The Law of Motion

The law of motion

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The famous saying "Sow an act you reap a habit, Sow a habit you reap a character, sow a character you reap a destiny.” puts this superstition into context.

The world is a world in motion, and by its motion the Sun is able to express to us morning, noon, and night, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. By the motion of the body, the ego expresses the character, capacity, and condition of health. Every act of a man's life more or less bears the stamp of the personality. Whether it is by walking, talking, laughing, or writing, the act corresponds precisely with the character, hence we place much importance on a knowledge of the Law of Motion.

The Law of Motion applied to the signs of character should be considered in relation to (1) Speed. (2) Direction. If a series of acts are accurately recorded, the character may be estimated thereby, and its accuracy will be in propor­tion to the preciseness of the record. Amongst the most remarkable and interesting examples of plant motion may be mentioned the rising of the Water Lily flower above the surface of the water in the morning and its returning at sunset beneath the water with the flower closed, and the well-known Sunflower which follows the Sun. These motions reveal the nature of the plant.

The interesting spectacle seen through a microscope of the motions of the living matter in water, where a state of warfare and contention is continually proceeding, each com­batant being formidably armed, and exhibiting signs of anger and pain, as the war proceeds, is an example of nature in motion, revealing characteristics to the observer. The motions of the head, the eye, the lips, and the hands, are often made with intent to deceive, and it makes it neces­sary to look twice, nay thrice, before observations of motion may be relied upon as signs of character, but when we are assured that the motions are the result of confirmed habit, rather than momentary dissimulation, we can make use of the law with advantage.

It is quite possible for an enemy to assume the smile and handshake of friendship, but he cannot assume a new form of eye, nose or ear, and these may be trusted to reveal the treachery concealed beneath the action. The passions and emotions are expressed by actions. Sarcasm, scold, disdain, are all revealed by the motions of the mouth.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013