Moth Tattoo Meaning

moth tattoo

Symbol And Moth Tattoo Spiritual Meaning

My friend who is getting a moth tattoo that is three-dimensional asked me to write about what moth tattoos, and what they mean from a spiritual perspective. They definitely stand out from normal tattoos. Of course, if you decide to get a moth tattoo it is important to understand the meaning.

If you ask a tattoo artist, they generally tell you that all butterfly tattoos have a similar symbolism. Tattoos have become to a dun thing. This is because of the fact they are pieces of self-expression and there is so much creativity that venders into each symbol. If you are thinking of getting a moth tattoo or wondering the best location on your body then this is a must-read. Tattoos are really common now and popular designs have become commonplace. We're all a bit strange and society has made us feel that we need to be more creative.

If you do a quick research on Google, you will notice that moth tattoos have become quite popular. And even though everyone puts a moth tattoo with a different meaning and purpose, there’s no doubt that all moth tattoos have similar symbolism. So spiritually speaking, moths signify a lot of things, including change, a new start and new life, sensitivity, and faith. I hope you will find this helpful if you’re thinking of having a moth tattoo!

Are Moth tattoos bad luck?

I don’t feel that having a moth tattoo is bad luck but it does point to our lifecycle. Let me explain, in North America, for example, Native Indians often associate moths with luck and transformation due to their metamorphic life cycles. The Native Americans viewed moth tattoos as protection against harm or bad luck and would often be used in rituals related to change or transition.

The symbolism of the moth has deeply embedded roots in many indigenous cultures, operating as both an omen and a source of spiritual protection. For example, in some First Nation tribes like Haida Gwaii, it was believed that wearing the wingspan of a moth on your body through tattooing could bestow good luck upon you when embarking on journeys; while also being symbolic for adapting through change gracefully without fear or trepidation.

Moth tattoos are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world regardless if people understand their ancient symbolism or not - because they are seen as visually appealing representations of grace and beauty combined with strength and resilience. Thus despite any superstitions around them, most find moths aesthetically pleasing rather than bad luck symbols.

Change, Transformation And Movement

We know that butterflies represent metamorphosis or transformation. And moths hold the same meaning. Those who decide to put a moth tattoo on their body, are probably thinking about change or are ready to apply major changes in their life. Moth tattoos also represent imperfection. Meaning, they stand to represent a person’s imperfections. But, in a positive way because no one’s perfect and we all have to learn how to love ourselves the way we are. So, it’s safe to say that they also represent self-acceptance and self-love.

Opportunities and living each day as if it were your last

We’re only on this planet for a short amount of limited time. And it’s natural to want to accomplish as more as we can while here and make the most out of our lives. However, some people are more aware of this than others. And most of them apply moth tattoos. Apparently, moth tattoos represent the nature of life, especially luna moths because of their short lifespan. Also, if you went through my other articles about moths (hope you do so!), you would know that the luna moth spiritually rarely eats anything. So, inking such a tattoo on your body - indicates a reminder that we’re only guests on this planet and we shouldn’t take our limited time for granted.


As I have mentioned at the beginning, moth tattoos might represent faith because most times, moths are associated with spirituality and religion. Why? Well, perhaps you’ve heard that moths are constantly chasing the light of the moon. And it appears that they’re attracted to light all the time, like eternally.

And because of this, they’re constantly associated with spirituality and represented as a symbol of faith. Just like moths chase after light without any questions, we should follow their example when it comes to overcoming difficult times and obstacles. We must remember that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s definitely not a train.

By Florance Saul
Oct 17, 2018