The Law of Colour

The law of colour

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

Color is the property of light which causes bodies that have different colors to the eye.

Basically, the law of color system helps us understand color and how we see them. It is important to understand the primary colors: Red, blue and yellow. From this, we mix colors in order to get the right look. If we mix for example, yellow and blue we are able to produce green. So how is this connected to superstitions? Colors have long been used in various superstitions throughout time!

Red - what this color means?

This color is the sign of love and passion for many. Red is also the color of blood therefore life. It is a powerful color in culture and believed to be applied to many charms to protect against disease. To wear red is a bold statement.

White - Why is white pure?

This color represents innocence and trust. It is a pure color, meaning the color one weds in. A drop of any other color means that white will change. Pure white is often connected to heaven and angels.

Black - Why is black considered evil?

Black is believed to be negative, due to the black night. It has been used as a mysterious color for many years. When applied to the skin, and eyes, colors are classified as:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Pale
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Auburn
  • Golden

These colors assist us in many cases to determine a trait of character and the condition of health of individuals. The color of the skin is said to be determined by the amount of natural pigment therein, but in a diagnosis must not forget: Heredity. Sunkissed. Climate. Accident. Personal habits of life. Race. Deficiency of natural pigment. Here is some meaning behind these elements and color.


The transmission of qualities that the child is inherited from its parents, and is the result of the absence of the natural pigment of the skin. Sun-kissed: those people who have caramel colored skin, or a warm brown color but this is not due to traveling, it is heredity.


Travellers will sometimes become bronzed through the solar and atmospheric conditions of the tropical countries travelled in, that they will often present an Asiatic appearance.


It is possible that some form of the accident may indirectly be the cause of a change in the color. The shock of an accident may cause the hair to turn grey in a relatively short period.

Personal Habits

Artificial coloring by means of dye, such as dyed hair, should not be mistaken for a natural color, and, of course, it would be absurd to produce hair and hands dyed or bleached as an argument against this law.


Depends on where one has been born, but ancient character reading books try to not let race be part of determining any skin color characteristics.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013