Parsley supersitions

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

There have been association with the spirits of darkness or simply the devil in regards to this famous herb.

For instance the ancient Romans use to mark the lining of their graves using parsley. This was a ritual practice that was taken seriously as they had the beliefs that the parsley can lead to new life. The superstitions that surround parsley has been popular in other countries. In England when a girl was pregnant and she wished for a termination parsley was given for her to eat. There are other beliefs that children who were ill should sleep in a bed of parsley.

There are others who belief that the beds full of gooseberry bushes, or cabbages would also cure children. There are other claims that if a person grows parsley in their garden then the devil will unleash evil on the grower. If one offers pieces of parsley to other people, then that person will be showered with good luck - be it for the better or the worse. Parsley is a unique plant which requires three to six weeks to reach full maturity, it does not grow consistently.

Due to the lack of growth scientists have been investigating and monitoring the growth. The seed packages for the plant are always labeled that one requires them to soak the plants before planting. There has been some scientific research into the growth pattern and the chemical combination of the seeds and this has shed some light on the belief that seeds need soaking before planting, it has also been suggested that the plant has magical powers that need more sophisticated studying to gain more understanding. It has been discovered that the plant’s seed has become furamocoumarins in the coat and these prevent the seeds from germinating.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012