The Law of Quality

Law of quality

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The Law of Quality determines the degree of how things are - in essence the quality of things.

When we see coarse hair and skin, we say the quality is coarse, and if the hair is fine we classify this accordingly. The quality should guide us in the quality of our expressions in diagnosing the signs of character. An example of what is meant may be illustrated by the analysis of the sign of friendship in two subjects, one having a fine quality and the other coarse one. In the former case, the phrase " You are the choice in your friend­ship and select those who are refined," would apply, but in the latter case, " You are sociable and friendly, and rather rough and ready in your selection of friends " is more fitting. Reverse the order, and offense is the result, as well as inaccuracy.

When considering the Law of quality, we stated quality is a measure of power, other things being equal. In quality we have one of the other things referred to, and we therefore postulate that quality is of more importance than quantity, though it is, of course, better to have quantity and quality is well. The classification of quality may refer to texture and consistency, and may be mapped out as: As to Texture: (1). Coarse(2). Medium(3). Fine. As to Consistency : (4). Hard(5). Medium(6). Soft. That really defines what the law of quality is. So why is this in this section? Basically, the law of quality was an important factor in the 1930's they believed quality was more important above anything else. In the modern day we still value quality but not to the same extent as most items purchase tend to be cheap imports.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2013