Love Superstitions

Love Superstitions

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

There are several traditions and superstitions in regard to increasing the prospect of finding love.

Have you ever walked, then you come across a shiny penny on the sidewalk and you just can’t resist walking past it because you believe it will bring you luck? Have you ever been scared because, while coming out of the house to meet your lover, you see a neighbor’s cat crossing the street and you deem it as bad luck? These and much more are superstitions which have controlled many people’s actions in life for decades. It is important to be aware of these superstitions which have been passed on from one generation to another. Here are some of the best-known love superstitions of all time

Using Petals To Know If Someone Loves You

This is a superstition whereby, one thinks of a lover then picks petals and starts putting them off with the first one being,love me, then love me not, in a rotating manner until all are done. If the last petal falls in love me, it means that the person you have thought about loves you, otherwise, look somewhere else for love. The seeds that remain in your hand after you pull the last petal will indicate the number of children you will have with your lover. If you are in a position to swallow a five leaf daisy without chewing, then the day won’t end before you meet your future partner.

Counting Horses and Love Superstitions

If you are in a place where there are several horses, count sixty horses and a white mule means the first man you meet who shakes your hand will be your dream man. In a leap year, if you count a hundred white horses, then it turns out that, the first man who shakes your hand on that particular day you once done with counting will be your future husband. If you are crossing a river and you see two white horses you will find love. When crossing a bridge think of your love, it will come to pass.

Eating and Love Superstitions

It is believed that if at midnight you eat an apple before the mirror, holding a lamp and wish for the man of your dream to come and eat it with you, he will definitely appear in the mirror.Another love superstition that involves eating describes a scenario whereby at 11 pm, you silently set a table for two with silver knives and forks, bread and butter then at 12 midnight two girls sit together and wish for their true love to appear and share the meal with them, it will come to pass.

Four Leaf Clover and Love Superstitions

If you are a girl then you pick a two-leaf cover and place it in your shoe, the first man who approaches you on the sidewalk where you have placed the leaf; whether on the left or right side, will be your love and future husband. If you happen to find more than one four-leaf clovers, then you will marry the man who has the first name similar to the man whom you will next meet. Placing the leaves in your shoes will mean that you will also have luck in love. Others believe that placing the four-leaved clovers under one’s pillow will bring forth your dream man in your dreams. If a girl places a four-leaved clover in her shoe, it is believed that she will marry the first man she crosses on a bridge. Placing a clover with four leaves outside the door will make the first man that crosses it to be the husband of choice.

Alphabetic Letters and Love Superstitions

The alphabet can be used to choose the love your life. Just take three pieces of paper and write the name of three different men, in the middle of the night, throw them in the air and then pick one; pick it and put it under the pillow for the night. In the morning, check the name you see on the paper - this is the man of your dreams. Still using the alphabet, write the letters from A to Z and place them in water facing down, then place the bowl under the bed overnight. When you wake up in the morning, check the letters face up, as they are the initials of the man you are to spend your whole life with as a husband. The alphabet has several love superstitions whereby, you can write names of several male friends on pieces of papers and for three successive days, you pick a piece. If it happens that the name you pick is the same, that is your future love, but if you pick a different name, then you will never find love. The fourth option of the alphabet is you write two names of possible lovers, and then you cross out the common letters. The letters which remain not cancelled, use them while saying “Love, hate, and friendship” on the last count the word left determines the type of relationship you have It can be hated, loved or friendship.

Doorway Superstitions for Love

Slaughter a fowl and place a breast bone over the front door and whoever of the opposite sex that enters through the door is your future companion. You can also hang a corn cob over the door. The corn should have only twenty grains on it and then put it over the door. The first person of the opposite sex who enters is your life partner. You can also nail a horseshoe on the door and whoever enters is your life partner. The above and many others are some of the love superstitions from ancient times and are not necessarily modern superstitions - especially those that require you to count horses. If you are looking for love, try them out and find out it will work for you. Have a love-filled day as you prepare to meet your life companion.

By Florance Saul
Jan 5, 2017