The Law of Latency

Law of latency

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

There's a strange belief known as the "Law of Latency." This has an everlasting effect upon man's existence.

What the law claims is that change evolves happening with everybody and happens all the time. If we look at superstitions in regard to latency and also choice there have been many theories and also studies into the effect of a lucky charm on ones performance. Exposure to the choice factor that is involved in superstitions is relevant. Superstitions that are negative tend to be avoided. It is true to say that superstitions are either positive or negative. When a negative superstition is presented one may change their behavior. We all make a decision every day.

Especially when things are moving quickly. We see things, hear things and take things for granted. When rapid decisions need to be reached this affects one's latency. Sportsmen for example take superstitions seriously, they may wear a pair of lucky trainers and refuse to watch some sport events due to them feeling it will bring a negative effect on their performance. It is easy for one to dismiss this kind of behavior. It is mostly around self-confidence.

We all know the famous term "break a leg" this can give someone the positive aspects of undertaking a task - hoping for a successful outcome. There has been many studies around how a number of students (41) had to bring a lucky charm to a study. Surprisingly, those that had the lucky charm did better in a memory test that was carried compared to those that did not have one. The students filled in a questionnaire before the game about the charm they had bought along. Thus, not feeling worried about the game. The good news is that a lucky charm, the Janisch - made them feel more empowered and able to answer the questions resulting in much more success. Also within our lives, change may be the one thing that is important to someone and things that affect us. Why don’t we live our life acknowledging this change and evaluate this change regularly? Some people find change difficult to accept but it is essential in living a healthy life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013