The Law of Heredity


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The Physical and Mental conditions one usually possesses are primarily the effects of: The Pre-existing qualities of his Ancestors. The Pre-existing qualities of the Subject.

The law of heredity was discovered by Gregor Mendal who stated over 11,000 characteristics which are called Mendelian. These are key characteristics that are within the human. The law states: Genes come as two pairs. One of the genes is given to the next generation by the mother and father. Some gene is passed onto others. Some gene’s are dominant and others recessive. If one of the chromosome carry one gene then that character may come out in the child, however if both genes are carried then this is a more “dominant” gene.

If we know the parents we can usually with some accuracy determine the form of the offspring, but there are cases where this is not so. The Pre-existing qualities of the Subject will deter­mine the form the body will take, hence we have changes in temperament where the Subject takes his evolution in his own hands instead of drifting as his youthful temperament would otherwise lead, hence temperament indicates tendencies, which, however, may be overcome. Then there is also the great question of Karma when the mental habits of a previous incarnation have built a form of body suitable for the duties of the present life, but which form may or may not conform to the known laws of heredity as described above.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013