Quaking grass

Quaking grass meaning

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Quaking grass has long been connected with many beliefs.

What is quaking grass?

This grass is green for the whole year. The grass is common in Europe and the Asia. In France it is known as [Amourette], In Wales [Crydwelt]. In Sweden it is known as [Darrgra] In Germany called {gewohnliches}. It has also been called pearl grass, silver spoon, rattle grass and even rattlesnake grass. German folk lore believe that it provokes ones spirits. In Latin America the grass was used for blessings.

In most instances the flowers were treasured by a florist due to their beautiful appearance, however, the flower in most instances was dried up more especially during the winter months to help in carrying out decorations. To dry quaking grass inside the home was considered bad luck. It was considered good luck for this to be dry in an area outside the home.

People believed the grass had magical powers to keep away mice. There was the common belief that mice were representatives of the devil and they would bring bad omens to the home, especially if a pregnant woman lived in that home. Thus, quaking grass was the most appropriate remedy of keeping the mice away from the home. In small villages in England dried quack grass was smeared onto villagers faces to bond members of the community.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012