Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

There is some famous consipiracy around reptiles and this is known as reptilian this is covered in the article reptilian shape shifter.

The reptile family is composed of various cold blooded animals ranging from snakes, tortoises, lizards, crocodiles and many others. Since the ancient times, the snake has been used to portray negativity - such as deception or curses. From a biblical point of view reptiles started in the garden of Eden. It is believed that Satan presented himself as a likeness of a serpent and successful managed to convince Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. As a result he was cursed by God. In most African traditions and beliefs, it was considered a bad omen to step on a snake as that was a sign that soon that person would be bitten by it or even face eminent danger. There was the famous believe that if somebody always beat you there was only one way to manage that person whereby it was believes that however took a snakes scale an then cleaned their teeth with it and then bite that person during that day, the person would cease from beating them henceforth.

Snakes were also believed to be agents of magic and were often used by fortunetellers in harming those that did wrong in society. In the Luo traditions in Kenya, snake was used to punish those that committed vices. However anybody that would kill that snake meant that he or she would die. It was also believed that tortoises were used by sorcerers, magicians and fortunetellers in carrying out their rituals. However there was the belief that if a person reared a tortoise it would never rain until it was set free. It was believed that if one saw a crocodile while crossing a bridge this was a sign that one day the person would be bitten or even be killed by the crocodile. The lizard was believed to be a sign of blessings and good luck. It was believed that if a lizard falls on one’s head while seated in house then that person would become rich. If the person was young then they would grow up to be great leaders.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012