Lemon Spiritual Meaning

Lemon Spiritual Meaning

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If you have dabbled in learning about spiritual signs then the meaning of lemons may surprise you. The lemon belongs to the tree known as the "Citrus Limon" and it has been a very popular citrus fruit since the 15th Centre. 

Lemons to me represent happiness and also are used in spiritual work. The yellow colored fruits of the small tree of the Rutaceae family are important when it comes to protection, which I will explain in this article. As you probably know, a lemon fruit has a distinctive sour taste. And this “taste” makes it a perfect ingredient for different drinks and foods. Humans have been drinking lemon juice for years to promote health. However, looking at Lemons in a spiritual context there is so much more than just culinary use, lemons have been used for detoxifying the body in health promotion. Lemons generally hold many magical benefits, but only an awakened soul can enjoy the advantages.

This small sun color fruit it's used for body detoxification. However, you can also clear the negative aspects in your home or office with raw lemon. It may sound crazy but it's true. Throughout the years, this fruit has been used to chase away negative thoughts and energy. Different religions around the world believe that lemons keep a secret power of healing which I will briefly outline.

The yellow color symbolizes optimism and of course - happiness. However, you could also connect lemons to elements such as contentment and optimism - this is purely because they clear negative situations - and are suppose to bring joy.

Lemon is a popular cleanser with purifying abilities. It's also known to boost love and heal. I'm intrigued by the healing abilities because I feel that this fruit can heal your soul. Lemons symbolize light, love, heart, and soul. They also attract good fortune and help people embrace changes. Lemon is a helpful ingredient when it comes to cleansing. If you want to cleanse your mind or spirit, lemons have your focus. They're perfect for clearing toxic substances from your body which means they're ideal for detoxifying.

On the other hand, using lemon in rituals or even cleaning your home helps your soul be peaceful and healthy by cleansing away the negativities and their impact on your mind. Drinking lemon juice is also a good way to cleanse yourself spiritually. Lemon juice has the power to chase away the toxic substances from your body. You can also add lemon in your water before you take a bath or buy a shampoo with lemon fragrance.

If you choose to add a couple of drops in your water, visualize the negative thoughts and energy leaving your mind and body. This can help you get rid of the negative emotions. Every time you feel a burden and your soul feels heavy, add a few drops of lemon in your water and take a long bath. The “visualization” part is the most important element of the cleansing process.

Those who know the right use of this fruit to dispel evil also put the lemon pieces - at the front door of their home. Lemons absorb the home's negativities that enter your home from outside and keep your environment clean.

In different parts of the world, lemon is used differently to chase away the negativities. I have spoken at length about how lemons chase away negative energy but let’s look at how this is used over the world. In some places around the world, when a person gets multiple negative thoughts, a lemon is rubbed in their forehead to remove the negative thoughts.

In Latin America the lemon is cut into 4 pieces and thrown away outside to remove a negative vibe. It's also believed that homes that have a lemon tree outside are protected by negative energies.

This is why many people plant lemon trees in their backyard. Another interesting belief is that slicing the lemon in four pieces and placing them in each side of a room could clear the negative thoughts and energies quickly. This world is filled with positive and negative energies. And even if many of us don't want to admit it, it's affecting our lives in different ways.

Even if you're a sceptic who doesn't believe in the spiritual world, ghosts and similar things, you can still feel the effect of that positive or negative energy on your mood, health, and well-being. It's undeniable. Today, I will teach you a simple spell to chase away the negative energy with the secret power of lemons. All you need to do is select the one that meets your desired needs.

Lemon And Salt Spell

Take a lemon. Slice it into 4 pieces. Put grained salt in each piece and put the pieces back together. But make sure that the salt stays inside the fruit. Place it in the entrance of your house or apartment and leave it there. This method blocks out negative energy. It also cleans the negative energy that's already present.

Every time a negative person approaches your home, the lemon will absorb and eliminate their negative energy. It's recommended to repeat this method for three days in a row. This will help you get the best results. The moment you do it, you will notice an immediate improvement in your mood. The lemon will lift your mood. You will feel strong and happy.

Pack a lemon in your suitcase

Not only do lemons prevent negative vibes and energies from entering your home, but they also help you protect your soul and body from negativities outside. All you need to do is place one lemon in your purse, suitcase or pocket when travelling or going outside. Replace it with a fresh one every time it dries off.

Once you start doing this, you will notice the lemon will begin drying fast. That's because you encounter negative people and energy everywhere you go. The lemon absorbs all that negativity which makes it dry off faster than normal. It's a shame for a lemon to go to waste. However, it's serving a good purpose.

Consuming Fresh lemon juice

Drinking fresh lemon juice is also a great way to protect your body, soul and mind from negative energy. Just mix some water with lemon juice and cleanse yourself. You can also use the mixture to clean personal things like jewellery, amulets, and accessories. The lemon will cleanse them from the bad vibes and bring your mind at peace.

Using Lemon leaves

Natural healers recommend lemon leaves for increasing stamina and energy in bed. All you need to do is take a handful of lemon leaves every night before going to sleep for a week. As you can notice, lemons provide a lot of spiritual benefits. They block out and cleanse negative energy and bad vibes, attract love and abundance, and help you achieve peace.

It's believed that this fruit is the fruit of good which comes from the water element. Lemons boost your energy levels and replace negative energy with positive in your home, hang up the leaves from the kitchen window to promote wellness when cooking.

Lemons in Feng Shui Practices

Did you know that Feng Shui practitioners and Buddhist monks have been utilizing lemons since ancient times in their practices? This was their way to keep bad energy and vibes away. Lemons helped them live a positive and peaceful life. As you can see, this fruit has helped many people change their lives for the better and accomplish mental and physical well-being.

Biblical Meaning of Lemons

The biblical meaning of lemons is very interesting.  In bible terms lemons are associated with hope, fertility, perfection, and abundance in the upcoming agriculture year.

The returned exiles were hopeful when they celebrated Sukkoth with the lemon. They hoped for a new future in Jerusalem, and once again, they were in the Promised Land. The ancient or archaic explanation of hope is desire gained by the expectation that the desire would be fulfilled. Another term for hope is trust so lemons represent trust as well.

Lemons also represent honesty, redemption and internal cleansing. As I already mentioned, lemons can be used to cleanse your soul, body and mind. I adore lemons because they have a distinctive smell and taste. They act as simulators to the brain. I have a thing about lemons because they boost positive energy and good vibes.

Dreaming about Lemons

If you dream about lemons, you're probably at the point of a new beginning, a fresh start. However, you're worried of leaving your old life behind. Dreaming about lemons symbolizes changes. Your dream advises you to embrace the changes instead of postponing them or completely ignoring your inner calling.

Since forever, lemons have been perceived as blessed for their energetic qualities and healing benefits. They drive away evil spirits, protect, purify, and preserve.

Lemons (as I have already discussed) are a great magnet to repel negative activity. This fruit has two allies. The first is the moon. The second is water. If you're into witchy stuff, you probably know that every spell involving this fruit must be mixed with water. It's also recommended to spend at least a single night for the lemon to be exposed to the moon.

Protection From Negative Energy Spell

If you want to protect someone you love from negative energy, take three lemons and place them on a white plate. Cut the lemons in half and put a little sugar on top. Also, place a small dish with clean water beside your beloved one. If the lemons turn black fast, it means that they're taking in all the negative energy.

After they dry off completely, throw them away. It's also recommended to clean your loved one by burning sage in their room for three days. After three days, repeat the same spell with the lemons as before. If the lemons darken fast again, seek professional help.

It's believed that spraying your home with water mixed with lemons will break discussions and tensions, and attract positive energy and blessings. Hopefully, you will find this article enjoyable and informative. Please, share your comments below, and don't forget to share this article with your friends or pop over to my tarot section in the menu for a reading.

By Florance Saul
Jun 21, 2020