Rainbow Meaning

Rainbow Meaning

Spiritual Meaning of a Rainbow

Seeing a rainbow in the sky is a spiritual experience and you are probably left wondering what it means. I am here to help you uncover the meaning of this wonderful rainbow.

What does a rainbow mean spiritually?

I am going to share with you why and what it means to see a rainbow. The rainbow is light energy spark an extension to a consciousness source, through which we can experience infinitely and virtually. The Soul is the expression of The Pure Consciousness from the Cosmic Infinite Circle. The reason why you find rainbows so pretty is that it is an illuminated circular spheres that we can relate to in this life. 

In many books I have read the soul can also be described as an illuminated circular sphere of this pulsating Universal Source of Energy. Our soul resides in the heart area and is the centre of the body. It radiates the pure consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle, which consist of a rainbow of energy colours. This combination is the purest white light. 

The core of our soul contains the light of who and what we are. Our light inside helps us become fully aware of who we are, and how we connect with the Universe. Therefore, perhaps you are here to explore what the rainbow really means.

As souls, we are the Universal Cosmic Consciousness.

By Florance Saul
May 1, 2022