The Law of Chance

The law of chance

How the Law of Chance works.

Everything is subject to change—even what is good luck. The Law of Change is sometimes called the Law of Transition.

It is interesting to observe the changes which take place in the embryo. It passes through the forms of reptile, fish, and bird to reach the human form, and after birth the body passes through childhood, youth, and maturity, with their characteristic forms, and the student must therefore take into consideration the changes which take place the personality in forming a judgment of character, capacity, and health, and the nature of events, for a sign in the period of childhood will obviously require different treatment fan the same sign in maturity or old age.

The whole physiological conditions (or temperaments it is called) generally change at given periods of life, and physical signs of any characteristic may be given a physical, or mental aspect. Thus, the manifestation of be character of an adult may be very different from that of. childhood.The periods of childhood, youth, and old age, plus the change in the manifestation of the character arising in the same sign whilst passing through these periods of life* worthy of study, and it follows that the analysis of a character may be phrased to suit the age of the person.

The duration of life in our physical body is limited. The law which governs the period is a question which deserves our profound attention. So far as it affects the character reader, refers to the varied happenings which take place in the individual during the period of physical life. We may classify the changes as follows: The change which takes place in the physiological conditions at certain periods of life. The change which takes place in the manifestation of character according to age. The change called Death.

The germ becomes the infant which passes through youth, arriving at old age, when decay begins to reveal itself, and the change called Death occurs. The signs of longevity area Predominance of the Mental System. Long Ears. A Long Neck. A Long Life Line in the Hand. There's a strange belief known as the "Law of Change." This has an everlasting effect upon man's existence. What the law claims is that change evolves. That change occurs for everybody and happens all the time. Also within our lives, change may be the one thing that is important to someone due to the things that affect us. Why don’t we live our life acknowledging this change and evaluate this change regularly? Some people find change difficult to accept? We have to learn how to accept change and finally embrace it. Everyone's brain works slightly differently - the law states of change is all about experiencing things, to change is to be better at what you do. Pushing forward change while using the changes that are happening - because that is what this theory is all about.

You will find three primary factors that causes alteration in our existence: chance, choice and crisis. These factors represent power and are central in how things change in life. One normally favors choice. Choice enables one to become positive in selecting any changes, instead of getting them just occur. Allow me to place it in another context. People often think about change and how this affects others - when someone's life changes drastically this might have an issue about coping. If you initiate lots of changes yourself, ut doesn’t necessarily take into account the potential of them materialising by accident or through crisis. Consider it. If little else, this can be related to what we are given by the universe. Everyone is going to be confronted with a choice at some stage in life. Selecting choice enables us to improve greater skills, and this ought to be fun. Dealing with change means embracing any changes going on in life - like a constant reality of our existence, being vigilant in searching for changes that will allow us to be better people. Running a business there's a classic maxim that states that no enterprise stays exactly the same every year.

One is either gaining share of the market or losing share of the market. You're either marketing a new service or gaining market share from the competition or perhaps trying to strive towards floating a company. If situations are running smoothly you might wish to not change at all, running the company exactly as you've previously is also fine, this has the added problem that, Industry, however, isn't static. It's full of activity that alters all the time, by not initiating change you might easily get behind. We usually don’t make changes when situations are running smoothly. When we don't initiate change, existence will ensure that change will happen.

Also if we look at how we interact with family, friends, partners or people at work. Each relationship is prone to change. Through while using dynamics of preference we are able to decide what specific relationships which are the most fulfilling. Our overall health won't stay the same. Our choices, which include, what we eat, our ideas and how we look after our body will have an effect on us. Also with this our inner peace. Left alone, unwatched, it won't stay, and can change into something which no longer want. By working towards enhancing our psychic ability by practices such as prayer and focus makes us stronger. Again, change which is part of our existence. Identify facets of existence that will favor to changing our lives. Once one has activated that change, putting themselves harmoniously using the secret laws of change will result in a happier life. That's how the option is accustomed to change. After you are participating and achieving what the law states as one's existence.

So what about chance how does that fit in all this? Chance is unplanned. We use whenever we have no idea or realize why something has happened. From the Mind Power perspective, unexpected things happen by pure chance, a large percentage of what arises in our lives result from one's ideas (conscious and subconscious) and our actions. There's a expected outcomes and relationship, though we may not necessarily recognize it. We're on a better path in life if we embrace responsibility for which is going on within our world. Luck will happen if one starts living with change, instead of believing life’s already mapped out. Chance is much like luck, you will find they both exist.

Initiate positive changes in your existence and you are sure to have great luck

So what role does crisis play? Everybody experiences crisis and we all go through these life's dramas. Marriages split up, companies fail, a person passes away. While crises will never be expected, they are nearly always changing. Why? Since the crisis forces us to create changes we do not have before the crisis. Comfort may be the enemy of change, and if we are too comfortable within our present situation, we frequently resist our desire to create change. An emergency means change is here. It's usually painful rather than enjoyable, but when recognized it's ultimately healing and more often than not advantageous. You can rely on the entire process of crisis. An emergency is sort of a powerful, abrupt change, such as a tsunami - which initiates dramatic change regardless of whether you enjoy it or otherwise. So whatever crisis you might presently go through, embrace it as being a significant chance.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013