Lizards falling on the body

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

There have been various superstitions about lizards.

Many people consider them extremely bad luck or omen. For instance, it is considered an ill omen if the bride spot's a lizard on the way to church, this indicate that her marriage will never bring her happiness. In some given parts of France, the lizard is considered a good omen and that if it gets near any woman then they will be blessed with dexterity.

There are numerous superstitions that relate to the lizard and among the commonest ones is that if one sees a falling of lizard on the ground then this denotes a journey. Gowli Shastra from India has studied lizards and superstitions come up with a number of reasons why they fall - some detailed below. The color, stripes, spots, twittering or chirping of the lizard and the point at which it hits body that it falls on has a some big meaning on the future of the subject. The overall effect that the lizard will cause to a human being on falling on them has been named palli vizhum palan in Tamil. The belief has been founded on the mythology of the Indians. Lizards falling on one's body has a number of superstitions. According to Gowli Shastra the key characteristics of a lizard is said to indicate future happenings. The effects of a falling lizard is thought to be a lucky omen. Here are some superstitions around where the lizard falls:

  • For a lizard to fall on the man’s right eye means that one will not be successful.
  • If the lizard lands on one's forehead then separation is indicated.
  • A lizard landing on the right cheek represents sad times.
  • For a lizard to crawl on one's leg of a man indicates great times ahead.
  • For the lizard to crawl on a woman's leg means luck will be with her.
  • For a lizard to fall on the left hand of a women this indicates wealth.
  • For a lizard to touch the right leg or foot indicates that one will be blessed for that day.
  • If a lizard is found to touch one when asleep then people around them will gossip.
  • The lizard falling on one's stomach denotes they will have a good meal.
  • For the lizard to fall on the chest area then one must be bold that day.
  • For three or less lizards seen it denotes good luck.
  • To see more than four lizards together is bad luck.

The following is an analysis of some of the effects of the falling of lizards on people. If the lizard falls on the head then one should get ready for various disputes and crises. If it falls right on the top of the head then one may die soon - (this has not been proved!) If it falls on the face then one should expect to gain financially in any of their investments. If it falls on the left eye then one will have good luck but if it falls on the right eye then one may become unsuccessful, lose something or even fail.

If the lizard falls on your upper lip then you should get prepared for disputes and if on the lower lip then you will gain financially in any of your investments or work, however if it falls on both of the lips simultaneously then you should develop some concerns about the possibility of facing death. There are various interpretations depending on where it will fall on. Note that for women the interpretation on where the lizard falls on will be slightly different from that of men.

By Flo Saul
Oct 29, 2012