The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity

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The Law of Polarity may be illustrated by means of toy magnet, which no doubt we have amused ourselves with at some period of our lives.

Remember those horseshoe magnet toys from the 1960’s that were red and black? This law is rather much like those. It consists of a piece of steel bent like the letter U, and is generally painted red except at the end. Its chief feature is that it can attract pieces of iron or steel. One end of the horse-shoe magnet, as it is called, is generally marked with a scratch to distinguish it from the other end. These ends are called Poles, the marked end are called the North Pole, and the other end the South Pole.

These names are given because if a magnet is suspended by the middle, so that it can turn round freely, the North end will always turn to the North and the other end to the South. Now, the North and South Poles of a magnet will both attract a piece of iron equally well, but if we set a magnet to attract another magnet it behaves quite differently. If we present the two magnets to one another, so that the North Pole of each comes opposite the South Pole of the other, we find them mutually attractive, but if we turn one of them over so that the two North Poles are opposite, and the two South Poles likewise, then we find they repel each other. This simple experiment teaches us that unlike poles attract each other and like poles repel, that two positives repel, as also will two negatives, but that a positive and a negative attract each other.

The Law of Polarity may be applied in describing Enemies, Friends, Lovers, and Partnerships, and when the two are applied is usually classified as:Physical attraction and repulsion. Mental attraction and repulsion. Harmonious blending. Just as positive electricity always flows in the line of least resistance, and negative electricity along hues of greatest resistance, so the positive lover (male or female) is generally attracted to the negative lover who shows the least resistance to the advancements made.

The negative lover will be often blindly attracted where there is resistance, overcoming what may seem extraordinary obstacles. This will explain why so many associations are formed which appear to one as undesirable, when more suitable associa­tions were nearer to hand. In mental healing, a positive thought projected by the healer will impress itself upon the negative patient, analogous to the lightning (which is positive electrical force) seeking to sheath itself in the negative earth.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013