Removal Of A Poltergeist

Removal Of A Poltergeist

Removal Of A Poltergeist

Poltergeists are among the few types of ghosts that can have dramatic effects on human life, this is why I receive many questions about ghosts and the removal of poltergeists. It is possible to expel a good spirit in a successful way when a spirit acts maliciously or mischievously. If we translate the word poltergeist in German it stands for "noisy ghost." There will be lots of noise if there is a poltergeist living in your home. Are ghosts true? Only you will know the answer to this deep from within.

There are some reports that have surfaced of poltergeists grabbing at hair and tightening clothing. Some poltergeists even push, slap and scratch the living. They can also make objects disappear and then reappeared elsewhere whenever they wish. They can break glass and I have seen plates or glasses move, something altering the on and off of the TV (one of their favorite pastimes), make water appear from nowhere, ring the doorbell and telephone, and cause complete mayhem. 
There have been allegations of poltergeists causing floods, screams or voices, and even getting into people's beds, yes, creepy right?

Many poltergeists can be a nuisance and make life miserable. What is interesting is that usually, poltergeists don't make any attempt to communicate with those that live in the house --- and have no attachment to the locations they choose.
This is why I think they are one of the most difficult ghosts to eliminate because it is almost impossible to know what they want. They can also vanish as fast as they appear. There is no reason why they haunt a particular house, their behavior, or their sudden departure. Ghosts and spirits can be controlled by our own knowledge. You also need to know that no enemy is greater than fear. 

What appears to be ghostly activity is often caused by other problems, for example, electrical problems. If you are experiencing lights that go on and off without explanation, contact a licensed electrician. Electrical problems can be repaired if they are discovered. After all the repairs, if you are still experiencing the same problems, it may be that you have an unwelcome guest so read on. In the paranormal realm, a fear cage is a high-frequency electromagnetic field. It is possible to experience hallucinations or tingling throughout the body as a result of high electromagnetic fields. These fields are normally near your consumer box, or electric meter and people may experience a variety of symptoms, so it is worth checking.

How can I help you remove the ghost from your house?

Most people associate ghosts with the spirit of an animal or person who has died. Ghosts can also be used to refer to the spirits of the living. Ghosts can appear in the form of a mist or shadow or are as real as us. My role is to help you understand the lessons that you need to move on. It is possible for earthbound spirits to be moved on in this world by spiritual healing. People can be startled and scared by ghosts, even if they are not evil. It is important to remember that most ghosts look like you. Although they are still breathing, they do not have a body. Ghosts don't want to scare us. It's just a matter of getting in touch or communicating with us. As a result, ghosts cannot harm anyone physically, so there is no need to be afraid.

When spirits reside in our own homes, drowsing can be a great way to get rid of them. In order to learn more about the spirit, drowsing is a great tool, as is a pendulum. It is also useful to know if the spirit is female or male, and this can be achieved by using a pendulum. It can be quite worrying to think of an entity in your home, and I will say that you may feel your house's “energy” is slightly spiky, especially if you are not spiritual. I am here to help you so let’s start with the basics.

Are you sure you have a Poltergeist?

If you are experiencing paranormal activity it does not necessarily mean that your house is haunted. To be considered haunted, a house must have consistent paranormal activity and an intelligent ghost or spirit. The ghost must attempt to interact with the living in some way. It is possible for poltergeist activity to occur during a period of stress or upheaval in a person's life. This may be because poltergeists feed off the negative energy emitted during these times. As an energy source, poltergeists are attracted to homes with a lot of fighting or arguing.

Throughout history, many different explanations have been offered for poltergeist activity. Poltergeist activity has been attributed to electrical fields and magnetic fields, but there is no concrete evidence to support this idea. Storms and earthquakes have also been blamed for poltergeist activity. Whatever the cause, poltergeist activity can be extremely frightening to people. I will run over some tips (in addition to the above) for getting rid of a ghost or poltergeist in your home. Talking to the ghost might help you reason with it. It has also been reported that one can also ward off poltergeists using salt or holy water in all four corners of the room. However, you should always seek professional guidance if you feel scared or threatened, as these methods do not guarantee success.

Do you have a ghost? Notice the cold in the home!

In the home, there are a variety of cold areas of a room that can be caused by ghosts or spirits. According to this theory, energy is required for ghosts to exist. Ghosts, or any other entity, will absorb all energy from a room and this is why it is cold. When a ghost is near a room will is reported to become cold. In extreme cases, you may even have to put extra layers on. Remember, that when the room is cold this could be due to an open or leaky window or door --- or even a problem with the heating system so always check these out before making the decision that you have a ghost.

Signs of ghosts: doors, moving objects etc

Another sign is when doors and cabinets open or closes themselves. I know this might be creepy, but this type of activity has been reported to be caused by a spirit or ghost, but it is more likely that the doors need to be repositioned, so make sure you check this and that all the screws are tight.

Ensuring that the hinges of the cabinets or doors are well fastened is important. The other important sign that you need to look out for is doors. If doors open then make sure there is no wind or draft. I would recommend that you close the doors of your house. When I lived in my first house I had a shadow man at the front of the house, on New Years' eve me and a number of guests were in the garden and we all heard footsteps going up the stairs but we were outside (no-one was in the house). This was the time I asked the spirit to move on and went around the house asking as this shadow man appeared to me for at least a year, but he left when I asked which I will come onto later.

In your house, you may hear footsteps. These footsteps can be random or they may occur on a regular basis. It is important to rule out water running through pipes, or pipes swelling and shrinking as a result of the outside weather. Also, check heat vents as these may expand or contract, or water running through radiators may cause a bang. 

What does it mean to see shadow people?

Sometimes you may see a shadow or a strange-looking light from the corner of your eyes, or it might move against a wall in your house or in the corner of the room. Shadow people are said to lurk in the shadows and corners of rooms, often appearing as dark, amorphous figures. It has been reported throughout history that these shadowy beings can evoke feelings of fear and dread. There are those who believe shadow people are ghosts or other paranormal entities, while others think they are simply figments of the imagination. Neither theory is supported by scientific evidence, and the true nature of shadow people remains a mystery. If you see shadows in your home it could be haunted or possessed by a spirit, ghost, or another type of entity such as a shadow person, or just a trick of your eye.

Is it a ghost? check for any pests

Scratching sounds in walls or attic can be connected to pests, if these types of sounds populate your home (maybe you think this is the ghost) then inspect your pipes, walls, and chimneys for any small rodents ---  that might have become trapped. Check their roofs and exterior walls for scraping caused by moss on the roof or loose roof tiles. If you still hear scratching sounds, it could be that a ghost or spirit is in your home or office --- or even a bird trapped. As I have said its best to check.

What are the different types of ghosts that could haunt your home?

Ghosts that are benign aren't harmful to you, but sometimes they appear at certain times of the year. It is possible for benign ghosts to communicate with us, but it is also possible for a ghost not to exist at all. These are ghosts that repeat, it's usually a past event that keeps repeating itself, like if there was a murder. The benign ghost may appear as a full-body appearance or at your house. A benign ghost usually goes about its business as if it were still alive. It is possible to see benign ghosts opening and closing doors, walking (which could explain the footsteps you hear), and sometimes even walking through walls.
They can be either intelligent ghosts (meaning they will try and interact with you in some manner) or residual energy, which is simply repeating the same event over and again, just like a Youtube video going over and over. I will now quickly go over the types of ghosts.

Types of Ghosts: Date Ghosts in your house

When they were alive, this ghost would appear on a specific date --- that had some significance to them. This could be a birthday, death, or anniversary. A date ghost will always be in some way. A picture of a loved one who has died can cause it to move or to fall over to let them know that it is them. Invite your loved ones to participate in taking photos on the occasion of a special event. You never know who might be in the photo!

This is not really a ghost that is haunting your house --- this ghost appears only on certain dates in each year, and will not appear at other times. This ghost will go away on its own so it is not necessary to try to eradicate it. An date ghost may show up a few times and then just disappear. 

Types of Ghosts: Ghost Apparitions in your house

Apparitions can be divided into four categories: solid, partial, visible, and invisible. I will run over each one. Solid apparitions are ghosts that look like living people, and you may even recognize them as anyone else. Until they vanish before you are even aware of them, on the opposite hand, an invisible apparition --- I know it may sound barmy, but this is when a ghost is not seen with your eyes --- but can be captured in photos or video. This can be rather creepy but if you Youtube these types of ghosts there are many. The other apparitions are known as visible apparitions can be seen with the naked eye, but they can also appear transparent or semitransparent. You may even be able to see through them.

A shadow or solid form of an invisible apparition could appear to you. You may not be aware it is there. An apparition can be defined as any ghostly figure in the paranormal world. I have also come across partial apparitions and these types of entities don’t have a complete body. A missing head or only the head might be visible. Parts of the body may go missing for no apparent reason. Occasionally, only one or two legs or hands of the apparition's body are visible. These types of ghosts will naturally disappear as soon as they appear. It can be worrying if you do see this. You may be able, in some cases to see the clothes they are wearing or their physical characteristics. Sometimes, a ghost or several ghosts attach themselves to a particular person, such as a graveyard or other location associated with history.

Types of Ghost: Child ghosts in your house

I remember once that I went into a large warehouse to take some artwork to a printer in Gloucester in the UK. I saw a child ghost following me, in fact, I sensed this ghost. When I spoke to the owner he said his staff often saw the little boy, this was about 15 years ago. I was not aware of the ghost prior to entering the building. It is generally upsetting to encounter the spirits of children, but there are exceptions. Normally, they are lost, scared, and alone. Usually, they are just looking for their parents. If you have a child ghost then it would be a good idea to speak and offer peace to the light.

Types of Ghost: Poltergeists

And finally, the poltergeist --- as I have already said before this is a ghost that haunts a home or other building. Poltergeists are known to haunt places, objects, and/or people they know well rather than strangers. There have been reports of Poltergeists throughout the world. There are many types of ghosts that fall under the category of poltergeists. As I have already said before, these spirits can turn on and off lights, move objects, open and shut doors, rape, tap, and knock on walls, doors, and windows. Some ghosts are more violent and can shout, bite, scratch, or push living people. Why are they with us? These spirits are usually just looking to be acknowledged --- but check out the house in case it is something else and there is a reason for the strange activity.  A number of occult-type books describe poltergeists as demons, while other occult texts indicate that they are the spirits of deceased humans. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, some documented cases of poltergeist activity have been reported.

There are many ways that you can get rid of a ghost or spirit. Although none of these methods are guaranteed to work 100% of the time they may work in some cases. There are many options, but you don't need to use them all. You can choose the one that you feel most comfortable with and then try another method to exterminate the ghost from your house or business.
It is important to remember that you must believe in the results you are trying to achieve. It is important to believe in yourself and be able to remove the ghost. These methods won't work if you are upset, angry, or scared. When dealing with ghosts, you must be calm and assertive. This can also appear in EVP (electronic voice phenomena) investigations. 

How do you make holy water?

I mention in the methods below how to rid yourself of ghosts, I feel it is important to make yourself some holy water. Making holy water can be done in a number of ways. Purifying water is possible by boiling it and then adding salt. To cleanse and protect, mix spring water with a few drops of olive oil. You can create holy water by saying a few different prayers. Among the most popular prayers is the Our Father: "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom comes, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen."
Another prayer to use over the water is the Hail Mary, the words of which are as follows: "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen." Using these prayers over the water (or olive oil) will result in a more powerful result.

How do you remove a ghost? 

My best friend specializes in spiritual rescue, which is her forte. Of course, I am sure you are aware that healing is associated with spiritual rescue. Movies and books have taught us to fear ghosts. The majority of ghosts, however, are harmless and should not be feared. Keep in mind that ghosts pose a threat to your ability to control your environment. I will help you learn how to confront the ghost who is living in your house in this article. 

The first thing is to believe in yourself so that you can remove this entity from your home. These methods can sometimes fail for a variety of reasons. It is usually because those who use the method do not believe it will work. Therefore, it is important to believe that you will achieve your goal.

I need to also let you know that the ghost-removing methods will only work for a negative spirit, not for a spirit with good intentions. It is for this reason, that non-threatening ghosts can be more difficult to move on because they are not trying to cause harm. They are often just pleased to be in the company of the living. It can be difficult to convince them to go, but there are ways to do it which I will explain shortly. I would recommend ensuring that you contact a good paranormal investigator rather than do this all yourself. 

Will removing ghost work straight away?

It may be necessary to use the same techniques more than once to get rid of ghosts in a house or other place. Although it is rare for a ghost to leave your home after your first attempt, it is possible. Be aware though, in my experience, they may return a few times until your home is clean and ghost-free. A haunting may be passed down through generations or given as a gift to someone. It is then possible to take steps to eliminate the problem once the source of the problem has been identified. As I have said previously, burning an object is one way to remove a curse. 

Number one: Talk to the ghost

One of the most important things to remember if you think you are being haunted is that it is important to stay calm. This can be difficult, as hauntings can be very frightening. However, it is important to remember that most hauntings are not actually harmful, and they will usually go away on their own after a period of time. When I got rid of my shadow man that resided on my staircase I spoke to him. This was a successful method to remove this ghost.

Sometimes ghosts may not realize they are dead. It can frustrate and confuse people who don't know they are dead. This can lead to them acting out in a variety of ways. Imagine what you would feel if your possessions disappeared and strangers lived in your home. Try to explain gently to the ghost that it has passed away and needs to be brought back into the light. You can also ask the ghost for help or if you have a message you need to send to someone you care about. You can tell the ghost that you are leaving and that you don't feel brave enough. Be firm. Negative emotions like anger, fear, hostility, and even shouting can make ghosts more powerful. Make sure to remain calm when speaking with the ghost. If paranormal activity is occurring in a particular area of your home, or at certain times of the day or night due to ghost activity, you should speak with the ghost there. This will increase your chances of the ghost being there and being able to understand what you are saying.

You could, for example, say, "I know that you are here, but you may not realize it and need to go in the light." It's a terrible loss. But this house is ours now. We will love it like you did --- but It is time to move on. If you feel brave or compassionate towards the ghost, you can say "I would like to acknowledge you, I know you are here living in my house and it is time to move on and find peace." Also, ask if there is anything that you can do to help the ghost before helping the ghost to move to the light.

Telepathy is a good way to communicate with the ghost, asking the entity why they are in your home, but you need your mind clear to enable the ghost to telepathically communicate with you. About four years ago, a ghost came to my home that was murdered. He played music and stopped the clock on his murder time (full batteries) in my clock. He told me he was murdered but everyone said it was an accident and it was all in the national newspapers at the time. I had a conversation with him, he asked me to visit where he died. I took the path and followed the road, and he showed me what happened. He said he wanted his parents to always know that it was an accident as there was no evidence. So we left it at that. I feel that the ghost needed to know someone living knew the truth and I did. There was nothing I could do, I told the police the truth but there was no evidence. I often think of him. The reason why I mention this is because “talking” is something that the ghost may want. Therefore, the ghost may wish to share something with you. 

Number two: Conduct a House Blessing

No matter if there is a ghost present, house blessings, and spiritual cleansings are good for your home. I also feel that if the ghost is particularly strong then it might be a good idea to involve a member of the clergy going through your home and rest psalms or prayers. I must also point out that you don't have to ask a clergy member to visit your home to bless it. Instead, you can read passages from the Bible and do it yourself. To make the experience more personal, choose passages that are meaningful to you.

To cleanse a house or business, and to expel evil spirits pray and apply holy water or olive oils to every door and entrance. This includes closet doors as well as the corners of each room and window frames. This prayer I have mentioned below can be used to smudge your home, and you can buy a stick of stage over at Amazon and cleanse your home this way. Below is the entire prayer that I personally have used. You can modify it to make it more personal to your situation or ghost.

My Cleaning Prayer

I am praying to God that this prayer is answered in the event my home, this land is filled with negative energy. Please, God, I ask for your guidance and light to dispel all negative energy in this house, and rid the house of demons. This house is a house of blessing, of god, of goodness and I rid this house of evil. 

God, please remove all negative entities from my house and protect my house. Build a barrier of your divine power against them and everyone who lives in this home.

Please, Lord, cleanse this land and make it holy with your divine power, love, and protection. Our Father, make any negative energy on this land powerless. Have your angels take any evil energy or entities off this earthly plane so that they can be dealt with as you wish. God, please take control of this house and protect my family from any negative forces. Protect my family but if any negative people or spirits reside on my property please protect my family and my possessions. God Bless.


I like to use olive oil over holy water. You can make holy water by praying over the water and saying the lord's prayer. Olive oil has been used as a sign of God's blessing for thousands of years and is often used on candles, as it provides guidance and protection. Many preachers used olive oil to repel evil spirits in many cultures.

Number three: Use Salt around the house to clear the entity

One way to use salt in a house blessing is to sprinkle it in each room of the house while saying a prayer or positive affirmation. This can help to cleanse the space and create a protective barrier against negative energy. Another way to use salt is to add it to a bowl of water and offer it up as a symbol of purification. This can be done before or after entering the home. For thousands of years, sea salt has been used to protect oneself and one's house from ghosts. Across many cultures, it is a common practice. According to popular belief, ghosts cannot cross a line of salt. If you have a ghost in your home, you should first remove it before using salt. The ghost is effectively trapped inside your house, and it cannot leave. Ghosts and spirits can be expelled in another way. Combine tap water or holy water with salt in a spray bottle. Make sure all rooms in your home are sprayed with salt water after shaking the bottle. You could place salt bowls in rooms where there is paranormal activity. In order to expel the ghost, this process may have to be repeated several times. Make sure you have removed all ghosts or spirits from your home or workplace to prevent negative spirits from returning.

How can you get rid of cursed objects?

A cursed object is one that is believed to be possessed by a supernatural entity or an evil spirit. Often, these items are associated with misfortune, bad luck, or even death. Cursed objects can be removed in a number of ways, but burning, burying, or destroying them are some of the most popular.

Identifying the source of a curse is the first step you should take if you think you have a cursed object in your house. Because curses are often passed down from one generation to another or given as gifts, this can be challenging. By determining the source of the curse, you can begin to eliminate it.

It is common practice to burn cursed objects in order to remove them. If you think you have a cursed object then you can either burn or bury the object in a bonfire. I would also advise breaking the object into pieces if you cannot burn it. A graveyard or other holy place can also be used to bury the object. By doing so, the evil spirits are said to be attached to the object and will be destroyed. Curses can be removed by many people, but there is no guarantee that they will be successful. Always be cautious when working with someone who claims to have this ability, and ensure that you fully understand all terms and conditions before making any decisions.

Ghost tip: Paint the door red

Despite superstitions about red doors keeping ghosts away, there is no scientific proof of this. However, some people believe that red represents good luck and protection against evil spirits. For this reason, they may paint their doors red in order to ward off any negative energies or entities. It is not harmful to try this technique, but ultimately it is up to you if you want to change your door. 

In summary, how do you get rid of ghosts?

Ghost hauntings can create a variety of different signs --- it might just be something in the house that has a plausible reason like your electrics etc. I have run over the common signs such as strange noises, such as footsteps, knocks, or bangs. The presence of cold spots, temperature changes, unusual odors, and electrical disturbances are also signs that you need to be aware of. 

The most important thing to remember when you think you are being haunted is to stay calm --- as I have said before. It can be difficult to deal with ghosts, as they can be very frightening. It is important to remember, however, that most ghosts are not actually harmful, and they usually go away on their own with time. 

I want to finish on. As always, I am here for you. If you have any questions or need assistance then email me on my contact page.  Some people may judge you or think you are crazy, but you're not. It's not impossible to need assistance in a truly extraordinary situation. 

By Florance Saul
Oct 31, 2022