at work: preparation hard work stability reliable supportive inspired action persistence.
  • Five Wands -- expect an argument if this comes up more than once: disruption conflict challenging issues disagreements chaos overcoming arguments.
  • Six of wands -- this can mean stress in the future.
  • Seven Wands -- normally means you need to make a stand if it keeps coming out. Retrain evaluation experience reflections detachment awareness honest look evaluate long term reflection.
  • The eight of Wands -- this can mean you need to take quick and decisive action which may or may not be beneficial depending upon one’s current situation.
  • The Ten Of Wands -- reflects an overload associated with taking on more than one is able to handle at once without proper planning and organization.
  • The Page Of Wands --- adaptability when faced with unexpected change as well as hinting at possible opportunity.
  • The Queen Of Wands -- your own creative power used for the greater good instead than greediness
  • The King Of Wands -- this means stability, security, confidence, and authority when it comes to matters related to one's pursuits and commitment levels toward them.
  • The Ace of swords that keeps coming up represents new beginnings and an indication that a decision needs to be made soon as your current course may not lead to prosperity if left unresolved. 
  • The Two of swords implies an internal conflict between head and heart; reason versus emotion; logic vs intuition - you must choose which path will bring about more success than failure for you personally right now.
    The Three of Swords: brings focus onto emotions being hurt or suppressed due to indecision or fear over making the wrong choice resulting in further suffering
  • The Four of Swords: brings caution against impulsiveness as there’s danger in leaping without considering all factors if this keeps popping up in your readings.
  • The Five of Swords: indicates the possibility someone could try to manipulate situations or twist facts rather than confront issues directly resulting from guilt over making a mistake various perceptions used as weapons
  • The Six of Swords: this stalker card highlights deception either externally from someone else or internally by oneself because admitting mistakes isn't easy and leads down unknown paths so it's easier to pretend they didn't happen thereby delaying needed changes for growth  
  • The Seven of swords: seeing this over and over encourages communication and reconciliation instead of staying silent & letting resentment fester further tying up emotional energy
  • The Eight of Swords: this is warning against allowing pride and stubbornness to prevent progress leading to stagnation but the good news is that it will not last forever.
  • The Nine of Swords: seeing this card over and over suggests taking time to formulate long term goals while short-term desires are fulfilled quickly.
  • The Ten of Swords: repeated means patience is needed in life right now.
  • Page of Swords: this card over and over again is a reminder that you need to follow your heart it can also mean that someone (maybe you) is spying on you. When this appears more than once I often find that it means someone is looking at your social media.
  • Queen of Swords: expect a breakthrough moment and also you might need to be detached in life.
  • King of Swords: seeing this over and over can mean someone male is going to be important in your life. But, they may come across cold maybe. 
  • Ace Of Cups: When this card keeps appearing expect new beginnings and fresh starts in whatever area you are focusing your attention on.
  • Two Of Cups: The two-of-cups denotes understanding between people as it is a card that speaks to connection with another being whether romantic or platonic. It also speaks to understanding yourself at a deeper level which could mean opportunity for spiritual growth if those connections are seized upon. 
  • Three Of Cups: This card represents friendship – both old friendships being rekindled as well as new ones forming through shared interests or circumstances - but more importantly it also stands for emotional fulfillment in any relationship situation being taken seriously by both parties involved (romantic partners etc). It could signal to have lots more fun times ahead with friends or even sustainable happy relations should both sides commit themselves to each other properly.
  • Four of Cups: This four-of-cups when this keeps coming up signifies decision making time; an individual may need to take careful consideration before choosing which direction they want their life journey to lead them down next - so pay close attention not only the choices available but the order things happen within too! More often than not this card refers back towards taking responsibility for our own destiny rather than relying on chance decisions made without thought behind them which won't guarantee success either way. 
  • Five of Cups: Expect a little bit of loss when this five-of-cup appears repeatedly during readings something was lost previously due to decisions the seeker has made; meaning that this is an ideal time for reflection upon what happened plus why it did so - leading onto learn how does one prevent similar occurrences again? As whilst there's nothing wrong with suffering occasional setbacks one doesn't need repeating over after all. I have also seen this card represent an affair of some sort.
  • Six of cups: This six-of-cups is connected to fond memories combined with hopes/dreams from childhood days plus idealism surrounding contentment; suggesting somebody recalls pleasant occasions but may struggle to figure out just how best to recreate/achieve things in life.
  • Seven of Cups: When appearing repeatedly this card indicates plenty of possibilities emerge    
  • Eight of Cups: Connected to moving onward in a situation, things will start moving.
  • Nine of Cups: Wishes will be granted
  • Ten of Cups: if this keeps appearing then good family life is coming to you
  • Page of Cups: A message is coming. Also represents children, so if you have children then could represent their milestones.
  • Queen of Cups: A loving woman in your life, can signal that women will be around you.
  • King of Cups:  A male with dark hair will give you advice or help in some way if this card repeats.

All Wands Appearing In Tarot Readings

If the wands suit keep repeating in your readings they are likely encouraging you to carefully examine each potential move you make within any particular situation so as not to risk becoming overwhelmed or overburdened by challenges arising from unanticipated directions or events that could occur along your journey towards success or personal fulfillment.

It's important that balance is maintained between ambition and practicality in order for one not to derail their own efforts due to impulsivity born out of impatience nor miss any opportunities presented due to complacency born out of stagnation - both equally dangerous outcomes if traversing unknown territory blindly without direction yet hopefully this repeating combination provides guidance along your path!

A "stalker card" when doing your readings can be due to these common reasons:

1. Repetition for Emphasis: This is often the case if you've pulled one card instead of doing a full reading. If a single tarot card appears multiple times in a row, this is usually an indication that there’s something important or special about it. Pay attention to all the details about that particular card - how it looks, and what message it seems to be sending. Typically the longer and/or more frequently a single tarot card appears in readings, conclusions, or situations,the more powerful its message will be. 

2. An Unresolved issue: It could be possible that whatever situation led to you pulling this particular card still needs further exploration or resolution as indicated by its repetition. 

3. A Trait You Need To Remember To Activate: When our subconscious wishes us remind us of something related to our personality (skills we possess but forget about) or an attitude we should adopt, messages are often sent through repeating the tarot cards -- your spirit team want you to know something.

4. An Obstacle: The universe has ways of hinting at obstacles before us that aren’t clearly identifiable yet must still addressed, does the card that keeps appearing about blockage e.g. the moon, or the hanged man. These cards can signal a blockage.

f you've ever found yourself regularly pulling the same tarot card out of a deck, it can be an incredibly meaningful experience. It could be a sign that the Universe is trying to tell you something important! There are 78 tarot cards in total and each one has its own unique message or meaning. Here's a list of all 78 cards along with an interpretation of what it may mean if you keep drawing the same one over and over: 


When the death card keeps coming up in a reading

It can feel freaky when the death card keeps appearing. There is one particular legend that comes to my mind from 19th-century Italy. A dark figure appeared to a young man at night and presented him with a game of chance — If he won the game, he would be rewarded with great wealth and power; however, if he lost then his life would be taken by the figure. After playing several hands of cards against this mysterious entity (who always seemed to win), the young man drew what appeared to be an old tarot card depicting a skeleton on horseback carrying an hourglass - commonly referred to as "the death card". He had lost his battle against fate and was convinced that he was going to meet his doom shortly after drawing this particular card at this game of cards.

This is where the "death" card drawn is supposed to signify a near-death experience -- whether that experience is narrowly avoiding car accidents or falling ill due to some near-fatal illness all depends on which version you read about! It appears as if luck just happened not to be on their side. It's unclear whether these stories are even true or mere superstition but either way they demonstrate how mysterious fate can sometimes seem. What about other cards. I want to give a breakdown per card of what this means if you keep drawing the same card over and over.

The elitist in me, designed a large electronic spinning tarot wheel of fortune in 2008, much like the ones found in glitzy gaming casinos. ( The options being the 22 essential keys or trumps. Which correspond to the psychology archetypes of Carl Jung’s collective unconscious. This wheel was designed for one intent - to spin and uncover “your own game of chance.” After clicking the mouse, a brief hypnotic effect is felt which then takes you to a random programmed tarot card result. Since its inception, the tarot wheel has been spun millions of times.

This wheel operates along the basic rules of random selection. I recently had an e-mail from one reader who used the wheel and pulled “The Star card” twice in a row. I checked that the code which was correctly working in statistical random sequences. Probability wise, choosing the same card from the 22-cards in the tarot wheel would be 1 in 484 so the odds of selecting the same card is very rare.

What are tarot cards?

For those who are new to this. I have summarized as follows:There are 78 cards in a tarot deck, which are broken down into Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana which is one to twenty-one, representing the state of your well-being. is known as a trump suit and the Minor Arcana which are divided into four suits: Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands.

There are a vast amount of theories on the origins of the tarot, but no-one knows for sure where and how the cards were created. Some believe that the cards originated from the Chinese divination system known as the I Ching, others believe the tarot was created in ancient Egypt. A book called “The key to occult science” by Papus explains that the tarot is about secrets of ages attributed to the early Christian sects of the Gnostics. Most people use the tarot as a divination tool to find answers to questions. The cards are designed to draw on your own conscious mind to help you understand the truth.If you have never seen a tarot card before you might be amazed by the beautiful images, especially on the major arcana 22 cards: The Sun, Devil and The Star, for an example. Thousands of years ago the tarot was used to play simple card games. Spontaneous patterns, spinning wheels and a connection with playing cards, consulting the cards is much like a game of life.

By Florance Saul
May 6, 2018